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    Quote Originally Posted by Mack the Knife View Post
    yup, you're right, i see the thread now. but like allot of people who've commented, i'm not signing up just to get it. kinda lame though, that's it not available without strings attached. too bad as now i can't decide for myself if i want the game, i'll have to rely on what others say. bummer...
    I definitely want to buy it, but I don't know how well I can run it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digby_Chinless View Post
    Perhaps open beta is the equivalent of demo?
    I hope not, unless it becomes available to those who don't subscribe to fileplanet.

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    I was just joking, I'm sure there'll be a demo.

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    well, you're freaking right again

    i glossed right over it, not reading what it actually said :

    "Head on over to Fileplanet to try out the BETA in anticipation of the public demo."

    so there's still hope...
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    I was hoping for a demo where u dont have to have a fileplanet subscription to download, I dont ever use fileplanet and dont think I'll pay for a month or so just to get the beta.

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    the game is out in less than 20 days... patience

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    Well there is noway i'm going to sign up to fileplanet to get the beta when the game is due out within the next 20days. Just hope they do not find a showstopper between now and release day and delay it

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    dont think I'll pay for a month or so just to get the beta
    again guys, Paradox said try the beta (if you want) prior to (in "anticipation of") the public demo. that tells me they'll offer an actual demo (probably 2 weeks before release) on public servers...(but i have been wrong before )

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    Hummmm this really stops me in thinking about getting EIC when it releases, because now I can't decide if I should get it or not. I wanted to try the demo/beta just to see if I like it and how well my PC can run it. But as of now, I guess I'll have to wait for a public demo to further decide.

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    So paying 39.95 a year isn't worth saving you potentially hundreds of dollars on games that you may think suck but looked interesting so you buy them.

    With as many games that have come out and been complete crap I think it's a great deal. I've gotten to try pretty much every game made in the last 3-4 years before it's come out and avoided all the games that I believe personally sucked. I do not buy games until I try them first and a demo generally only shows you the the most polished parts of a game which makes it useless to judge what a game is really like.

    I would rather see it's flaws and be able to judge myself if the fun part of the game outweights it's flaws. Let's face it very rarely in this industry does everything works perfectly or as advertised.

    Just my personal opinion but this game is fun. The first time I played even with the applicaton stopping bug that shuts the game down I played for nearly 24 hours before I looked up at a clock and still wasn't ready to stop! Even I have to work sometimes though.....

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