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Thread: FAQ & Helpful Hints & General Information

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    FAQ & Helpful Hints & General Information

    If you can't post in the OT Forum Games subforum:
    1. Go to your "my profile"
    2. Click "Join Groups Memberships" (on the left handside)
    3. Select the Werewolf user group and click "Join group"

    List of content

    *** Note: links to other parts of the FAQ are currently not working, the code that made this possible was lost in a forum update ***
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    Werewolf Frequently Asked Questions



    What is this werewolf?
    Werewolf is a game, it is also known as Mafia. It's origins lie in a card game, but it can be played online. It's played by a group of people, called a village. Each turn is seperated in a night and a day segment. At night some of the villagers turn into werewolves. The werewolves know each other, but their identity is unknown to the rest of the village. During the night the werewolves hunt one villager. When it becomes day the werewolves turn into normal villagers again, undistinguishable from the rest of the players. During the day each player votes for the person they think is the most likely werewolf. The player with the most votes is lynched by the village at the end of the day. Of course the werewolves will try to steer the voting so that no werewolf is lynched, while the villagers are trying to find out who the werewolves are. After the day another night ensues. The goal of the villagers is to kill all werewolves and the goal of the werewolves is to kill enough villagers to reach parity.

    What is the difference between Lite and regular werewolf?
    Basically Lite werewolf is the simplest form of werewolf. The most common form of a Lite game only has villagers, wolves and a seer, though this may vary depending on the GM. A Lite werewolf game has only a limited number of players, most common are 15 or 17 players. The big werewolf games have unlimited spots for players and all kinds of roles and traits can be found in them.

    Why can't I post in the Werewolf Games subforum?
    Try to add the Werewolf group to your group subscriptions (please note that this is not the social group Werewolf, but the user group Werewolf). You do this by going to your User CP. Click on 'Group Membership' in the left hand side of the menu under the header 'Networking'. Now select the 'Join Group' option for the Werewolf group and click the 'Join Group' button. You should now be able to post in the Werewolf subforum. If you still can not post in the Werewolf subforum please notify us in the Werewolf Group.

    Is there a werewolf social group?
    Yes, it's called the Werewolf Group. It's a moderated group, but everyone is able to join.

    Where can I find the old games?
    All previous games can be found in the list of previous games. In the past the game of werewolf was played in the OT forum. When the game of werewolf migrated to this subforum those threads stayed behind, but they can be found in the previous games thread.

    Where do I discuss werewolf related stuff?
    You can talk about werewolf in the General Werewolf Thread or in the Werewolf Group.

    I am new to the game. What do I do?
    The best way to learn werewolf is by joining a game. Reading some of the previous games gives a general idea of how the game is played. A newbie guide is currently under construction. In the mean time you can ask your questions in the social group. During a game you can ask questions to the GM, don't trust the other players during a game. Paranoia is the key to victory.

    How can I find out when a new game is about to start?
    All new games are announced in the New WW-game is up! thread. Subscribe to the thread by clicking: [Thread Tools] -> [Subscribe to this Thread]. When you are subscribed you will be notified of new posts made in the thread in your User Control Panel

    How long does a game take?
    Werewolf games have no fixed duration. A Lite game is usually finished within a week. From start to finish it will take between 4 and 8 days. The duration of a big game depends on the number of players. Usually it takes somewhere between two and four weeks.

    Why are there no more than two games active at the same time?
    There is always one Lite game and one big game active. Having too many games active will lead to confusion and lower attendance. A game of werewolf can be quite demanding at times and if a player has to keep track of multiple games he may lose interest in one of them. The chance of making a mistake or mixing up the games also increases. By having only two games active all players are eager to play and encouraged to put effort into the game. After all, when you are out you can´t immidiately join a new game.

