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Thread: Storm over Tintagel - A Cornwall AAR for CK:DV and the TASS mod

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    Storm over Tintagel - A Cornwall AAR for CK:DV and the TASS mod

    A Crusader Kings: Deus Vult AAR
    using Veldmaarschalks great TASS mod (see: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...d.php?t=274902)

    First of all, this is my first AAR, and as well the first time I play the TASS mod. I use Veldmaarschalks great “1066: Before the conquest” scenario, which adds the Cornish culture (and many others) to the game. The scenario starts with the conquest of William, Duke of Normandy. I will play the Earl Cadoc Cerniw, known in history as the last cornish duke of Cornwall (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadoc_of_Cornwall). Can he withstand the norman conquest? Will the Cerniw dynasty and cornish culture be a footnote in history, or will they have a greater influence on medieval England?

    Modifications: I added three historic dynasties to the files (Boscawen, Basset and Bedan), changed Cadocs dynasty name to “Cerniw”, and I let William “the Bastard” (later known as William the Conquerer) start the conquest. How did I do this? Well, I started the scenario with William, declared war on the english king, then saved and reloaded as Cadoc, duke of Cornwall. So the conquest on Britannia can begin …

    Thanks to Veldmaarschalk for his mod, and to all readers of this AAR. (You will mention soon that English is not my mother-tongue, so please forgive weird grammar and vocabulary.)

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    Well I haven't visited this part of the forum lately, to busy with other things to read up on AAR's.

    But I will try to follow this one

    Good luck with your first AAR.

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    Book I: Cadoc the Canny

    Chapter I: Wild tides

    In the quiet rough and isolated duchy of Cornwall, Cadoc Cerniw, son of Conan the Close-Lipped, resides in the haunted castle of Tintagel, reigning over his rather poor and savage people. Cadoc is 27, known as sceptical, but honest ruler, and married to Marared of Egloskerry, who will born him four daughters during his reign.

    Cadoc is a not-so-loyal vassal of the anglo-saxon king Harold Godwineson; he prefers independence. His closest relative and counsel is his younger brother Bleddyn Cerniw, who serves as his cloak-and-dagger and has himself five promising sons with his wife. Cadoc, lacking own sons, is willing to bequeath his land and title to Bleddyn after his death.

    But now, wild tides are coming in. William the Bastard, duke of the Normandy, has started his conquest to conquer the island. In 1066, de declared war on king Harold, together with his liege, the underaged French king Philippe Capet, who is still his willing puppy.

    Harold called the cornish troops; Cadoc send them for defence, but he reduces the upkeep. He is not willing to go into debt for the saxon tyrant. Harold’s other vassals seem to share his war policy. So, in 1067, the french armies have occupied Dorset, Somerset, Bristol and Gloucester.

    Cadoc, puzzled by the quick successes of the french, enhances the army upkeep. But in December, the fort of Essex is yielding to the besieger. On 26th May 1068, Harold Godwineson gives up his kingship to Philippe Capet of France. Cornwall is a french duchy now, Harold stays duke of Gloucester, while William the Bastard failed to enforce his claim on England. No battle of Hastings, so far …

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    Chapter II: The french rule

    Cadoc is quite upset with the current situation. Cornwall is still very poor and can’t use any money on improvements. His neighbours, the count of Devon – who is Cadocs friend – and the bishop of Exeter, are loyal to the new king in France. Cadoc starts a diplomacy offense to gain a better position, sending his nephew Gwrgan as a fosterling to the French court, and marrying his eldest daughter Aelwyd to the duke of Sleswig, the promised heir of the throne of Denmark.
    In 1070, the count of Devon unexpectedly declares indepence – and, beeing a close friend of Cadoc since a hunting session, accepts to become a vassal of Cornwall. Cadoc decides to unify all provinves of the cornish peninsula under his reign. After gaining prestige for spreading land to local nobles in 1071, he claims Exeter for his purposes. This bishop of Exeter is not amused …

    Unfortunately, his wife Marared feels a bit neglected and starts a tiny love affair with Cadocs steward, Rhun of Devon. But Cadoc connives at the hanky-panky.
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    Chapter III: The Bastard’s game

    Phillipe Capet exposes to be a weak, much too young king, who can’t hold together his captures. In 1073, the former english king Harold Gowineson, breaks free from the french rule.

