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Thread: The Inkwell - Advertise Your AARs Here

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    May 2003
    I noticed my signature was getting a bit long, so i decided to move them over here.

    For now it's just a direct cut and paste of my former signature. Will work to make it look better later.

    The Free Company- Book V: Bloody Retribution Completed
    The Free Company-Book VI: For Whom The Bells Toll Completed
    The Free Company and the Spanish Road Completed
    Journey to the Far East - A Free Company Spin-Off (2008) In Progress

    A Step into the Past- A China AAR abandoned
    A Tale of Three Families Part 1: A China AAR abandoned
    Current AARs:

    1) Journey to the Far East - A Free Company Spin-Off (2008)

    2) The Free Company Book VII: Closure

    Check out my other works at the Inkwell

    A proud member of the Free Company. Death Rides with Us!!

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    A Game of DwarvesHoI AnthologyCrusader Kings IIDarkest HourEast India Company Collection
    Europa Universalis 3EU3 CompleteFor The GloryHearts of Iron IIIThe Kings Crusade
    Majesty II CollectionRome GoldVictoria 2Victoria II: Heart of DarknessMount & Blade: Warband
    Mount & Blade: With Fire and SwordRise of Prussia500k clubEuropa Universalis IV: Pre-order

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    Jun 2007
    Blog Entries

    Maintain the Monarchy: The Tsar Demands It!
    Writer of the Week 24 March 2013
    Second Favorite Victoria II AAR Quarter 2 2012
    Writer of the Week 12 February 2012
    Favorite Victoria I/II Gameplay Quarter 4 2011
    Favorite Victoria I/II Gameplay Quarter 1 2012

    The Decline of Western Civilization Part IV
    Favorite Victoria I/II Comedy AAR Quarter 2 2011

    My Terminal Uniqueness
    Favorite Victoria II Comedy Quarter 3 2010

    Egypt: Knee Deep in DeNile
    Favorite Victoria Gameplay Quarter 2 2010

    Dante's Blood
    Weekly AAR Showcase 20 February 2010

    The Dark Muse
    Favorite EU Narrative Quarter 4 2009
    Weekly AAR Showcase 22 October 2009
    Favorite EU Narrative Quarter 3 2009
    Best Character Writer of the Week 8 November 2009

    Von Weimar Volume 1: A History of War 1091 - 1440
    Favorite CK History Book Quarter 4 2009
    Favorite CK History Book Quarter 3 2009

    Maintain the Monarchy
    VictAARian Cross 2009
    Favorite Victoria Gameplay Quarter 3 2009

    Fan of the Week 5 June 2009

    The Revolution
    Writer of the Week 22 March 2009

    The Sons of Erin or My Attempt to Not Die
    Lord Strange Cookies of British Awesomeness
    A Specialist290 Red Special Cookie


    Georgia: Trying to Matter
    Stats: Complete
    I was bored seeing narrative after narrative in the CK forums and decided to change it up by providing a plain gameplay AAR. Georgia: Trying to Matter is my attempt to not only open up CK to other Paradox players but also to learn how to play the game. When I started I only had one month of experience with CK and had a lot of questions; rather than spam the main CK forum, I wanted to lay everything down and later review what I did wrong. The comments others provide are the real gem in this AAR.

    Von Weimar Volume 1: A History of War 1091 - 1440
    Stats: Abandoned
    CK/DV w/ The Alternative Scenario Setup mod
    History book
    A Mega-Campaign as a history book AAR with special rules to keep me from becoming a powerhouse in CK. There will be other strict rules when this moves to the other games.


    The Dark Muse Part 1 of 2
    Stats: Complete
    1.3 w/ Magna Mundi
    In 1981 János Takács is a popular Hungarian painter lauded throughout the Western world for his paintings of shorelines, ports and beaches. Twisting such landscapes into a Mannerism style hasn’t been easy for him but János has been rewarded for his difficult work, as has the Hungarian nation.

    On a return trip from Madrid to Budapest János finds himself in a world of trouble after an emergency landing in Algeria. The Hungarian is kidnaped and taken to an undisclosed location in an abandoned factory in Central/Southern Algeria. It is here where Khayr ad-Din introduces himself to János. Khayr also introduces the artist to a book.

    The book is old and battered but it has great power. For someone trained to read it, it has the strength to alter known history. Unbeknownst to János, he was trained as a Reader and must form Khayr ad-Din’s paradise or face the wrath of a man bent on global domination.