    How do I join a game?
    You join a game by posting to that effect in the game-thread. A post saying "In" suffices. Be aware that when you join a game a certain amount of activity is expected of you. If you know that you will not be able to contribute to the game, do not join, but wait until you have the time to participate. In the case of a Lite game, you might be taking up a spot for someone who can be active.

    I just missed sign-up, what do I do?
    Sign up as a substitute. Sometimes a player can't finish the game or he becomes inactive and needs to be replaced by a substitute. Other than that you will have to wait till the next game starts.

    I forgot to vote and it is passed the deadline, what do I do?
    The precise action taken depends on the GM and usually the consequences of missing a vote are detailed in the first post of the game. In almost every game the following applies. If it is a big game and it is the first time you forgot to vote, it is not a big deal. An apology is enough and you can enjoy the rest of the game. Lite is a whole different matter though. Because of the nature of Lite games, it is very important for analysis that everyone votes every day. Forgetting to vote in Lite usually get's you subbed out. You will than have to wait for the next game to start.

    Something unexpected has come up and I can't finish the game. What to do?
    Notify the GM that you can´t finish the game and he will appoint someone as your substitute. If you need to give your succesor information you can send that in a PM to the GM. You can´t choose your own substitute.

    When does a game count as a win?
    An win is awarded individually, but the game of werewolf is team based. Because of this sometimes conflicts of interest arise. On the whole it is frowned upon to sell out your own side and the most common victory is to be alive and on the winning side at the end of the game. A better scoring system might be one that takes into account the actions of a player during the game and there once was such a system, the Ironhead quotient, but it was too time consuming to keep updated.

    Is there a hall of fame?
    Not yet, but there should be. There have beem various attempts at making one. Currently there is a list of Lite victories and big game victories. More diverse stats are under construction.

    Do I have to roleplay?
    No. Roleplaying is purely done for fun. It is always appreciated if you decide to roleplay, but it is not mandatory.

    What is a GM?
    A GM is the Game Moderator. He runs the game. A GM distributes the roles, recieves and processes orders from the players and makes the updates.

    Can I start my own game?
    Yes, but since there is a maximum of two active games a new game can only be started after another game has finished. Note that a Lite game needs to be followed by another Lite game and a big game by a big game. It is also possible that someone has claimed the GM-spot for the next game, in which case it's bad form to 'steal' the GM-ship. To find out if someone has claimed GM already, ask in the just finished game. More information about GM-ing can be found here: A guide for the Game Master (GM) in the game of Werewolf.

    How do I claim a GM-ship?
    By posting to that end in the Werewolf Group or by posting in the active game of the kind you wish to GM.

    Why are all these people posting in color?
    When someone posts in color it usually means he is a ghost. Ghosts are dead players or spectators, in other words: they are not currently playing the game. To distinguish the actual players from the ghosts, ghosts are required to post in non-white. This makes the game easier to track for the players and the GM. A player killed in the game becomes a ghost and from that point on has to write in color. Note that not all people posting in color are ghosts, some may be players who are roleplaying and the GM usually posts in color.

    I am a spectator, but I want to post in the game-thread?
    A spectator can post in the game-thread under a few restrictions. First of all the post must be made in a non-white color. Do not use the same color as the GM. A post made by a spectator may never influence the game. This includes posts suggesting a course of action, revealing information, posting a summary, posting a postcount and any other kind of post that can influence the outcome of the game.

    Do posts in the Werewolf Games subforum count towards your postcount?
    No, they don't.

    Where can I find the game rules?
    The rules for a game of werewolf can differ from game to game. The rules for every game are included in the first post in the game-thread.

    The GM says something contradictory to the rules. Do I follow the GM or the rules?
    During a game the GM is always right. When in doubt listen to the GM. If there is a serious rule conflict you can PM the GM about it, but in the end the GM decides the course of action.

    What to do when the GM's inbox is full?
    This can happen from time to time, especially in the big game. The GM always tries to keep his inbox as empty as possible to avoid this problem. If it does happen, wait till the GM comes online again and send your PM again. If you can't wait, the best course of action is to contact one of the ghosts and ask him to send your PM for you. A ghost may not reveal any information about the game to any other player, so you are safe in that regard.