    The so-called Gloucester coup is the beginning of a bloody turmoil: Northampton follows Godwineson, then Dorset. The french blighter calls the Corns for help, but Cadoc refuses his military aid. “I never swore allegiance to this boy … he shall prove his ability to be our king!”
    But in the same year, a craven assassination attempt by unknown hands crushes him down. Cadoc survives the assault with severe illness. The court believes in an act of revenge by the French liege, but Cadoc suspects a well-known couple behind this assassination attempt – was it Marared or Rhun, or both together? He has no proof.
    In 1074, after sending his daughter Ygerna as a fosterling to Dorset, the countess Margaret accepts to become the second vassal of Cornwall; shortly after that, the bishop of Exeter follows the same request. The Oath of Tintagel makes Cadoc one of the most powerful independent duke on the island.

    And the war sweeps to France; unloyal counts jump at the chance to break free from Phillipe’s reign. That’s the hour for William “the Bastard”, who still has a claim on the kingship of England. He becomes rebellious and starts a war against his king. The Bastard's game ...

    The same year, Cadoc throws over his old friend, the count of Devon, concerning the question of staying loyal to the king or not.

    Thereupon, Cadoc breaks free from the foreign rule, and prepares himself ready for the beginning war. Firstly, he assures the sucession of his brother’s clan, cause Aelwyd has bore a son to the new king of Denmark, who would be first heir of Cornwall. So, Cadoc changes the sucession law to salic consanguinity. Bleddyn and his strongest son are now the first in sucession line. Secondly, the cornish troups help besieging Essex.
    In October 1075, Phillipe Capet accepted a peace offer and gave up the claims on Cornwall’s duke and count title. The future of an independent Cornwall is now guaranteed! 1076, July 4th, the war ends: Philippe hands over the english crown to William of Normandy. The Bastard has won his game and is the new king of England – well, ten years later than in history, and still residing in Arques …

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    Chapter IV: Consolidation

    1076: England is a pile of shards, Cornwall an independent durchy. Times are fortunate, and Cadoc feels responsible for the cornish provinces and southern England.

    He forces the bishop of Exeter to give up his lands, so he may have more direct power on cornish land. Afterwards, he marries his daughter Bronwen to Rhun of Devon, his wife’s lover (which is meant as a payback on Marareds perfidy).
    In 1077, the William the Bastard – now known as “the Conqueror” – dies in Arques; Adhemar of Normande, a child, is his heir. Cadoc forms an alliance with his son-in-law, the danish king. His nephew Gwrgan marries a very talented Frankish court lady, who becomes the new chancellor of Cornwall: Adelaide de Valois. Diplomacy is still the most important weapon of the Cornes ...

    In 1080, another son of Bleddyn, Rhodri the Cleric, becomes the new diocese bishop in Cornwall, and Cadoc decides to attempt to kill his wife’s playmate Rhun (who is his son-in-law now) – after a public humiliation by the loving couple.

    But the pricey plot fails – and Cornwall goes into debt. While the counts and dukes arount plead allegiance to the the Bastard’s heir, Cornwall stays independent.
    In 1083, Cadoc’s beloved brother Bleddyn, passes away … his 2nd son Maelgwn is his heir, and will soonly be Cadoc’s heir as well. He already serves as Cadoc's military advisor.

