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Thread: The Inkwell - Advertise Your AARs Here

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    The Inkwell - Advertise Your AARs Here

    Welcome to The Ink Well.

    This is the place to advertise your AAR, list your awards and accomplishments and to let people know a little something about yourself.

    As a fellow authAAR I know that 10 lines for a signature can be awfully restrictive, so I encourage everyone to take advantage of this thread.

    The rules are simple.

    1) Each person has One post to work with. You are free to edit it at anytime if you wish to add or change information. For your own personal identification purposes, use the Post ID found in the upper right corner. (For example, this is Post #1). Additional posts by the same person will be deleted.

    2) Graphics are allowed for advertisement purposes, but keep them small and pertinent to your AARs or related topics. Under 150kb is preferable. The Moderating Team reserves the right to delete any overlarge or offensive graphic. I know it's a bit hit and miss at the beginning. Consider the graphic on my spot as manageable, and the one on canonized' spot as maximum. We don't want the pages to load like a graphic-heavy AAR, especially as I'm sure the spots will grow in size as each authAAR adds content and becomes a little more creative.

    3) No offensive content is allowed, and this includes religious and/or political statements, as well as language.

    4) Use a reasonable font size. Default is preferred. However, one size above default may be used to advertise the name of your latest AAR.

    5) You may link to personal web pages or blogs, or websites that contain information pertinent to your AAR. Please do not abuse this, and if in doubt, ask!.

    6) No feedback is allowed. This thread is strictly for advertising purposes. Feedback will be deleted.

    A listing of authAARs will be kept on this post for easy access to your particular piece of real estate, though I encourage everyone to remember where they parked.

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    Current AAR: The Sons of Ragnar Lodbrok: In the Shadow of the Great Old Ones

    Follow the link to read The Pariah. For more Lovecraft style horror, try The Crane Horror and my Holmes/Lovecraft story The Case of the Galloway Eidolon. All are free to read in the Lovecraft eZine.

    Available: The Saglek Incident in the anthology Sha'Daa: Pawns and Witiko in the anthology Bigfoot Terror Tales: Vol 1

    Also: Plains of Hell in the anthology Lawyers in Hell & Colony in the anthology Rogues in Hell, continuing the HUGO award winning Heroes in Hell series, edited by Janet Morris

    For a complete list of my AARs go to The Ink Well. Visit my Website for news, reviews and story excerpts.

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    List of AuthAARs Advertising Their Wares (Myself or a Mod will be adding authors to this list on an ongoing basis)


    Ab Ovo
    Agent Larkin
    Alex Borhild
    Alfred Packer
    Arya V.

    Brandenburg III

    Chris Taylor
    Count Lake
    Cornelius Rex

    der Kriegsherr
    Dr. Gonzo
    Duke of Wellington
    El Pip
    Emperor Ike

    Fernando Torres
    Fire and Ash

    Gen. Marshall
    Gen. Skobelev
    German Grifter
    Gul Brown

    Hajji Giray I
    Haru yo koi
    Hastu Neon
    Herbert West

    Iain Wilson
    Iwo Jima


    Kapt Torbjorn

    Le Jones
    L Lawliet
    Lord Durham
    Lord Valentine
    Masked Pickle
    Merrick Chance'

    Nathan Madien


    Peter Ebbeson
    President Davis
    Psychedelic Sou

    Queen Lor

    Rex Angliae
    Rex Francorum

    Snake IV

    Tanzhang (--)
    TC Pilot
    The Great Duck
    The Swert
    The War Monger
    thrashing mad
    Tom Campbell
    truth is life



    White Daimon


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    EU3 Napoleon's AmbitionEuropa Universalis: RomeVictoria 2Victoria II: A House DividedRome: Vae Victis

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    Mississauga, Eh!
    Welcome. The majority of my AARs were written in the early years of my tenure here. After I was published, I found I just didn't have the time to try another. I'm hoping that will change soon...

    ... and it did.

    CK2 AARs

    The Sons of Ragnar Lodbrok: In the Shadow of the Great Old Ones - in progress...

    EUI AARs

    The Papacy – An Alternative History – incomplete but damned long. This was my first AAR. It began as a detailed history but morphed into the first adventures of The Free Company. This was the first AAR to solicit posts from fellow authAARs and to incorporate authAAR names into the storyline.

    The Seven Years War - completed - This was the first narrative AAR on the forums.


    A Collaborative History of Genoa - aborted - one of my all-time favourites. A grand idea that ran out of steam...
    Austria and The War of the Spanish Succession: 1700 - 1708 (Redux) - completed - Gold OscAAR 2001
    The Napoleonic Wars: An Account by an English Officer - completed - Silver OscAAR 2002
    Portugal or Bust: The Director's Cut - completed - Gold OscAAR 2003 - Hollywood meets EUII. Hollywood would never be the same again...

    CK AAR

    Norman Knights: The House of de Hauteville – aborted.