    Story continued with Dante's Blood in the Victoria AAR forum.

    The Sons of Erin of My Attempt to Not Die
    Stats: Complete
    3.1 w/ MMP
    Updating every 1 - 2 days days, I attempt to create Ireland and destroy England and Scotland. There’s plenty of pictures to get you by if you’re not a text person.

    The Revolution
    Stats: Complete
    The United States of America
    3.1 w/ American Enhancement Mod 1.2
    History book
    Covering the history of the United States from 1776 - the end of the Revolutionary War. Differing from other history book AARs, this AAR adds the feel of reading from a real book. An index is provided on the first post for ease of use.

    I Want to be Russia When I Grow Up
    Stats: Complete
    3.2 w/ MMP 1.5
    Trying to survive as Yaroslavl in MMP 1.5.


    A Light in the Darkness - Bosporan Kingdom
    Stats: Complete
    Bosporus Kingdom
    Rome: VV w/ Epigoni mod
    My learning how to play AAR after many months of having the game.

    The Link
    Status: To be rewritten
    ???? (for now)
    Rome ?? (for now)
    Working with shorter posts and a more serial-friendly format, this is The Link.

    The common AAR exploits of integrating the past and present/future with such as time machines, magical items and so forth are gone. Instead the story takes place a few centuries ahead of modern day where a technique has been developed to detect residual energies of the influential few. The new discovery is merely a learning tool for those in the present as altering history is an impossibility. Another impossibility is also the main character’s inability in gathering funds for this radical idea. Immediately the Islamic Syndicate rejects Howard Hall’s proposal; in order to see his invention come to life he’ll have to fight through governments, travel restrictions, bureaucracies all while trying to prove that his creation works whether those in power want it to or not.


    Dante’s Blood Part 2 of 2
    Stats: On Hold
    Continued from MM 1.3
    Dante’s Blood takes place immediately after János’ imprisonment in the monastery. From there János must search for a way to escape, find out where Dante’s body lay and capture the blood of Dante Alighieri. We know Dante is now buried in Ravenna, Italy after many centuries of fighting now János must reach it. This discovery will lead János into a highly fantasy inflicted world where he’ll have to search recklessly for this elixir. For this blood.

    But first János must find the book Khayr ad-Din fled with under his arm. When the discovery of the book takes place, János learns that large portions of it have been filled in, all the way up to 1865. The reasons for the advanced date are clear and will be provided as the story is told. As the pages begin filling themselves in, János must find a way to destroy the book or face an alternate world where Algiers is a dangerous world power with Khayr ad-Din at the helm.

    Dante’s Blood is the conclusion to the two-part series and will feature many new characters. There will even be a character or two János finds in the real world who won’t slap him around every chapter! Imagine that.

    Egypt: Knee Deep in DeNile
    Stats: Complete
    Victoria Revolutions w/ VIP .301
    Attempting to play as Egypt with a number of rules to keep it challenging.

    Maintain the Monarchy
    Stats: Complete
    Victoria Revolutions w/ VIP .301
    A Victoria game with VIP .301 mod where I play as Russia, attempting to keep the monarchy running effectively throughout the game.

    What To Do When Monkeys Decide To Eat Your Face
    Status: Complete
    Victoria Revolutions w/ VIP 4.0
    This AAR was born to prove a point more than anything. And I was finally taking on an unciv country - that wasn’t Egypt - and thought I might civilize. In spite of its name, it is a gameplay only AAR but isn’t as intense as my Russian/Egypt games.

    Victoria II

    Bukkhara: Central Asian Might
    Status: Complete
    Victoria II 1.2 w/ MIP mod
    After being told that civilizing as an unciv was difficult, I decided to create this AAR. This is my most gameplay AAR that I've ever created up to this point so if you want to see how I play and if I'm able to civilize, check it out.

    The Decline of Western Civilization Part IV
    Status: Complete
    Victoria II 1.3
    Brandenburg III Gameplay/Humor
    I initially had some spare time in May and decided to write up an AAR where Spain attempts to reconquer its New World holdings.

    Maintain the Monarchy: The Tsar Demands It!
    Status: Complete
    Victoria II 1.4
    My attempt to update my 'Maintain the Monarchy' series with the Victoria II game.

    My Terminal Uniqueness
    Status: Complete
    Victoria II 1.1
    Brandenburg III Gameplay/Humor
    After a drunken night I posted a thread asking those who've posted in my threads throughout the years to vote on what nation I would play as and what game. After voting, which I was surprised had taken place, it was decided I'd use my Brandenburg III-ian talents to start an AAR as Belgium in Victoria II.



