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Thread: This is AARLand - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Active Interactive AARs

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    This is AARLand - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Active Interactive AARs

    We wish to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to AARland. This is the home of those AARs, both successful and not so successful, written by you, the fan of Paradox games.

    In the various forums you will find a diverse variety of writing techniques. They include narrative/novel, history log, graphic oriented, interactive/RPG, PBEM, multi-player and collaborative, to name but a few. These AARs are short, long, serious, whimsical, knowledgeable, silly, and above all immensely entertaining. They are original slices of history generated from the worlds of EUI, EUII, EUIII, HoI, HoI2, HoI3, Victoria, Victoria 2, Crusader Kings and Rome.

    As this is a community of writers, we strongly encourage interaction and mutual support. Nothing is more disconcerting than spending hours recreating a gaming experience to share with others, only to receive little or no feedback for their efforts.

    Now, we have a special word for newcomers. Never be afraid to post your first AAR. We are not here to judge or criticize, we are here to comment and offer suggestions. Please note that the influx of new writers make it hard for the veterans to respond in a timely manner. Many of us do our best to offer encouragement, but it may take time.

    Above all, the purpose of the AAR forums is to provide entertainment. If you find little response to your AAR, the best solution is visit other threads and post feedback. By networking yourself you build a rapport with different writers, and will find in most cases your comments returned in kind.

    All visitors and members must read the forum rules. Ignorance of the rules is not a defense.


    A few rules specifically apply to the AAR Forums (in additon to sub-forum rules, i.e. the HoI forums):

    1. Common sense will rule while creating an AAR, so borderline subjects or references must be avoided. However, please remember this is alternative history before making any knee-jerk reactions to material someone may find offensive. When in doubt, contact a Moderator first.

    2. All new initiatives must be run past the Moderators first. (Includes Interactive AARs)

    3. There shall be no groups/clubs/societies allowed to operate on the AAR forums. The AAR community is for everyone.

    4. While there is no hard limit on the number of images per post, we do strongly recommend authors limit their image usage to about 100 per page of 25 posts for the sake of ease of use and for our mobile users.

    5. All Non-Paradox AARs must be posted in the OT forum.

    6. Certain games published, but not developed by Paradox, have their own AAR forums (e.g.: GalCiv2)

    7. If you write an AAR on a different gaming forum you may not provide a direct link to it.

    8. Please refrain from using more than two threads maximum if running a multi-player or collaborative AAR. All others require only one thread. This will be strictly enforced.

    9. It has become apparent that some signatures and certain codes in AARs will affect other member's posts. This is caused by not placing code tags in proper order. For example, if you use tags to center, bold, italics on the front, you should then reverse that with italics, bold, center on the end. By not ordering them correctly, certain browsers (Firefox namely) pick up the coding and alter other posts that are not your own. Please note this when creating your signature and formatting your AAR posts.

    10. Please make note of this thread clarifying the forum rules on thread necromancy, spam and off-site links as it applies to AARs.

    Finally, visit the AARland FAQ. Here you will find questions to answers and links of interest covering many, many subjects.

    - The Moderators
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    New Rule on Interactive AARs:

    Going forward interactive AARs will be treated just as any other "forum project" and thus must be cleared by the moderators first per AAR forum rules. This does not mean they are disallowed. Far from it. We welcome any and all to attempt such if they so wish. What will be required however is this:

    • All interactive AARs will be passed by moderators first before posting the thread. When a member/group is ready to start such a thread, bring it to one of your (demi-)moderators (Qorten, Stroph1, loki100, Mr. Capiatlist, Eber, Myth, Surt, Malurous) and we will in turn make sure the other moderators are aware. Once discussed, the mod contacted will inform the member that they may begin.

    • The thread starter is in charge of the project. While it may be a group effort, we will need one individual able to act as go between with the moderators. This individual will be held accountable should something go wrong in the posting habits of the thread and that person can go a long way towards smoothing any cause for warnings or infractions by bringing such issues to us rather than a moderator discovering it.

    • Pursuant to the above, the thread starter will need to develop a strong set of rules that fall within the existing Forum and AAR rules and considers the various "hardships" such threads may be prone to. Such rules should be posted clearly for all to read in the first post of the thread.

    • Once the rules are set down and the AAR started, any member ignoring or dismissing such rules will be dealt with harshly.

    The list of interactive types of AARs is potentially long so I will define it thusly: any AAR in which multiple individuals are prompting the game player/AAR writer in their actions.

    For more information on this rule, please see this thread.
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