    The Chronicles of the Free Company: 2001-2005

    The Free Company was a mercenary group that cut a swath across Europe, North Africa and the Near East. What made these AARs so special was the collaboration among all of the writers, creating characters that lived, loved and died in this world. Each Book is exactly what it implies--a book. Each tale has a beginning, middle, climax and resolution. And each is easily the length of a novel. In fact, Book IV, The Last Bastion of Empire is longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    Book I: Burgundy – The Origin of the Free Company
    Book II: King Harry and the Free Company
    Book III: Vae Victis – The Free Company in Italy
    Book IV: The Free Company and the Last Bastion of Empire
    Book V: The Free Company – Bloody Retribution
    Book VI: The Free Company – For Whom the Bells Toll
    Book VII: The Chronicles of the Free Company - Closure
    Book X: The Free Company and the Spanish Gold

    The (Mis)Adventures of King Cristoffer III of Denmark

    This was my contribution to MrT’s massive collaborative AAR where each writer took on a King’s reign. My run begins with post 76 and ends at post 182 (feedback included). Warning!: The adventures of King Cristoff III is not for the feint of heart…

    Denmark: Fellowship of the Kings


    Read My Interview by canonized in The AARlander Issue #8 May.


    For those interested in my professional writing, hop over to my Website and read some excerpts from my stories, as well as links to a handful of complete, online tales. My stories range from historical fiction through fantasy, SF, horror and young adult.

    My most popular, and most successful series to date is a collection of fantasy tales featuring a mercenary called Dalacroy. His adventures were originally published in Flashing Swords, an e-zine/magazine that has unfortunately ceased publication.

    However, the first three tales can still be found here:

    The Marsh God, winner of the 2005 Preditors & Editors award for Best SF&F Short Story. Artwork courtesy of M.D.Jackson

    The Catacombs of Dharwataqan. Artwork courtesy of Michael "Miko" Mikolajczyk

    Homecoming, winner of the 2006 Preditors & Editors award for Best SF&F Short Story. Artwork courtesy of M.D.Jackson

    Illustrations from my first four stories.


    A second character creation of mine, Mortlock the Footman, has, to date, appeared in two successful print anthologies:

    Valley of Bones, in the anthology Return of the Sword.

    Yaggoth-Voor in the anthology Rage of the Behemoth. Yaggoth-Voor received nominations for a Harper's Pen and Prix Aurora award for Best Short Fiction.

    The graphic novel adaptation of The Marsh God is complete. A hard copy can be purchased from comixPress or IndyPlanet.

    View the YouTube Marsh God trailer here. An online excerpt from the graphic novel can be found here.

    This is the final cover art:


    Currently I am writing for Janet Morris and her recently revived HUGO award-winning series based on Heroes in Hell, a shared-world anthology. My story, Plains of Hell appeared July, 2011 in the anthology Lawyers in Hell. A second story, Colony, appeared July, 2012 in the followup anthology Rogues in Hell.

    If you enjoy Lovecraftian horror, I have two stories available to read for free online at the Lovecraft eZine. They are The Crane Horror and The Case of the Galloway Eidolon. The latter story is a Lovecraft/Holmes crossover with a touch of Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard. The Crane Horror won Best Horror Short Story in the 2011 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll.
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    Current AAR: The Sons of Ragnar Lodbrok: In the Shadow of the Great Old Ones

    Follow the link to read The Pariah. For more Lovecraft style horror, try The Crane Horror and my Holmes/Lovecraft story The Case of the Galloway Eidolon. All are free to read in the Lovecraft eZine.

    Available: The Saglek Incident in the anthology Sha'Daa: Pawns and Witiko in the anthology Bigfoot Terror Tales: Vol 1

    Also: Plains of Hell in the anthology Lawyers in Hell & Colony in the anthology Rogues in Hell, continuing the HUGO award winning Heroes in Hell series, edited by Janet Morris

    For a complete list of my AARs go to The Ink Well. Visit my Website for news, reviews and story excerpts.

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    Hello, I am Myth. I own Hearts of Iron 3, Hearts of Iron 2: Armageddon, Crusader Kings: Deus Vult, Europa Universalis III: In Nomine, and Victoria: Revolutions. That is also the order of my preference of Paradox games; it should be pretty evident that my interest in war is reflected in my enjoyment of certain Paradox games over others. Anyway, on to my AARs!

    Current AARs

    Completed AARs
    Great Ambitions - A Guangxi Attempt at Chinese Domination (Commenced 12/10/06, concluded 06/02/07)
    My second AAR, this is a pure gameplay AAR that follows the rise of the Guangxi Clique from a pariah warlord state in southern China to a massive empire between 1936 and 1945. Guangxi strategy and operational art was successful in defeating the Chinese Nationalists as well as other warlord groups, outwit the Japanese to secure a beachhead on their Home Islands from which to conquer them, and invade the Soviet Union. After a long slog through Siberia, the then Imperial Chinese Army wages war against the Germans, who are invading the Soviet Union from the west, creating an unstable three-way war. The Chinese prove superior to the larger German forces in skill and destroy them in the east as the United States invades them from the west. Having defeated the Soviet Union, China readies itself for a final war against the Allies when tragedy strikes.
    It won no awards.