    American Enhancement Mod

    Currently available for EU3 4.1b Updated on 7 August 2010.

    General Discussion Area Projects

    HOI 3 Writing Contest: Along the Line
    I wrote this in about a half hour when I was bored.

    The Writer's Building
    The WritAAR’s Building is a forum-wide writing project combining the best parts of the SolAARium, Guess the Author and a few new ideas. Its my hope that this project helps revitalize this section of AARland and returns this area to the activity it had once enjoyed. However, its chief purpose is to help writers to improve and perfect their craft with critiques and discussions from the readers.

    Last edited by Brandenburg III; 30-06-2013 at 02:34.
    My Ink Well updated 30 June 2013 Contains AARs, Mods and Projects

    HOI II Library Updated through 13 March 2009

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    Crusader Kings IIRome Gold

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    Jun 2004
    Blog Entries
    The Duke`s Chronicles - A Mount & Blade AAR

    An Inquiry into laziness and other virtues - A Crusader Kings AAR

    When Romans go pacifist - An a little bit funny EU:Rome AAR

    The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic - Another (but this time serious) EU:Rome-AAR

    Miller`s Tales - A Jülich story - Finally I had the guts to start a CK2 AAR
    Last edited by Stuckenschmidt; 27-08-2012 at 22:26.

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    A Single Spark
    Hearts of Iron 2: ArmageddonEU3 CompleteHeir to the ThroneMajesty 2

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    Aug 2008

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    Blog Entries
    Well, it's about time that I put up a post in the ol' Ink Well. I've been around the forums off and on since 2007 - the year I started playing HoI2/DD. Since then I've done a lot of test mods, and a few AARs. None of them completed yet, but here's hoping that one of them gets there!

    I do both comedic and serious writing, and have had praise for both. At the moment, I'm actively writing for two AARs. Enough about me, though, here's the works, so far:


    Freedom Rises With the Sun - My first truly epic AAR, if you want to call it that. Coming on the coattails of my losing a savegame file for Wallonia, I decided to try my hand at a democratic Japan. What resulted was the story of a young Empress returning from university abroad to face the challenges of keeping the land of the Rising Sun free from militant nationalism and the reality of a fractured Asia. This, to my knowledge, was the first HoI2 AAR featuring a female head of state for Japan, and has been a major labor of love for me in AARland. Newly resumed as of this week, with an update in the works for the weekend or so.
    Link: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...d.php?t=306612

    For the Emperor?! - Join Takero, a young Japanese Meiji impersonator, as he answers a classified ad to become Emperor of Estonia! As the descendant of Thor and Amaterasu, supported by a creey emotionless Prime Minister, constantly distracted foreign minister, crazy naval chief, and constantly hung over air force chief, Takero moves to create the Greater North European Co-prosperity Sphere. After hiring new (all female) staff for Kadriog Palace and his intelligence agencies, His Imperial Majesty moves to bring the various nations of the Baltic area under Estonian rule. Now including Sir Richard Fergusson, a flotilla of armed rusty fishing boats, great tales of Estonian espionage, a hallucinating palace guard, new/old recruitment posters, used warship sales, and King Zog! How can you not read it?

    Link: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...d.php?t=397261

    ~Hiatus/Inactive AARs~

    A Big Ole Revolution/People's Republic of Texas - My first (and only) reader-participation AAR, featuring Texan commies, Lenin's brain in a schoolgirl's body, Swiss dentists, questionable research techniques, and a quest for a new hat. Oh, and the drive for the Glorious Victory of the Proletariat in the Americas. Obviously, a comedy.
    Link: Forthcoming

    The Rampant Rooster: A Tale of Wallonia - The very first AAR I ever wrote, never getting very far off the ground. Possibly the only Wallonia AAR in existance.
    Link: Forthcoming

    God Save Guangxi! ~An Inexplicably British Chinese Warlord AAR~ - Quite opposite from the serious tone of the above story, this newest AAR displays my capacity for silliness and/or madness. What happens when a failed Scottish businessman declares himself Governor-General of Guangxi without the British crown's knowledge or approval? Read the adevntures of Sir Richard Fergusson to find out!
    Link: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...d.php?t=390840
    Last edited by Cascadia; 31-03-2009 at 06:46.
    The Cascadian AARs:

    People's Republic of Texas
    Freedom Rises With the Sun (Alt-Japan, 17K Views and Counting!)
    The Rampant Rooster - A tale of Wallonia (abandoned - technical)

    "Tenjo Heika, Banzai!!"

