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Thread: Do you want to betatest EiC?

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    i found the e-mail today in my spam filter... i think i will send the copies back and then wait for beta

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    IF i am invited, I fear my spambox ate it...

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    Well just to point out that if you are under legal age then most likely you wont get to be a beta tester as you have to sign papers where you need to be legally eligible to sign them by yourself. If you are underage only your parents can sign papers for your behalf.

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    hope the beta testers are having fun...

    me personally not great with tech and stuff didn't apply, that and i like playing a game out of the box new and fresh, peeling back the shrink wrap and smelling the freshly printed manual ahh new games (so many of the recent ones have dissapointed though after install, bugs etc. whatever happened to quality control, and commitment to the product.)

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    Got my reply , not this time

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    Arrrgh! I deleted the email regarding the beta test!!

    As titled.
    I clicked on the clear spam link.
    I only saw the email about beta test right before the screen refreshed.
    I haven't even open it yet
    Is there anyway for me to request for the email to be sent again?
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    Ahh! How annoying! Haha! Perhaps PM Johan or King, or whomever is sorting out the betatesting for this (could be Kim, I suppose??).

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    Hmmm... good idea Palisadoes!
    Just sent a pm to Johan

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    Dang, is the beta sign up over?

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