    Lamps Before the Wind - A Japanese Revival (Commenced 23/03/07, concluded 23/06/07)
    My third AAR, this largely narrative work takes up the storyline left by Great Ambitions, but told from another perspective—that of Lieutenant General Kuribayashi, a member of the renewed armed forces of a resurgent Japan. In this AAR, which lasts from 1945 to 1950, Japanese forces fight for their freedom against a Chinese Empire besieged on all sides by nationalist uprisings in the lands they had previously conquered. With vast military commitments, China nevertheless manages to defeat one threat and dedicates a large proportion of its armed forces to battling the Japanese. They are, in the end, however, defeated by steadfast Japanese resolve in pursuing a strategy of defeating the Chinese army and capturing Guilin despite early and near fatal Japanese setbacks.
    It won the following award:
    Canonization on 07/04/07

    Permanently Operating Factors - A Soviet LAN AAR (Commenced 24/09/07, concluded 04/02/09)
    My fourth AAR, still ongoing and in cooperation with Discomb, goes into new territory as I attempt a largely narrative work, though one heavily based on the gameplay. It is a tale of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in a vastly ahistorical world where much of the reachable world is partitioned between the two powers, as well as Germany’s ally Great Britain, before the two opposing camps go to war in April 1942. It is (I think) unique in that it not only details the gameplay, but also the narratives of several Soviet infantrymen not only during the course of the game events but decades later, looking back on those events, as well as of myself and Discomb during our LAN of the game.
    It has won the following awards at this time:
    Canonization on 07/10/07
    Best Character Writer of the Week 11/02/08

    Explorations in Strategy - Italy at War (Commenced 05/08/09, concluded 24/01/11)
    My sixth AAR and first one for a game other than Hearts of Iron 2: specifically, Hearts of Iron 3. As the title suggests it is an exploratory AAR to get a handle on the game with a country in an enviable strategic situation and whose potency must be unleashed. Mussolini has learnt new strategic concepts from a handful of books and wishes to put them to use. There is no turning back for him, he must make Italy great as Rome once was or the country must fail in its shortcomings.
    It won the following award:
    WritAAR of the Week 06/10/09
    Favorite HoI3 History Book AAR Q3 2009, Q1 2010, Q2 2010
    Favorite HoI3 Gameplay AAR Q4 2009, Q3 2010
    Weekly AAR Showcase 23/08/10
    Best Character of the Week 14/11/10
    Iron HeAARt 2010

    Abandoned AARs
    Bayonets Made of Milk - A Dual Italian Grand Campaign (Commenced 18/07/06, abandoned 25/08/07)
    My debut AAR, a joint project with Discomb that sees us steering Italy in two parallel games from the inception of the game in January 1936 to the verge of our downfall in March 1945, at which time the games are abandoned due to Discomb's unwillingness to continue. In this comedic gameplay AAR, my Italy fulfills its quest for a new Roman Empire, but vastly overstretches its meager resources and, due to the incompetence of my German ally, the Soviets begin conquering Europe. Discomb's Italy follows a different path and becomes a noteworthy sea power, successfully using its large carrier task force to shatter the British and American navies and even launch an invasion of the continental United States before its forces, too, begin getting overwhelmed.
    It won the following award:
    WritAAR of the Week 20/08/06

    Like the Heroes, but Bad - A Joint German LAN AAR (Commenced 12/04/08, abandoned 01/03/09)
    My fifth AAR, this is also in cooperation with Discomb and also treks into new territory as we attempt to coauthor at least every fourth update (proportionally). It attempts to fit into several categories due to its objectives: comedy, narrative and gameplay. It follows the story of Germany’s two supreme commanders, Bernau and Regenbogen, as they attempt to steer Germany through the Second World War, with a particular emphasis on the fighting in the Soviet Union, despite their political leaders, despite their subordinate headquarters staff and despite themselves.
    It won no awards.
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    Read about my full body of AAR works here!

    Fan of the Week 13/08/09

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    Copenhagen, plotting my revenge

    Maybe I belong here, maybe not.

    I certainly have spent more hours, weeks, months and years in here than my wife would pronounce healthy

    I was lured here by the good stories.. first as a lurker, then as an avid, but silent, reader and then an active commenter.

    Along the way the great comradeship of MrT and LD lured me so deeply into this world that I became a fellow writer and finally a mod here

    None of my AARs have ever been completed before I finally drifted away, and frankly, while I am proud of some of my passages, as a body of work it isn't great. I've received several awards, writers of the week, showcase and such, even ran the wows back then, but it is so long ago they don't even register in the records anymore

    What I AM proud of though is my work on the FC. It was what started my writing, and frankly one of the greatest moments I've had in here.

    Right now I am retired from modding, and close to retired from writing, even though I still occassinally get that rush that was the FC when a particullar good storyline works well in the 1558 RPG elsewhere on these boards.

    If ever LD restarts anything likethe FC, and with a crew like the core of book IV and V then I think I would take a sabbatical in order to do it justice



    Once Upon A Time.... The Slow AAR An Byzantine story, loosely following an EU2 game, but mostly a story driven AAR around the remnants of the Varangian guard families.

    HoI 1 AAR

    *First Resistance* The HoI AAR A HoI AAR, with almost no game reference, a story about the slowly emerging resistance in occupied Denmark.

