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Thread: The Channel Pact - Germany&UK Coop AAR

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    The last Channel Pact update

    As promised, I have uploaded the second part of the Channel Pact - A tale of 2 Empires.
    This is a word doc, and the last part has not been posted in an update yet.

    Download link:

    One last thing we have to ask from our loyal community, can someone please upload this somewhere permanently? The link will then be placed both here in the AAR as in our sig.

    As Vincent and I finish our coop game, I will take screenshots which I might upload one day, to give everyone an idea of how we solved the usa gameplay wise.


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    just read it, and thats the cruelest cliffhanger ever. america is about to nuke you, yet you couldnt write it down?

    still other than that a fantastic read. absolutly amazing. the last scene with the ironsides is definitly epic!
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