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Thread: ◄ RUSSIA : Around The World In 400 Years ►

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    only in your mind

    Arrow ◄ RUSSIA : Around The World In 400 Years ►

    RUSSIA : Around The World In 400 Years

    In this AAR, I will take a Russian Nation (Muscowy or Novgorod) and conquer or colonise the provinces that will make their way around the world. Here is a visual representation:

    The green provinces MUST be conquered. These lands represent the Russian Nation. The yellow/black provinces are a possible path to be taken.

    Now, you must help me decide one thing. Does RUSSIA go East or West to achieve its goal?

    Voting begins now.

    East - ||||| ||||| ||||
    West - ||||| ||||| |||||
    Both - ||||| ||||| ||
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    Excellent! I vote West. East would mainly be boring colonization...

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    go east, west would be too easy... and in the east ming awaits
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    To the west!
    Slavs, join the Slavic Paradoxians group!

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    East sounds the most fun
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    East but only if you do it conquest-style.

    Colonization of the steppes = boring 200 years of AAR.

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    To the east!

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    West! I want to see how you can get along with Austria, France and Spain...

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    By the look of this you would have to fight France
    I say do both at the same time.

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    Let the ming grow.

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    East or die.
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    Fogg went east. You should also! You might find out, that you get one province for free, if you go east...
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    To the east of course!

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    To the east. The remnants of the mongols must be subdued.

    You're planning on leaving Denmark alone. How nice of you

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    I think you will need to do both at the same time.
    Nothing to see here...

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    East, that way France and Spain are stronger when you come back!

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    Both! The sun must never set on the Russian Empire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PetitBourgeois
    Both! The sun must never set on the Russian Empire.
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    Since you need to take both the eastern and western provinces anyway, why not go both ways? The eastwards route requires little to no war once you have broken through the Golden horde, and could easily be accomplished while you conquest your way through Europe.

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