    The Chronicles of the Free Company:

    Book IV: The Free Company and the Last Bastion of Empire
    Book V: The Free Company – Bloody Retribution
    Book VI: The Free Company – For Whom the Bells Toll
    Book VII: The Free Company and the Spanish Gold
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    Victoria II: Heart of Darkness500k clubEuropa Universalis IV: Pre-orderEUIV: Wealth of NationsEUIV: Conquest of Paradise
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    Crusader Kings II: The Old GodsCrusader Kings II: Sons of AbrahamCrusader Kings II: Rajas of IndiaCrusader Kings II: CharlemagneEUIV: Art of War
    Crusader Kings II: Way of LifeEUIV: El DoradoCities: Skylines

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    You might very well think that ; I couldn't possibly comment

    Quote Originally Posted by Selected Praise for Timelines

    "A generation defining AAR!" - English Patriot

    "There are only two words that could come close to describing the brilliance of this AAR: Absolutely Amazing!" - kleomenes

    "I read through the whole thing and if it wasn't the best work this forum has ever produced, I'd be surprised." - anonymous4401

    "I must give you my highest honorable congratulations on a work that is absolutely and totally un-superfluously the best writing I have ever seen...This is truly a vade mecum everyone should have to keep, cherish, and love forever" - demokratickid

    "I consider myself somewhat jaded when it comes to storylines and seem to be able to predict what (elements of) happens next relatively accurately, but I really haven't much of a clue this time. Between the keys, the timepiece, the End, and the connection between Tom, Rodrigo and the events of centuries ago...simply brilliant stuff!" – Myth

    "I absolutely adore the narrative style of Timelines. Most narrative AARs, including mine usually stick to the historical facts of a certain country without jumping off course with another plot. However with Timelines you have done just that. Including supernatural elements as well as an interesting plot makes readers want more. Not only has Timelines given readers historical growth of Spain but a fascinating subplot as well. That is rather rare in AARland." - Eber from our Interview with him

    "You have three basic "worlds" in your story -- the unified present, the disparate ("our world") present, and the past, where the battle seems primarily to be occurring, though the battle spills into different times. How you fit each of these elements together in a believable fashion amazes and excites me." - Rensslaer from our Interview with him

    "It is a magnificent work you've managed to pull together here - and I mean pull together. Writing across time things can threaten to fly apart (as I know from experience) but this is a tightly-run ship. Writing with a number of characters also has its risk, yet you have managed three main 'pairs' of characters without noticeable problems." - stnylan

    "The way you’ve tied past and present, and each chapter with each other is excellent. Historical insight into the second plane characters was very good move - there are a lot of AARs describing only monarchs. Also, the life of Tom being on track with the mysterious history is very exciting." - thrashing mad from our Interview with him

    "I've finally read through the whole thing, in one sitting. I hate long things, usually, and catching up, so that's a biggie for me. It's probably the most accomplished AAR plot I've ever come across, and I've been lurking for years. Solidly-written, intricately planned, with a tinge of the philosophical and a deep sense of the aesthetic. As well as positively plagued by references clever and corny." - RGB

    "I think, when all is said and done, aside from your outstanding writing abilities, that the "canonized" series of interviews will stand out as one of your greatest contributions to the forum. You have taken a number of long time members and relative newcomers and brought them into a new light." - grayghost on our Interview segments

    "The action is so well described that for a minute there I felt like that gauntlet was round my neck" - Petros

    "This stuff here is good eatin'. BAM!" - Llywelyn

    "Wow! I just spend most of my day reading the whole piece. Once I started, I couldn't really stop..." - afb

    "I'm really proud to see how far this has come and just how engrossing it is - I set aside time every day to make sure I get to read the latest installment." - Panzerkardinal

    "I have been impressed at how you weave in the action and drama with traces of humor every now and then. It makes the story move quickly and easily along until you hit one of those BIG moments. " - coz1

    "It's truly amazing how well the writing has stayed so steady throughout the entire story. It's a very long tale, but it hangs together so well that it is virtually seamless...." - Amric

    "Just as an aside, this is how you can tell I've been reading this AAR too much (if that's even possible): Today, while I was watching the news, they had a press conference with the owner of the St. Louis Cardinals, William DeWitt. Of course, my immediate thought was: 'Hey, it's a Cardinal named DeWitt!' " - Judas Maccabeus

    "I must confess that I haven’t' found a similar AAR neither in the English nor in the Spanish section it's the most professional I've read, and I read a lot, and I have a very selective taste, but the highly complicated nature of the AAR in itself, the very intricate set of influences, references, cameos, I haven't found such an almost perfect -and I repeat again- and professional AAR, really. It's a bit hard to get used to it, by the way, but once you get it, it's an endless pleasure." - Kurt_Steiner from our interview with him

    "EXCELLENT story." - ForzaA

    "A veritable paella of intrigue!" - AlexanderPrimus

    "Among the AARs that I started reading, even before signing up to this forum, this has to be the one that most inspired me to write my own AAR... So, I'll have to thank you canonized, for inspiring me to sign up and start writing my own AAR." - patham

    Sample Character from Timelines (this image has been reduced due to Inkwell regulations . You can see the full image here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Excerpt from Timelines Chapter XIII
    His confusion was interrupted by a heavy sound coming from the three exits several feet ahead of him. He knew this sound many times over and even before he finished his turn back to the helical stairway, he saw the beginnings of rushing water entering from the three exits.

