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Thread: Grand Request Thread

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    Why can't I look any further than page 364 of this thread ?

    Is there anyone who still makes shields and flags for EUII ?

    If yes, can he/she remake the following:

    I'd like the flag in white, and the fleurs de lis in blue. I would also like shields with it.

    If anyone could do this, I will be very pleased.


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    Flag and a rectanglical shieldset.

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    Wow, is no one taking requests anymore?
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    Quote Originally Posted by New Edinburgh View Post
    Wow, is no one taking requests anymore?
    Doesn't look like it. I think all the old school artists have moved on and the new generation is into EU3. Nobody's been taking requests on the FTG board either.
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    Does anyone have this set?


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    Quote Originally Posted by King Stephen View Post

    Does anyone have this set?

    Greetings Chancer.

    No, it doesn't seem so.

    John the Magnificent

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    Golden flag

    Can someone make this (have they allredy?)
    Di Cymonus, Sayus!

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    Hello. It is very late for a response but the flag you requested is in the Medieval World mod for FTG.

    Is it possible for someone to do a request, or can we no longer post here? (Sorry if so)

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