    What to do when the GM doesn't update?
    It can sometimes happen that a GM is late with updating. Real life issues can always come knocking. Just sit tight and wait. If the GM is a couple of hours late, the game will resume on the next deadline. It is extremely rare for a GM to not show up at all. In the big game the game can not continue without the GM, since he is the only person to know all hidden traits. In Lite it is possible to appoint a substitute GM. The players will then have to decide if they want to continue the game with a substitute GM or cancel it.

    Can I PM other players?
    Yes, PM-ing other players is allowed.

    Can I publish my role PM?
    No, it is not allowed to directly quote PM's from the GM in any fashion.

    Can I fake PM's?
    Yes, faking a PM is allowed. It is however not allowed to post screenshots of PM's.

    How do I found out if my new awesome idea to win the game is not against the rules?
    If you are in doubt if something you want to do is against the rules, it usually is or should be. If it goes against the spirit of the game it is better not to do. If you really don't know, you can ask the GM or else an experienced player not involved in the game. There usually are enough of them around.

    Why is there a werewolf user group?
    Why not?

    Where do I go if my question is not listed here?
    Any questions you have you can ask in the General Werewolf Thread or the social group. We are a friendly bunch and don't bite ... much.
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    Werewolf Basic Game Rules


    Basic game rules
    Under construction

    Remember that during a game normal forum rules still apply.
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    Werewolf Terminology



    A list of terms and expressions commonly used in werewolf or part of the werewolf lore.
    The list is currently still under construction, but if you think something is missing, incorrect or unclear, please drop me a line

    Role-Play character created by EUROO7. On the outside, Ananas is a pineapple-like puppet with beautiful eyes and a french accent. On the inside, Ananas is the leader of the JL, usually it's spokesperson as well. Hated and loved by all, Ananas has many enemies. Some of which include, but are not limited to: Ironhead 5, FLOPERS, un oiseau noir, & jonti-h le chef.

    Dreaded by all players, the feared bandwagon. It can strike at anytime, anywhere and for no apparent reason. A bandwagon is the sudden piling up of votes on one player.

    Admitting you are a wolf when not and getting lynched for it.

    Crovaxian slip
    Once upon a time in a game long ago, a wolf named Crovax was happily eating villagers. The villagers didn't like this and they set out to hunt for the wolf. Luckily for Crovax his disguise was perfect and he and his pack would be able to dine on villagers for a long long time. Until that unfortunate moment when the villagers were voting on who to lynch. It then became painfully obvious that no matter how much a wolf looks like a villager, it doesn't make him sound like a villager. The wolf Crovax was quickly caught and met a horrible end. All could have been prevented if only he had learned the difference between vote and hunt.

    Furry like beings created by a crazy EUROO7. They look a bit like rabbits and are mostly harmless. If exposed to too much flopers permanent brain damage can ensue. If you see a floper try to get rid of it as fast as possible, since they spread like wildfire.

    Short for Gaurdian Angel. A role which usually let's a player protect someone during the night from a wolf attack.

    Short for Game Master or Game Moderator. The person who set's the game. He creates the setting and the game world, makes the rules and enforces them. His most important job is to create an environment in which everyone can have fun and play the game.

    Short for justice league. Group of trusted/scanned villagers battling the forces of evil. At it's heart is usually a seer or priest.

    Lord Strange School of Thought - On the First day, thou shalt vote above thyself.

    Meta-gaming is the bringing over of events, grudges or anything else from past games into the current game and adjusting your playing because of that, mostly in a negative way. In general meta-gaming or meta-ing is not liked by players and GM's alike, since every game is a new game and is supposed to be a fresh start for all players. Of course it is allowed to use knowledge about a players playing style or experiences accumulated, but make sure you don't take the stance to vote player X, because he killed you in a past game.