    He nearly tripped. His weight had depressed that segment of the floor another three or so centimeters as he drew ground to gain at towards the way he came. It was that depression that must have set it off; the staircase had a slab of rock slam the route shut. So that’s why there was a metal grill above him, there would be no escape from the water.

    He immediately turned around to face the onrushing current and he began running towards it. The slam of the water against his body was mediated by his last second dive into the onrushing wave. With contact of the liquid, the chamber was already halfway filled and Renault struggled angrily against the wave to the surface. His torch was already out, the only light now entering the deluged chamber was the dim yellow brightness from the metal grill. Renault swam as hard as he could to the center of the room luckily not being weighed down by a cuirass or other armor. As the chamber quickly began to fill higher and higher with water, his hands eagerly grasped at the metal bars.

    With all his might he pulled and pushed and even hit at the metal. It was no good, the material was at least four inches thick and imbedded deep in the adjoining rock. The water underneath him naturally pushed him against the roof; the inside of that chamber would soon be nothing but water. Even if Renault could get his mouth near the metal bars, it would not protrude longer than the four inches necessary to get at open air on the other side. He would be a dead man.

    With even breaths he watched as the water around him rose to his chin, to his nose as he gasped for air through the bar as best he could. The water would not stop; soon it would gush through the bars and completely immerse him. The flow of the water did not cease and with one last breath Renault allowed the water to finally cover his face and overflow onto the top chamber. The wet darkness of that chamber flowed into his eyes as he frantically searched for an exit way. The current was still too strong to swim to the three doors. He was facing certain death.

    Two minutes left until his breath ran out and he looked upward at the strange light above him. Ave María, grátia plena, Dóminus tecum raced through his head as he watched the light above him radiate in the movement of flowing water. He closed his eyes for a moment attempting to gather his thoughts but in that dark abyss, the light still shone through his closed eyelids. Benedícta tu in muliéribus, et benedíctus fructus ventris tui, Jesus, passed through his mind but calmly. His heart seemed to slow and his body naturally floating upwards against the roof. He could still see the light above him through the blueing blood in his eyelid. Blue.. the Virgin.. she would help me…

    It was in this calm delirium-like state that Renault’s last minute of air was spent unstrapping the claymore on his back. He unsheathed his sword and tied the leather string on one end of the sheath to the top of that blade. Then taking his knife from his pocket while floating in that watery upsurge, he cut the closed top off his sheath where it was tied to the edge of the blade.

    Now raising his sword up to heaven and blowing into the other open end of the leather sheath covered fully with his mouth, his last breath cleared the inside of the sheath from water and blistering air was greedily inhaled through that makeshift leather snorkel.

    Greetings! canonized here with our submission to this wonderful endeavor that LD has started. Let's all get involved!

    Personal Awards:

    WritAAR of the Week of Mar. 4, 2007 , May 13 2007 & 28 March 2008

    Dangerous Liaisons

    Timelines: What if Spain Failed to Control the World?

    Timelines is our first and ongoing AAR for EU3:NA. It's been going on for one year now and we've enjoyed the trip! Our story is a pastiche of adventure, intrigue, mystery, romance, and all the other good things that you hopefully might enjoy!

    AwAARds for Timelines:
    Fifteen AARland Choice AwAARds:
    Favourite EU3 AAR: Q1 2007 Q2 2007 Q3 2007 Q4 2007 Q1 2008 Q2 2008 Q3 2008;
    Favourite Narrative AAR EU3 Q1 2007 Q2 2007 Q3 2007 Q4 2007 Q1 2008 Q2 2008 Q3 2008;
    Favourite Overall New WritAAR ; Q1 2007
    Weekly Showcase 9 December 2007 and 14 June 2009
    Best Character Writer of the Week 9 December 2007 and 13 September 2008
    Winner of a Red Cookie
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    The New Short AAR about Seduction , Manipulation , Intrigue , Mystery , and Revolution .
    -~= =~-
    T I M E L I N E S : What if Spain Failed to Control the World?
    Seventeen AARLand Choice Awards: Favourite Overall New WritAAR Q1 2007.
    Favourite Overall EU3 AAR: Q1 2007; Q2 2007; Q3 2007; Q4 2007; Q1 2008; Q2 2008; Q3 2008; Q4 2008
    Favourite Narrative EU3 AAR: Q1 2007; Q2 2007; Q3 2007; Q4 2007; Q1 2008; Q2 2008; Q3 2008; Q4 2008

    Three Times WritAAR of the Week: 4 March 2007 13 May 2007 & 28 March 2008;
    Twice AAR Showcase: 9 Dec 2007, 14 Jun 2009; Twice Best Character Writer: 9 Dec 2007, 13 Sep 2008

    Editor in Chief of The AARlander

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    Let me introduce myself, my name is demokratickid and I hail from the USA. I own EU2, EU3, CK, Victoria, HoI2, and (by grace of writing contest) HoI3. I have always found that writing has made me feel calm, and collected, and as such I have been writing stories since I was a little kid. My time here at Paradox, now over two years, has been a memorable and enjoyable experience. I hope to stay here for many moons to come.

