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Thread: What is Magna Mundi?

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    What is Magna Mundi?

    Magna Mundi is an effort to lead the game through historical processes while allowing the gameplay to flow freely within the constraints faced historically, thus, and in part contrary to the vanilla experience, creating plausible alternate realities.

    We achieve this by coding complex event pools that are not targeted at the most tangible elements in the game, the countries, but instead at the virtual environment the engine generates: Religion, certain geographic regions, certain political entities, all the colonial environment, etc.

    Beyond this we turn the game mechanics much deeper to spice it up trying to allow the player to feel a living, breathing world, hidding the raw mechanics that define the game system.
    Expect a detailed National Ideas system, Vassalization system, Personal Unions system, Modernization system, Warfare system, Covert Action system, Trade system, etc.

    Taking advantage of the latest designs of IN, we use decisions to open new strategies to gameplay, instead of prizes to be achieved after some game mechanic was "beaten", the path taken in vanilla. This means decisions are now really dilemmas the players face. Is it worth it financing a smuggler operation in a neighbour province? Is it worth it to build a great arsenal? Is it worth it to protect your traders? Is it worth it to fund public schools? Is it worth it to take drastic measures against the plague? Is it worth it to build hiring fairs to have bigger chances of getting the dearly needed advisor? Is it worth it to sacrifice part of the civil population and local political strenght to have a chance to recover a rebel province without sending a single men there? Is it worth it cripple a bit the long term economy to recover faster from chaotic stability? Is it worth it to sacrifice centuries of policies in order to eventually modernize? Is it worth it to pay dearly to fund an expedition to the new world? ... the list goes on and on... and on.

    Our objective is to give you, the man behind the curtain, the tools to pursue your objecties with miryads of different strategies and immerse you in a new reality.
    Your challenge is to take the best decisions and decades, if not centuries later, look back and be proud of the decisons that shaped your nation's destiny.

    List of More Proeminent Features (in no particular order):

    - Plagues
    - Civil Wars
    - Discoveries
    - Colonial formation
    - Colonial policies
    - Colonial independence
    - Country formation
    - Trade goods (49 in all)
    - Trade rankings
    - Trade policy
    - Sucession wars
    - Imperial politics
    - Imperial power
    - Imperial diet and voting
    - Imperial demesne
    - Indepth religion (the world extensively covered)
    - Religion conversion
    - Berber pirate policies
    - Berber pirate consequences
    - Berber pirate hunt
    - Covert Action (60 spy missions)
    - Modernizing through foreign contact
    - Modernizing socio-economic structure
    - Sengoku Jidai (hugely detailed civil war in Japan)
    - Land Warfare
    - Naval warfare
    - Static Defences
    - Attrition
    - Special army maintenance
    - Reputation
    - War Exhaustion
    - Prestige
    - Advisors
    - Rebels
    - Stability mechanics
    - Inflation mechanics
    - Vassalization
    - Personal Unions
    - Map provinces
    - Map graphics
    - Province data
    - Country data
    - Diplomacy Data
    - Army data
    - Navy data
    - Ship types
    - Army types
    - Policies
    - Radical policies
    - War of the roses
    - Jews
    - Knights of Saint John
    - Status Quo
    - Government systems
    - Government efficiency
    - National ideas content
    - National ideas specialization
    - New national ideas
    - Balance of power
    - Historical AI
    - much, much more... this list is very far from complete and most items include many subitems.

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