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    Crusader Kings IIEuropa Universalis: ChroniclesEU3 CompleteHearts of Iron IIIEuropa Universalis: Rome
    Victoria 2EU3 Collectors EditionEuropa Universalis IV: Pre-order

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    Feb 2007
    Leicester, England
    Since I have exploding signature block syndrome I've decided to try the Inkwell cure.

    July 1815 : Revolt Count =7563: Rebels = 34,128,000

    This is an In Nomine 3.2 final Gameplay AAR playing the Golden Horde on Very Hard setting with no mods. The twist this time is that I stay Tribal to the bitter end and just ride out the pain from the rebels. There's a lot of pain from rebels. Also I get lots of grief for buying decorative gravel when I remodelled the backyard, it's weird in AARland sometimes.

    The Audacity of Hope - An Iroquois IN AAR

    Winner 2009 EU3 OscAAR Best Completed AAR

    ACA Favourite Gameplay EU3 AAR Q4 2008
    ACA Favourite Gameplay EU3 AAR Q1 2009
    ACA Favourite Gameplay EU3 AAR Q2 2009
    WritAAR of the Week 01.02.2009
    Awarded a Lord Strange Cookie of Iroquois awesomeness and Bar!
    Also Proven Awesome By P
    Awarded a Specialist290 Red Special Cookie


    This is an In Nomine 3.1 Gameplay AAR playing the Iroquois on Very Hard setting with no mods. I'm surprisingly successful but you probably know that given my viewcount!

    Yes We Can! - A France IN AAR
    Can I conquer the world without breaking the BB limit?

    This is an In Nomine 3.1 Gameplay AAR. France on VH no mods - I missed out on complete WC under the BB limit. I ended 2.4 points over the limit in January 1821.

    Fine Feats with Finland
    an EU2 Interregnum Succession Game
    ACA Favourite Gameplay EU2 AAR Q4 2008

    This is a collaborative AAR for Finland in EU2's Interregnum mod where the save game is passed to another player every twenty years.

    For God's Sake! - A Castile AAR
    ACA Favourite Gameplay EU3 AAR Q3 2008
    Winner of the Weekly AAR Showcase 07-07-2008


    This is an EU3 1.3 Gameplay AAR as Castile on Very Hard where I set out to make as much of the world Catholic as I can. You'll have to read it to find out how well I did.

    Fan of the week 29.06.2008!
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    Apparently I need to buy some more gravel.

    My AARs: EU3 England, Golden Horde, France, Iroquois, Castile / EU2 Finland / My Inkwell

    "Sunset Invasion isn't ASB - it's just Prawnstar playing CK2" Athalcor
    "If EU3 had exiled prawn-like aliens he'd be the first one to do a WC with them..." aldriq
    "You were prawn under a conquering stAAR!" Arakhor

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    Captain 10th S.C. SouthCarolinian's Avatar
    Arsenal of DemocracyHearts of Iron 2: ArmageddonDarkest HourHearts of Iron III

    Join Date
    May 2007
    Confederate States of America

    A gallant story of the Officers of the Confederate Military as they face challenge and tribulation from Clandestine Operations, to the Big Show and beyond. Watch as the Brave Confederate Fighting Men go from being the New Generation, to Veterans, to finally being Old Hands.

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    Darkest HourEU3 Complete

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    Jan 2009
    Well, I am new here but I have started an AAR. It is plauged by short updates but has a intreage that I hope keeps people interesting. On page 4 i totally changed the course of the story so i hope you join us to see what happens to eve. This just happened to be my first AAr inspired by the butterly device and golden nation here it is.

    if that isn't to your liking i have a AAR more based on gameplay.
    The Fight for North Africa The fight of a man who wants to go home
    here is the link http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...d.php?t=404896
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    Irish lords-trying to make long updates
    The fight for North africathe fight for a man who wants to go home.

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    Inspired by the brilliant minds that brought you classic hits such as Europa Universalis 3, Magna Mundi, and every gameplay AAR you ever read! (and a few storybooks too.) Jman47 Proudly Presents-


    A MMP2 Production

    Stop 1- Portugal!
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    Boynton Beach, Florida
    Hello, my name is Nathan. I have two AARs to offer. If anyone is interested in the American Presidency and how a select group of men shaped our world, they are worth checking out.