    My AARs:


    Das Vereinigte Königreich von Mitteleuropa

    Das Vereinigte Königreich von Mitteleuropa 1945-?
    Started:September 26, 2010
    Last Update:October 17, 2011

    Das Vereinigte Königreich von Mitteleuropa is the story of the new United Kingdom of Central Europe that came into being after the closure of World War Two. A restored Habsburg Monarch in Otto I takes the throne of the loose commonwealth of states that make up the Kingdom. Come watch the UKCE try and stay alive amid NATO and Communist pressure pulling it both ways.


    Ireland, Ascend!

    Ireland, Ascend! 1920-2009
    Started:February 10, 2009
    Completed: October 19, 2009


    Weekly AAR Showcase for 4/19/09
    ACA Q1 2009 Favorite Gameplay AAR, HoI
    ACA Q2 2009 Favorite History-Book AAR, HoI

    My highly anticipated sequel to Ireland, Awake! is now up! Right now, PM de Valera has just brought Ireland back from the brink of internal chaos, only to run into problems with the Soviets. New King-Emperor Edward VIII can do little to stave off the madness that is likely to ensue from any conflict with the Soviets, or any Axis nation. Civil war in Spain saw a great nationalist victory, and over a million refugees in British Gibraltar. Hard times are ahead for Ireland and the whole BCEU, can they stand it? Will they succede? Find out by reading, Ireland, Ascend!


    Ireland, Awake!

    Ireland, Awake! 1801-1920
    Started: October 17, 2008
    Completed: January 26, 2009


    ACA Q4 2008 Favorite AAR, Vicky
    ACA Q4 2008 Favorite Gameplay AAR, Vicky

    First Place: 2009 VictAARian Cross Award

    Done in Victoria. It is a history-book/gameplay AAR that covers Ireland from the denial of the Act of Union in 1801, to it's crescendo in 1920. Come along and join the Irish on their journey filled with Liberal takeovers, African adventures, and visits from Victoria! A throughly fun adventure of gameplay. Read this AAR's comments for more entertainment, especially the great Battle of The_Gusicard! This AAR recieves The_Guiscard's stamp of disapproval. Read on to find out why!


    Historia Slovakć

    Historia Slovakć 1398-1535
    Started:January 28, 2009
    Ended: April 4, 2010

    Done in EU3. After two attempts at EU2 AARs, one significantly better than the other, I have finally modernized to EU3. This AAR is a nonchalant history book. Historia Slovakć is the history of the Kings of Slovakia, from their rise to power in the late 14th century, and how they and their kingdom grows and develops across the sands of time. Expect fun, too, you can't have an AAR without fun!


    ACA Q2 2009 Favorite History-Book AAR, EU*
    *Tied with Milities
    ACA Q3 2009 Favorite History-Book AAR, EU
    AWARDED: Irish Shamrock Cookie by King_Richard_XI

    What could have been- The story of Lt. Tuca in the Slovenská republika rád

    What could have been- The story of Lt. Tuca in the Slovenská republika rád 1954, covering 1918-1919
    Started: June 12, 2008
    Ended: August 20, 2008

    Done in Victoria, it is a good attempt at a narrative AAR. It is about an old man named Zdado telling his grandchildren stories of his glory days. It starts when Zdado is kicked out of the Czechoslovak army for being a communist in February 1919. From there, he meets various revolutionaries and is swiftly promoted to Lt. Gen. of SSR (Slovak Soviet Republic) forces. Once there, he takes over a rag tag army of communists, leading them in victories and defeats alike. Though this AAR was abandoned due to a lack of interest on my part and the viewers, it is still quite good and enjoyable in my opinion!

    Men of Carpthia: A Wallachia AAR

    Men of Carpathia: A Wallachia AAR 1419-1544
    Started: March 4, 2008
    Ended: June 10, 2008

    Done in EU2, and one of my favorite forays into AARing so far. It is a gameplay AAR about the rise of Wallachia into a Balkan superpower. In the start, the evil Moldovians provoke an expansionist Wallachia, which is transformed into the United Balkan Empire in the Quiet Revolutin. Due to a massive hardrive failure, this AAR is capsized, and probably won't be returning anytime soon. I wish it hadn't, because it's all so very fun!

    Pyrrhic Victory: The Life of Vsevolod Rurikovich

    Pyrrhic Victory: The Life of Vsevolod Rurikovich 1691, but covers 1066-1135
    Started: March 24, 2008
    Ended: March 25, 2008

    Done in CK, it was my first foray into the art of narrative (at least on THESE forums), but I abandonded it because of a lack of interest and I lost the save file. The original story was supposed to encompass a brief history of Russia, culminating the the story of Vsevolod II's month-long reign. Interesting and primitive narrative, of which I hope to improve on.

