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Thread: Development Diary #10 - 17th of December 2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocMorningstar View Post
    The problem is that you are stuck thinking in terms of HoI2 - where is was never a good idea (IC wise) (excluding carriers and their busted CAGs) to start a new production run of an old model unit. The newest designs were always more efficient IC wise to the older models - you always got more combat power per IC for building a 'new' design.
    No. Newer models were almost always less efficient IC wise.

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    Glad to hear the about the partial upgrading possibilities

    as for the newer orders.. they'll certainly add new layers of strategic decisions.. good stuff

    looking forward to the air force changes now
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    Quote Originally Posted by astonished View Post
    The ability for the UK player to combine UK/Aust/NZ and Canadian units into integrated Commonwealth fleets/armies/etc is crucial to the credibility of HOI3 MP. The UK/CW player currently has a huge ahistorical penalty for the ridiculous inability of the game engine to cope with the reality of the Commonwealth in the period 1936-55.

    That naval units cant form into integrated fleets is beyond laughable. This is a key fix for the naval org code.
    I agree a key naval fix is the commonwealth forces being involved together.

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    Hood v Scharnhorst

    i believe if hood met scharn ...... hood would have blown scharnhorst out the water and im glad that this will be possible with the new system

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    Will the player be able to deploy the ships just at any one of our major ports when they are completed or will it be more realistic in that we have to choose where it will be built?

    Will players be able to capture ships as well as occasionally happened in HOI2? (unless that was a fun glitch )

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