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Thread: The Audacity of Hope - An Iroquois IN AAR

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    Pretty nuts dude. Congrats and hope you do another one in the near future.

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    Acta est fabula, plaudite!

    I enjoyed this AAR, it was well written from the beginning to the end. Although I must admit that enjoyed first part more than the later part of this AAR. In my opinion the first part was more balanced, I think that you focused too much to wars in the second part of this AAR and it was bit repetitive to read about 17th war against same enemy where you reigned supreme.

    I know that many disagree with me*, but I have always believed that honest criticism is better than empty flatteries. And from the gameplay perspective it's amazing how well you did and how you managed to keep your economy running and inflation in zero despite huge military costs.

    *I'm just not WC type of guy. Only game where I have done it in purpose was HoI2 (I also did it accidentally in CK). I enjoy difficult wars against equal or superior enemy and first wars against Portuguese were really enjoyable reading. Last war against Castille was less enjoyable, although it was interesting to see Africa which was ruled by Native Americans.
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    This was an amazing AAR, I'm speechless at your immense achievement. Thanks for this great AAR.

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    Meant to ask. What does "Ceterum censeo Castile esse delendam" translate to? It's latin, yes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaekReborn View Post
    Meant to ask. What does "Ceterum censeo Castile esse delendam" translate to? It's latin, yes?
    Furthermore, Castille must be destroyed.
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    Awesome AAR, for an awesome game, good job, one of the best AARs so far.

    Great job, you are my idol!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by EUROO7 View Post
    Furthermore, Castille must be destroyed.
    Which, I think, is hilarious that the Iriquois are using Spain's own Catholic tongues against them!
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    Well done Mister! I'm on my first playthrough (of EU3) with Bohemia and I'm not going to be able to conquest nearly as much as you did
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    Well done.

    Should have added a couple years to finish though.

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    Great AAR man. I'm just upset that there won't be anything as interesting to read again.

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    *stands and applauds*

    Well done, bet you are glad it's finally over, all that pausing and playing on the slowest setting.

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    Very very nice! Something for all of us to wish we could do.

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    Congratulations! I have witnessed something I know I would personally never be able to achieve.
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    Put all the military and economic brilliance and planning aside, just your patience (all the micromanagement of the whole world and the rebellions and merchant sending and unit building and every other stuff) makes me stand on the couch and applaude.

    Also, your British humor was very well placed and blended with wise gameplay.

    I have to agree Olaus Petrus that after a while (for me, it was after you got a foothold in Europe and around your first wars with Burgundy) it got repetitive, but there was no other way since there was nothing left in the world that would compete against the Iroquoii.

    Waiting for your next AAR. I say no mods (MMP is ok but vanilla is benchmark) and Maldives. Congratulations once again.

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    Awesomely well done, if any AAR was going to inspire me to buy EU3, it would be this one.
    Again, congrats!!
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    I think that this AAR really emphasizes what makes EU3 so special - that when the devs say you can play any nation, they really are possible (if boring at the beginning).

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    Mazovia next .

    Well done - Amazing how you brought the Iroquis to glory!!!
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    Maybe the greatest game play AAR of the year.

    Dude, Sweden technologies must be divine with one provinces and those incomes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derdiedas View Post
    Ryuku in MMP. That's a challange.
    I suppose, what with Ryuku in Vanilla being so piss-easy.

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