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Thread: How does multiplayer work ?

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    How does multiplayer work ?

    Just wondering, what happens if say 4 people play multiplayer and 2 players fight a battle.
    What happens to the other players, do they watch or complete their turns and wait ?
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    We're eagerly awaiting the video and report about the multiplayer aspect of the game! See this thread, started by Fredrik II, for more information.

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    Christian, my understanding of the multiplayer aspect of the game is it is completely separate from the strategic campaign. The campaign is single player and battles fought in it are played by the player versus AI, much like you do in the Total War series.

    The multiplayer battles are single battles - its not known yet how these are set up, or even whether a scenario editor will be available, how many players can play online and how many ships they can each command.

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    But the lovely designers know we dont want a cheap arcade game, so they will do all they can to make the battles as strategic as possible.

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