    In China's Shadow, A Myanmar AAR

    In China's Shadow, A Myanmar AAR 1419-1433
    Started: March 1, 2008
    Ended: March 2, 2008

    Done in EU2, it was my first AAR. After only a day (I know, pitiful), some of the files were damaged, and I was unable to continue. Don't even bother going there, I removed the pictures long ago. But, if you must know, my idea behind this was to take Myanmar and turn it into an Indo-China superpower, perhaps good enough to rival neighboring China. Too bad it didn't turn out that way!



    Fan of the Week for 11/16/08
    Fan of the Week for 1/18/09
    Fan of the Week for 4/27/09
    WritAAR of the Week for 11/23/08
    WritAAR of the Week for 1/18/09
    ACA Q4 2008 Favorite AAR, Vicky
    ACA Q4 2008 Favorite Gameplay AAR, Vicky

    Weekly AAR Showcase for 4/19/09
    ACA Q1 2009 Favorite Gameplay AAR, HoI
    Weekly AAR Showcase for 8/29/09
    ACA Q2 2009 History-Book AAR, HoI
    ACA Q2 2009 Favorite History-BookAAR, EU
    ACA Q3 2009 Favorite History-BookAAR, EU
    AWARDED: Irish Shamrock Cookie by King_Richard_XI
    2009 VictAARian Cross Award


    Proclaimed: Most hateful AAR Q4 2008 & Q1 2009 by The_Guiscard

    Work on other forums:

    The Pangean Wars

    The Pangean Wars 1706-1766
    Started: June 13, 2007
    Ended: April 27, 2008

    This epic is posted on the Civ4 stories and tales section of Civfanatics.com. It starts off with the ascension of Napoleon XI to the French throne at age 16after his father's assassination. It follows Napoleon as he lives out his 60 year reign, one of war and death, happiness and camaraderie. In the beginning he fights the English, then the Americans, then the Aztecs, and finally the Americans once more in an epic war. Warning: No screenshots/pictures.

    The Pangean Wars II: Fall From Grace

    The Pangean Wars II: Fall From Grace February 1813-March 1813
    Started: May 5, 2008
    Ended: June 8, 2008

    The second and final part of The Pangean Wars series I've been writing. It revolves aroud several charcters, including Napoleon XI's great-grandson, Louis XIV, disinherited nobles Peter Romanov and John Abelgard, and French super-agent, James Bond. Due to the hardrive crash, it has been cut short at chapter 14. Still an enjoyable read, though!


    AARlander Issue #17
    AARlander Issue #22
    AARlander Issue #23

    WW2 Poem from the HoI3 Contest, which won 4th place overall

    And, some nostalgia: My first post

    Fun Fact: My 'user-title' means "Emperor of all the Slovaks"

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    Current AAR: Das Vereinigte Königreich von Mitteleuropa - Last Updated: October 19, 2011
    My illustrious Inkwell is right here for your enjoyment!
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    ASD's AARs

    The Official Library Of ASD

    Europe Universalis: Rome
    (none so far)

    Crusader Kings
    5)Heaven On Earth: Part One
    Heaven On Earth is the epic story of the formation of the Orthodox Empire. The Orthodox Empire goes through the Middle Ages, with ups and downs. It all culminates in the epic showdown with the Mongols! (COMPLETE)

    Europa Universalis III
    6)Heaven On Earth: Part Two is the continuation of Part One and takes the Orthodox Empire into a new age of exploration and enlightenment. (ON HOLD)
    9)A History Of The Roman Empire is sorta like a redo of Heaven On Earth. This time a bit more realistic and with actual gameplay. It is written in history book form and chronicles the history of the Byzantine Empire. (ON HOLD)
    10)Modern Imperial History: 1547-Present is the history of a much more centralized and modern Holy Roman Empire. It is presented as a set of lessons and lectures by a history teacher, and shows the course of modern history had Charles V's kept his empire intact. (ON HOLD)

    Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun
    3)Nika! The Rise Of Modern Greece
    An AAR chronicling the rise of Greece. From early days as an underdeveloped country, through brutal wars, to a world power status! (COMPLETE)
    7)We Are Free, May We Always Be So - The Story Of Peru
    This AAR chronicles Peru rise to becoming the military and economic powerhouse of South America. (COMPLETE)

    Hearts Of Iron II : Doomsday
    1)The Greek Empire: An Alternate History AAR
    An AAR with a short backstory detailing a more successful post-war years for Greece. This results in world power status during two major wars in the 30's and 40's. (COMPLETE)
    2)Return Of The Conquistadors: A History Of Modern Spain
    After Spain joins World War One, it's history changes and allows for a more unified country. This leads to major changes during World War Two. (COMPLETE)
    4)Nika! The Rise Of Modern Greece: Part II - Machiavellia
    This continuation of the Vicky game takes modern Greece far into the 20th century with an exciting Greek mob tale, interwoven with historical updates!
    (ON HOLD)
    8)Blue Sky, White Sun, And A Wholly Red Earth is an AAR chronicling the rise of Nationalist China. Come and see how China deals with brutal wars both external and internal, and ultimately becomes one of the greatest powerhouses the world has ever seen.
    (ON HOLD)