    Short for Spiritually Attuned. A trait, which usually gives a player the power to find out who and/or what scanned him.

    A complete goodie walkover. A decisive victory for the baddies without losing a single member of their pack. Usually applied to Lite games. Named after Werewolf Lite XXXVII: Stalingrad.

    The Phoenix
    Evil GM mastermind. Has the power to drive the unsuspecting werewolf player mad with paranoia. His evil plans unfolded in: In space no one can hear you scream

    Not to be confused with tie. A TIE is a tie made purely for the tie. It doesn't matter who falls victim to the TIE as long as it is a tie. Any tie made by Lemeard is always a TIE!

    To do a Strange
    Verb. To make a comment that almost certainly kills you. May or May not be a Crovaxian Slip

    A vote or change of vote made just before the deadline with the intention to radically change the outcome of the lynching.

    A delicious kind of baddie. There is no record of an actual sighting, but mention of waffles has increased dramatically over the years. It is commonly believed to be vicious and to have a weakness for white powder.
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    Werewolf Roles and Traits


    Roles and Traits
    Thanks to Teep

    Please note that the specifics of these roles will change at the GMs discretion, always read the rules of the game in question for changes.


    Villager: The most common role in many a game of Werewolf, they are nothing special individually, with most having only the power to vote. They are able to get most traits that are available.

    Seer: Can scan 1 person each night to see whether they are a werewolf or a villager. Can have many of the traits available and can have an apprentice.

    Priest: Scans 1 player each night to see if they are a sorcerer or a cultist. Can have many of the traits available as well as having an apprentice.

    Hunter: Has a 1 use hunt of his own which then makes him and his kill be revealed in the thread. Or the hunter may if hunted have a 50% chance of defending himself and killing a random attacking wolf. May be used as a trait. Can have most traits if not a trait.

    Guardian Angel: May protect 1 player from hunting each night, but may not protect themselves or the same person 2 nights in a row. May have most traits.

    Doctor: Has a 50% chance to save a player of their choice after they are hunted. Said player may not act the next day. Can have most traits.

    Lover: Chooses one person’s house which to go to each night. If the lover is away and is hunted then no hunt occurs. If the house in which the lover is staying in is chosen for hunting then both will be hunted. The person who is visited gets a message to the effect of: “Someone loves you”.


    Turncoat: Wins as long as the person survives. Can be used as a trait. If used as a trait then they count parity towards whichever side their role is on but still wins if they survive. Can have some traits if not a trait.

    Apprentice: If scanned by a scanner then they will inherit the role of their master if their master is deceased. If already having a master but is scanned again then there is a 20% chance of changing master. May be used as a trait. Can have some traits if not a trait.

    Thief: May choose at any point in the game to steal the role of a person of their choice. That person dies and the thief counts as parity towards the side of their new team. May have most traits.


    Werewolf: Usually the second most common role in any game, they are found in packs of 3-6 wolves with others such as sorcerers or cultists. They know all wolves in their pack but little else other than that all others are their enemies, who they must kill enough of to get parity, with their nightly hunt ability giving them the chance to kill 1 player each night. They can get some normal traits with a couple of role specific ones thrown in.

    Cultist: Has a Werewolf master who he contacts after the first night. Can have few traits.

    Sorcerer: Has a scan every night which can reveal the role of a player if they are a Seer, Cultist or Priest. Can have few traits and an apprentice.


    Blessed: Can survive being hunted once. After this occurs the trait has no more effect.

    Cursed: If hunted, they join the pack that hunted them as a werewolf. This occurance uses up this trait.

    Brutal: Werewolf specific trait which gives the one with the trait an opportunity to kill 1 person of their choice if lynched, this counts as a day action.

    Clairvoyant: Gives the ability to have a 1 use Superscan, revealing all traits of the player who is scanned.