    The Presidents: Hoover to Dewey (1929-1953)

    The Presidents: The Vietnam War Edition
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    "In America, anybody can be President. That's one of the risks you take."
    -Adlai Stevenson

    The Presidents: The Vietnam War Edition
    President of the United States in 1962: Henry M. Jackson (Democrat-Washington)

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    For the MotherlandHearts of Iron IIIHOI3: Their Finest HourSemper Fi

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    Jan 2003
    Corona, California
    I shall throw my hat into the ring here as well to advertise my newly rejuvinated AAR - How the East was Won which you can easily get to via my signature. It is an alternative strategy AAR that was borne about from frustrations I had playing the boardgame Advanced Third Reich + Rising Sun grouping called Global War. In it the Japanese player has a limited amount of time to prepare for an attack on the US, which must happen sooner or later. In this AAR my intent is to try and delay any such need for an attack as long as possible and I have so far succeeded. At the time of this writing it is February 1943 and Japan has conquered China while only declaring war on the UK and her allies. The style of writing is a blend of "You are there" action reports, narrative history, and novelization.
    Last edited by Jorath13; 06-03-2009 at 03:43.
    Warriors aren't born stupid...they're made that way!

    How the East was Won (1936 - ?) HoI 1 Japanese AAR using CORE latest mod.

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    A Conspiracy of Ravens: A Westeros Mod AAR
    for Crusader Kings.

    "Follow house Corbray as they play the game of thrones in a Westeros where Robert's Rebellion ended with the suspiciously well timed death of the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen. Unlike the actual narrative of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', Westeros did not remain united under the house of Baratheon. Instead the warring houses signed what became known as Rhaegar's Peace. Westeros was once again ruled by different, independent kings. It truly has become a game of thrones.

    Loosely based on an actual game I'm playing, events will be dramatized for story purposes.

    Click -here- to read 'A Conspiracy of Ravens', which is currently in its first chapter 'Fields of Feasting'.
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    Darkest Hour

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    Mar 2009

    The Channel Pact

    Totally Random Productions Inkwell
    In March 2010, Laurence and Vincent of Totally Random Productions officialy retired from AARland. Below is an archive of our former signature, containing links to all our biggest projects and realisations. We would like to thank all our readers and fans for their continuous support. We had a blast, and wish everyone the best of luck in the future. Write on, for the glory of AARland!

    Totally Random Productions - Elvis has left the building!
    Nineteen Sixty-Four - An Arsenal of Democracy (AOD) Mod

    The Channel Pact
    A tale of Two Empires - Germany&UK Coop AAR

    "On the 4th of August, 1946, American forces set foot on British shores, and began the invasion of Europe."
    Raise the Crimson Banner - An Albanian WC - On hold / Realpolitik - Completed
    The Great Game + Forum / TRP Friends / La République - An interactive AAR concept
    The Channel Pact trailer / The Channel Pact 'Chronicles' / Raise the Crimson Banner trailer
    canonized and featured in the AARlander on 02/07/09.
    Winners of "A lot of shit"

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    Argh, well, I'm not that good at advertising.


    It's an alt-history HoI2 AAR utilising Fernando Torres' World in Flames mod - the Doomsday 1.3a version.

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    Crusader Kings IIEuropa Universalis 3Victoria 2Europa Universalis IV

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    Apr 2007
    The one duty we owe to history is to rewrite it.
    – Oscar Wilde, Intentions

    The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.
    – L.P. Hartley, The Go-Between

    Click on the image to be directed to the frontpage or click here for the newest update.

    Abandoned Projects:

    The Rising Sun: a Hosokawa/Japan AAR in the Sengoku Jidai era, stetching only seven years from 1477 to 1483.
    My attempt to reunite Japan with the Hosokoawa fiefdom and my first attempt at AAR writing.
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    >>> Weekly AAR Showcase 27|04|2009 <<<
    "May the sun of june be as bright as the sun of may!" - King Juan I.

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    All my AARs are for original (not DD or Arm) HOI2, with SMEP. They all start in 1936.

    Trattato di Roma: Clash of the Dictators (Italy - complete)
    In 1936, il Duce commits Italy to a lone path, setting himself against the other great dictators of the world. Will this lead to triumph, or destruction?

    The Lion's Teeth (UK - complete)
    It seems to many as if the age of democracy is over. The League of Nations is in ruins, and dictators the world over are flexing their muscles. Someone needs to remind them that the sun will never set on the British Empire ...

