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Just to clarify.. there is a "sign peace" option that signs a status quo peace for occupied claims.. but that is basically not valid in the big ww2 war.
Hello everyone....OK, I've read this thread....not willing to judge this until I see it, but I'm guessing a few things:

1) Would seemingly not be all that difficult to mod "status quo" peace (using an event) based on things like how far the Japanese player was able to get in the Pacific, etc...I have not modded HOI2 much, but is there a random number function that could add to the uncertainty of an event (like an 80% chance of a certain province along with many others being captured = event firing)?

2) Minors can still have their "little wars" but not going to be so easy to "level up" as minor power anymore (ha ha say like South America)

3) The ultimate objective is victory with the barrel of a gun...

So I suppose truly wacko things like England and Germany having peace does not have a chance....here is another wacko what if....what if Germany simply did not declare war on Poland...does the game breakdown after so many game years? I suppose I will find this out when I buy the game and try it meself! I seem to recall that there are some scripted (?) events concerning **IF** Japan were to capture a certain amount of the USA / possessions...just curious.

Lastly, I ask the devs to **please**....pretty please, post a screen shot of what this "sign(ed) peace" looks like...like, does a button materialize when the option is available (kind of like in Civ 4 BTS, a little fist shows up when one has the option of liberating colonies and the like).