    Leader: Can change the target of a hunt to a player of his/her choice. If the one chosen is evil, the trait is kept, if not it is lost.

    2nd/3rd in command: Will receive the leader trait in numerical order if the person previous up the chain of command has lost it in any way (death or wrong lynch choice).

    Witness: Has a 1 use increasing chance to learn the identity of 1 wolf of the pack who hunted that night. The chance increases by 10% nightly from a base of 10% on night 1.

    Spiritually Attuned: Allows the player with this trait to find out, if scanned, who and/or what scanned them.

    Changeling: Chooses 2 people each night. If the first is hunted then the changeling changes the hunt onto the second player.

    Rival: 2 players who hate each other and won’t win unless their rival dies.

    Note: I am using the scanners rules from around WW LVIII-LXIII. If these rules need to be changed due to current trends either PM me or bring it up in the general werewolf thread.
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    Battlestar Galactica


    If you can't post in the werewolf subforum:
    1. Go to your user CP
    2. Click "Group Memberships" (on the left handside under "Networking")
    3. Select the Werewolf user group and click "Join group"


    Please keep this thread clean, any questions or ideas
    can go into the social group or send me a PM
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    Battlestar Galactica

    Skill cards
    (Thanks to Artell)

    Launch Scout - Action. Risk a Raptor on a die roll to look at the top card of the Destination or Crisis deck. You may put the card back on top or in the bottom. If the die roll is 1-2, you lose a Raptor and do not get to look.
    Strategic Planning - Play before a die roll. Two is added to the die roll. Only one play per roll.
    Consolidate Power - Action. Draw two skill cards of any colour, even outside your skill set.
    Investigative Committee - Play before cards are added to a skill check. Cards in this skill check are played face up.
    Repair - Action. Use on any location to repair it, or in the Hangar Deck to repair two damaged Vipers.
    Scientific Research - Play before a skill check to make all blue cards count as positive towards the check.
    Executive Order - Action. Select another player. They receive two actions, or one move and an action. They cannot play Executive Order with those actions.
    Declare Emergency - After the result of a skill check is tallied, play to reduce check difficulty by 2. Only one card per check.
    Evasive Maneuver - Play after any Viper is attacked to reroll the attack die. If the Viper is piloted by a character, subtract 2 from the new roll.
    Maximum Firepower - Action. Play while piloting a Viper to attack up to 4 times.

    (Thanks to Artell)

    Command - Activate up to two unmanned Vipers. They get one move or one attack.

    FTL Control - Force the Fleet to jump if it's at 4/5 or 5/5 on the Jump Prep track.

    Admiral's Quarters - On a TAC/LDR skill check of 7 difficulty, throw another character in the Brig.

    Weapons Control - Fire Galactica's weapons on a Cylon ship once.

    Communications - Find out the contents of up to two civilian ships and then move them one sector.

    Research Lab - Draw one Research or Tactics skill card.

    Armory - If the ship has been boarded, roll a die, on a result of 7-8, one intruding Centurion is destroyed.

    Hangar Deck - Launch in a Viper and then take an extra action, OR, repair two Vipers with a Repair skill card.

    Brig - To move to any location, succeed on a TAC/POL skill check of 7 difficulty. You may not move, draw Crisis cards, or add more than one skill card to checks while inside.

    Sick Bay - If you start your turn in the Sick Bay, you draw only one skill card of your choice from your set.
    COLONIAL ONE (to move between ships, use your move action and discard a skill card)
    Press Room - Draw two POL skill cards.

    President's Office - If you are the President, draw one Quorum card, then either play a Quorum card or draw a second Quorum card.

    Administration - Choose a character. If you pass a LDR/POL skill check of difficulty 7, that character becomes President. They receive the Quorum cards the current President holds.
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    Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus

    Skill cards
    (Thanks to Artell)

    The following adds to the skill cards used in the base game. There are five new cards (five in number, one of value 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) for every old skill (Engineering, Piloting, Politics, Tactics, Leadership). These are as follows.

