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Thread: Strategic Resources and Industrialisation Addon for WWM

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    I'm no proto-frenchman, My blood is from Rome and Copenhagen.

    Besides, Patrician's inbox is full and i don't know how to use the visitor message system here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Patrician View Post
    Hi Everyone

    I have the first finished copy of my Strategic Resources and Industrialisation addon for WWM ready you can down load it right Here

    What is the SR&I addon for WWM?

    The Strategic Resources part gives bonuses and penalties to a nation for controlling, or failing to control strategic resources during the game. For instance, if you try to build a large army but don't possess any grain producing provinces, the cost of importing the grain will increase the cost of your army, and a lack of naval supplies will make ship construction more costly.

    Conversely if you manage to control a large number of clove producing provinces, and assuming you have developed sufficient trade tech, your nation's merchants will bring in more trade revenue, or if you control slave trading provinces, you will gain a boost to colonial growth. In all there are over 100 different modifiers for about thirty different resources over the course of the game.

    The Industrialisation section of the addon opens up a new dimension to gameplay by allowing the player to industrialise his country. As the 19th century rolls around, developments in production technology will open up new provincial decisions that will convert iron provinces to steel, or lumber to furniture. However, in order to do so you will first need to build factories and control coal supplies and other raw materials such as cotton, sulpher and lead.

    Only large empires such as the Historic British or French Empires will have sufficient resources to be able to fully industrialise their nations, however smaller nations can partly industrialise and even very small nations can still benefit from the events that auto-industrialise your nation that are already present in the WWM.

    The Strategic Resources and Industrialisation addon boasts over 100 modifiers, 11 new provincial decisions and a new event and brings to life the quest for resources and riches that the great nations of the period took part in.
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