    Ride of the Red Horse (USSR - complete)
    The Great Stalin likes horses. They are a very Socialist animal. The Great Stalin and his mounted hordes will conquer all! (comedic)

    Le Gendarme! (France - complete)
    Twenty-some years ago, an entire French generation bled and died for an all-too-fleeting period of peace. Now another generation faces an even more sinister challenge: how will they respond?

    US-AL (USA - ongoing)
    Al "Alligator" Landon has somehow bumbled his way into the White House. And then into WW2. But it'll all work out OK in the end, right? (comedic)
    Find links to all my HOI2 AARs here.

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    Master of the Universe CaptRobau's Avatar
    Achtung PanzerArsenal of DemocracyCities in MotionCrusader Kings IIDeus Vult
    EU3 CompleteDivine WindFor The GloryHearts of Iron IIIHeir to the Throne
    Iron CrossMajesty 2Victoria: RevolutionsRome GoldSemper Fi
    Sword of the StarsSupreme Ruler 2020 GoldVictoria 2Victoria II: A House Divided500k club
    Europa Universalis IV: Pre-orderCrusader Kings II: CharlemagneCities: Skylines

    Join Date
    May 2009

    Battle scenario AAR of The Ardennes Offensive. Played on very hard/normal as Germany. Goal is a strategic victory by taking a route around the Ardennes.



    Scenario: Operation Downfall: Invasion of Japan
    Difficulty: Very hard/Furious
    Version: ARMA 1.2
    Style: Narrative


    My third AAR, which will hopefully be more epic in scale and a significant evolution in my writing style. I'll be playing as Japan (unless the AI doesn't put up a fight) but it will be more of a character-based than a gameplay AAR. The goal is of course survival (anything else is sort of impossible ). Contrary to my previous AARs this one will contain multiple characters (both major and minor) in an effort to show all aspects of the Empire's last stand. If necessary for the story Soviet or Allied characters might appear as well.
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    Arnold Hax's Avatar
    200k clubArsenal of DemocracyDarkest HourEuropa Universalis 3Rome Gold
    Sengoku500k club

    Join Date
    Sep 2008
    Behind a computer
    My Ink Well

    Drittes Reich - A German 1936 AAR

    Game: Hearts Of Iron 1.06
    Difficulty: Hard
    Aggresion: Normal
    Scenario: The Road to War 1936

    Awards: None

    Status: Abandoned


    Back to War - A Bosnian MDS2 AAR

    Game: Hearts of Iron 2 Doomsday , MDS II 1.5
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Aggresion: Aggressive
    Scenario: Modern Day Scenario II

    Awards: None

    Status: Abandoned - Loss of savegame


    Bloody Snow - A Finland AAR

    Game: Hearts of Iron 2 Doomsday Armageddon, World in Flames Titanium Edition
    Difficulty: Normal
    Aggresion: Normal
    Scenario: World in Flames - 1936

    Awards: None

    Status: Ongoing

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    First Lieutenant TombolaG's Avatar
    HoI Anthology

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    Mar 2008
    Near Oxford, England

    MY Inkwell :P

    My Inkwell - By TombolaG

    Currently, I have failed in TWO AARs, but I am looking for help in this one:


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    Crusader Kings IIDeus VultEU3 CompleteDivine WindHearts of Iron III
    Heir to the ThroneVictoria: RevolutionsVictoria 2

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    Oct 2002
    Blog Entries

    Someone stole my 141 get...

    Kreyňlaar: an learning AAR haďtienne

    The Genealogy of Magnús the Exceedingly Rich, now with eye candy | Collage of CAARdinals: An interactive history of the Papal States | The Genealogy of Magnús the Exceedingly Rich | A Silent AAR - HAARva NAARgila: The Picture Scroll of the Khazars
    Novus Ordo Seclorum: A New Order for the Ages | Brand Nubian | A Silent AAR - The Picture Scroll of the House of Aberffraw
    Last edited by Llywelyn; 07-02-2011 at 19:37.
    All Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!
    The experience of our ancestors, ever incentives and aids to virtue, would never
    have inspired or saved a single soul, had not the loyalty, zeal, and diligence of writers
    triumphing over sloth transmitted them to posterity
    . — John of Salisbury
    “ ć đ € Ł § ¬ † ‡ ą ˛ ł — · ˚ ſ ˇ ż ‽ ≈ ≠ ¶ • ş ”

    My Inkwell

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