    Value 1-3: Jury Rigged
    Play before cards are added to a skill check to reduce difficulty by 4. This card is 'Reckless', I'll explain it later.

    Value 4-5: Calculations
    Play after a die is rolled to subtract or add 1 to the result. Only one Calculations card per check.
    Value 1-3: Major Victory
    Play after you destroy a basestar or a centurion on the boarding track to roll a die. If 5 or higher, gain 1 morale. Only one Major Victory card per turn.

    Value 4-5: At Any Cost
    Play before cards are added to a skill check. All Treachery cards count positive for this check. Reckless
    1-3: Full Throttle
    Movement or Action: If piloting a Viper you may move to any space area. You may then attack 1 cylon ship in the area (even if you didn't move). Explanation: From what I can see, this card can be used as a "movement action", in that you can use your Movement phase to play it instead. Some Cylon abilities have this as well.

    4-5: Run Interference
    Play before cylon raiders are activated. The first 4 raiders activating in your space area automatically miss (they do not roll attacks).
    1-3: Support the People
    Play before cards are added to a skill check. Each human player with 4 or less skill cards in hand may draw 2 skill cards. Reckless

    4-5: Preventative Policy
    Movement action: Choose 1 resource type, the next loss of this resource during this turn is reduced by 1.

    Note: in Pegasus, Investigative Committee does not apply to cards from the Destiny Deck; they remain hidden even when playing IC on a check.
    1-3: Guts and Initiative
    Play before cards are added to a skill check. Do not add cards from the Destiny Card to this skill check. Reckless

    4-5: Critical Situation
    Movement action: Take 1 Action. Only 1 "Critical Situation" or "Executive Order" card may be used per turn (i.e. if you played one, you can't play the other one).

    Treachery is a new type of skill card. You do not usually draw Treachery on your own volition, though some characters like Cylon Leaders and Ellen do. They count against a skill check most of the time. The notable exception is Execution, which we'll get to later. But it's basically airlocking people! Fun.

    Treachery cards relate to the reckless quality mentioned. If you play a skill card as an action (i.e. the printed ability on the card, not as a regular card) and the action includes "Reckless", this renders the skill check Reckless. Only one such card may be played per skill check.

    This is significant for several Treachery cards. If a Treachery card with a "Reckless Skill Check" trigger is revealed in a Reckless skill check (as in, they need not be played as an action, they simply need to be in the stack), bad things will happen. What, is printed on the card. So to reiterate, checks are rendered Reckless by the specific play of a printed ability, and this may trigger Treachery cards that have been played into the skill check stack.

    Two Treachery cards will be included in each Destiny Deck.

    Broadcast Location (value 1 only, 8 in the deck)
    Reckless Skill Check: Place 1 basestar in front of Galactica and 1 civilian ship behind. Only 1 of this ability may be resolved in each skill check. (I.e. you will not get hit with two basestars by two of these cards in one reckless skill check.)

    By Your Command (Value 1 only, 4 in the deck)
    Reckless Skill Check: Activate all raiders, heavy raiders and occupation forces* (but not centurions). Only 1 of this ability, etc.

    God's Plan (Value 2 only, three)
    Movement action: Exchange this card with the top card of the Destiny Deck.

    Special Destiny (value 2, five)
    Reckless Skill Check: Each player draws 1 Treachery card. Only 1 of this ability, etc.

    Human Weakness (value 3, two)
    Action: If at least one human player is in the Brig or Detention*, reduce the highest resource by 1.

    Sabotage (value 3, four)
    Play when a human player discards a Treachery skill card. Damage Galactica. Only 1 Sabotage card may be used per turn.

    * New Caprica phase stuff. I'll get to it.

    So yes, you can discard Treachery cards if you need to discard cards from crisis cards etc., or if you are over your limit, but there are risks.
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