    On the lucky side, the count of Hampshire – who is now at war with England and Normandy – accepts to become a vassal of Cornwall. To defend Hampshire, Cadoc sends his troops to Dorset. He has usurped the title “Duke of Wessex” first, which is now possible with the Hampshirian backing. The chain of reason is declaring war on Wessex. Although Denmark cancels the alliance, Cadoc easily wins the siege of Salisbury and forces the ruler to give up the Wessex tite. He has now two duke titles.
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    Chapter V: A better tomorrow

    On April 5th 1084, Cadoc stands at the window of Tintagil castle, looking at the sea and thinking of the last 18 years, since the conquest on the island has begun. Without loosing a single engagement, Cornwall has become the greatest power in south-west England, being an independent duchy with hopes for an ever better future. England is splintered, the french and “english” kings have weakenend each other. The Bastard has played his games and earnt a pyrrhus victory. But Cornwall? It has never been touched by a rampaging army, never been besieged or looted. And even if his marriage with Marared was a disaster - Cadoc is still a lucky man, 45 years old, having four beautiful daughters and mandy grandchildren and a capable heir …

    He dies at midnight, with a smile on his face.

    The Familiy tree of Cadoc the Canny, Duke of Cornwall and Wessex:

    The titles of Cornwall and Wessex, all treasury and the bronze key of Tintagel castle passes to his nephew Maelgwn Cerniw, whose story will be told in the next book.
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    At this step, I call a halt. What do you think of Cornwall's first eighteen years? What should be the aim of Maelgwn right now? What to do with England splintered? Can Cornwall stay independent?
    Let me know what you think how the Cornish dynasty will keep on ...
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    Nice AAR, I wasn't aware of this mod up until now. Things are looking good for Cornwall so far.

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    Wow, that's really interesting how William managed to fulfill his destiny ten years after it was averted.

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    Excellent so far

    There are several strategies that you can follow

    1. To the North
    Wales is to the North of you, it is has one of the easiest to claim kingtitles (though in this mod you will need 6 province to create it). But if it is still divided between Gwynedd and Deheubarth it should be a relatively easy target

    2. To the South
    South of you, are your Celtic brother of Brittany. Probably Brittany has a bit more powerfull then you right now. Though the duke will most likely have a demesne of 1-province, which is a weakness

    3. To the West
    Hibernia is to the west, it is divided between several 'poor' duchies. Making it an easy target for almost any 'would be' conquerer.

    4. To the East
    This is the path you have to take I think. As a descendant of the king Arthur you should drive all those conquerers (Saxons, Norsemen, Normans and French) from England and recreate a Britonic kingdom in England

    With England divided, you will have plenty of oppurtunity to expand in that way

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    Unfortunately, all the pictures have disappeared, although hostet on a decent webserver. Do you know a good place to host them?

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    @Theodorus: Thanks, I have uploaded them on photobucket. And yes, it was interesting to see how William managed to gain the throne. But his position is now way more difficult than in history - the island isn't broken at all, he is king by name, not by power.

    @ Veldmaarschalk: Yes, going east will be the most dangerous path, but of course that's my aim. Anyway, the sitution stays difficult.

    Things I also mentioned in this game
    - there war no crusade at all. Popes are coming and ging, but Jerusalem stays in the heathen's hands
    - The Pagan chiefs are doing well, they even gained some provinces in north Germany
    - Diplomacy is a very useful tool when a realm is broking up. With a good chancellor, you can easily sign good peace contracts and collect up new vassals, without going to war.
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    I just curious, how did you get vassals as easy as you do in this AAR?

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    Well, first of all, they needed help against their former lieges. Gaining Devon and Exeter was easy, cause I had the Duke title. For the rest, I started sending fosterlings to their courts (that improves the relation a bit). But the key of the vassalization was Adelaide de Valois. Here dimplomatic knowledge helped a lot. Before I let Gwyan marrying here, all vassalization requests were unsucessfull. Actually, it is the first game in which I learn about the high value of a good chancellor.

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    Oh, that's new for me. Thanks

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    Ahh, seeing as how I grew up I thoroughly approve of Cornwall's rise to greatness. Long may it continue
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    A really interesting start. I'd say you should unite the Britons and drive out these Norman usurpers! *subscribes*

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