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Thread: the clock? problems

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    Question the clock? problems

    okay so one day i timed the clock and it was about 1 minute 50 seconds to two minutes to go through a day. so it kept going for a while. then about 1 month before the election, the clock began taking 5 minutes to go through a day. so i figured that it was a game thing, giving me more time to fix things and raise my apporoval rating. however, after the election i figured it would go back to its usual breakneck speed that i like, however, it has not, its still taking 4 - 6 minutes to go through a day. please help?

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    Time flow slows down as objects on the map grow in numbers.
    Unit count on the map goes up, time slows down
    Facility count on the map goes up, time slows down

    Also the amount of combat and move orders can also slow the game time passage down.

    Add it all together, and the slowing of time flow can be considerable.Not counting in some of the large pauses, as my machine struggles to cope with some large event,i think 2 or 3minutes is the slowest ive seen one of my current comps go per day.

    Not much you can do ,other than start removing objects from the map .So get killling those ai units

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    This has been discussed on our forum as well.

    The discussion in that thread covers 9 pages, if you have more to add please post it in that thread.

    As mentioned in that thread, on "very fast" there is no cap on the speed, it will go as fast as it can make the calculations on a given system.
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    okay, thx, time to kill off the ai units

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    I've got the impression, that on slower systems (like mine: Athlon 1.1Ghz, 1 Gb ram and Radeon 9500) the game runs even slower when you switch to "very fast" so i usually have it at normal.
    But i don't really mind..i do all the management myself and during wars i tend to look after as many units as i can, so it doesn't have to be fast

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    I have a rather beefy system and when I first started playing last year I thought the game ran rather slow also. Expecially 40 years into a game.

    But, I rather quickly learned, if you are simply passing time, then you are not getting the most out of the game. I am almost constantly working trade deals, access rights etc. This means the game speed is AOK, In fact I find I have to slow it down at times or pause it.

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    Me too. I am usually doing so much,i end up in pause very often.

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    I wanted to add, I do not let the minister contol anything. When I start a game, very first thing I do is lock out all ministers.

    I control every single unit on the map, even the supply units.

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