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Thread: Development Diary #8 - 3rd of December 2008

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    Ok about chain of command:

    1. Will there be any distinction between Armored-Infantry-'Normal'-Mechanized-Mountain-etc. Corps/Army?

    2. What about max size of each Corps/Army? Will it depend on leader skills/rank or will it be in text files? Maybe no max for them?

    3. Will it be moddable what sort of units inside each Corps makes that difference.

    For example: 1 Armored Div + 1 Mechanized Div + 1 Motorized Div will be named Armored, Mechanized or Motorized Corps?

    Will we be able to set what kind of Army structures AI creates? Not only what kind of Divisions they produce but also how are they distributed?
    Like - place Tank Divs in Tank Corps or place them with Infantry Divs as a support?

    What my point is that everybody would like to see proper use of troops. German Armored Spearheads fallowed by other fast moving units etc. That should be assigned at Corpse/Army level for good interaction between units and really succesfull operations and strategy for example Blitzkrieg.
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    EXCELLENT AMAZING WORK. I will be the first ingreece to buy it, you have my word
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    the surface of the map is made of satelite photos of the area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by El_Empanada View Post

    Just make me cry guys... having seen that I actually could die in peace .
    But somethings seems wrong to me, Santiago province limits looks weird, or frontiers with Argentina aren't so irregular, seems to me that you push Argentina territory to far to the west just at the north border of Santiago.

    The port in HoI3 should be Valparaíso and at the end of the map should be Cauquenes, Talcahuano = Concepción, they are two parts of the same city.
    C'mon guys! He's right. That CHL-ARG border is completely wrong!, I Know that it wasn't a war zone but please make it right! Also, Santiago is a mountain locked city, so why did you make it a port? I don't think that only one more province to represent Valparaíso would alter the game!
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    Mechanized & Motorized

    Will you be bringing back the sprites for mechanized and motorized units?

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