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Thread: Any way to scrap/destroy buildings by type?

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    Any way to scrap/destroy buildings by type?

    Hey folks, I've been playing this game a lot lately and find it strangely addictive. To get to the point, though, I am trying to eliminate my country's dependence on oil as far as energy goes (I recently researched fusion power and have established a fusion infrastructure which eliminates the need for petrol power plants). That being said, is there any easy way to destroy/scrap all petrol power plants besides having to go over the map visibly with a fine tooth comb? My country is quite large and I'm having trouble locating all the petrol power plants.

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    When you select one there are arrows to move to the next of the same facility.
    Chris Latour
    BattleGoat Studios

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    that still dont help us much man the next button still makes it to where u have to right click every building to destroy it u guy need to make a quick patch to add a mass building Q demolish system like under the finance minister there should be a tab that or option for the minister to decommission buildings that are dragon down the economy automatically just like you select improve GDP option and he builds wealth

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