    Best New Writer: Quarter Four 2007
    Weekly AAR Showcase: Nika! The Rise Of Modern Greece
    Weekly AAR Showcase: Heaven On Earth
    Best CK History-Book: Quarter Two 2008
    1000th Post
    WritAAR of the Week: March 2 2009
    Knight Of The Irish Empire
    Fan of the Week: May 5 2009
    WritAAR of the Week: December 20 2009
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    My AAR Library
    -not writing at the moment-

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    Commander: Conquest of the AmericasDeus VultEast India Company CollectionEuropa Universalis 3EU3 Complete
    Divine WindFor The GloryFor the MotherlandHearts of Iron IIIHOI3: Their Finest Hour
    Heir to the ThroneEuropa Universalis III: In NomineLead and GoldThe Kings CrusadeMagicka
    Majesty 2March of the EaglesEU3 Napoleon's AmbitionVictoria: RevolutionsEuropa Universalis: Rome
    Semper FiSengokuSword of the StarsVictoria 2Victoria II: A House Divided
    Victoria II: Heart of DarknessRome: Vae VictisMount & Blade: WarbandMount & Blade: With Fire and SwordRise of Prussia
    EU Rome Collectors Edition500k clubEuropa Universalis IV

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    Woody Man

    Personal Awards

    Character WritAAR of the Week 12/9/07 for the Woodhouse Dynasty
    Character WritAAR of the Week 10/05/08 for Lucius Silvagenus
    WritAAR of the Week 28/10/07 for The Rebirth of England
    WritAAR of the Week 7/7/08 for I, Silvagenus
    WritAAR of the Week 24/5/09 for Code Deutschland - Holzhaus Des Reiches
    Fan of the Week 19/1/08 & 18/5/09

    The AARs in question

    [EU3 MMU] Moriyake's Ambition - A Sengoku Jidai AAR Last Update - 13th August '10
    [HOI2 Mod'33] Code Deutschland - Holzhaus Des Reiches On Hold
    [CK]The Woodhouse Dynasty 1187-1453 Completed
    2007 Crusaders Chalice - SilvAAR Goblet
    [CK] The Woodhouse Dynasty - Directors Cut - 1187 - 1453 On Hold
    [EU3NA] The Rebirth of England, The Woodhouse Dynasty 1453-1811 Completed
    Favourite History book Q3, Q4 2007 and Q1 2008
    [EU:R] I, Silvagenus Abandoned
    Favourite Rome AAR Q2 '08 & Favourite Narrative Rome AAR Q2 '08
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    I was Sereněsima Repůblica Včneta and then Regno d'Italia in the greatest forum game ever - SuperPower VII
    My AAR Repository at The Ink Well

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    My EUII AARs:
    Empire on the Oder - Completed (1419-1819)
    This is my first AAR, in which I started as Brandenburg with the intent of forming Germany into a superpower. I'd tell you what happened, but then why would you read it? Empire on the Oder was voted Favorite Gameplay AAR (2008 Q1 ACA's)

    Papal CrusadAARs - Completed (1419-1819)
    My second AAR, as Papal States with the objective of conquering Italy, Byzantium and the Holy Land and converting them all to Catholics. These objectives evolved slightly as time went on.

    Military Campaigns of Some of the Finest Warriors in the World vol. 2 - Completed (1755-1760)
    Played as France from 1755 to July, 1760, the duration that the leader Bussy is available. The objective, of course, to conquer as much territory as possible during that time line. In five years, I managed to add 20 provinces to France, taken from England, Austria, Aragon and others.

    Eye of the Tiger - In Progress (1419 - 1519)
    My third full AAR, just begun; this one will chronicle the nation of Bengal as it seeks to flex its muscle amongst the Indian and Asian peoples.
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    I`ve started my first and only AAR back in 2006, with bold aim in mind to play through all paradox titles up to Hearts of Iron. Initially my writing skills, as well as knowledge of English were rather poor, but thanks to months of writing I`ve made huge progress. Keep in mind when you`ll read those first poor updates. Up to now I`ve gathered rather decent audience of readers, and several awards. Brief description of what my AAR is like:

    - history-book style
    - rather fast pace
    - lots of roleplaying
    - lots of edited graphics and maps
    - occasional video bonuses


    - best historybook CK Q4 2006
    - best historybook EUIII Q1, Q2 2007
    - best Graphics overall Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 2007


    - part 1 - 38,500 views (6th most viewed CK AAR ever)
    - part 2 - 158,000 views (2nd most viewed EUIII AAR ever)

    Watch short prologue videos (Poland before 1066):

    part I
    part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qorten View Post
    @comagoosie: You know, even though you post in almost every AAR, it's still your answers that I await the most, among others.

    Hello all

    I am comagoosie, and glad to meet everyone. I am a new writer, and I can't figure out if I am succeeding or failing, but I keep trying anyways

    Something to describe me. Well I am all over the place, nothing really anchoring me down. I always have fanciful stories whipping through my brain, if only I could stop them and focus on them...

    AARs (Chronological order, starting with first):

    The Adventures of Captain Boudewijin Kuijper: (finished, EU3, Narrative): Easily one of the most unique AARs ever. It is totally based off a screenshot and everything in the AAR has somthing to do about the screenshot. Also there are screenshots that go along to give you a basic idea of how the story is evolving. Ended due to numerous reasons, mainly lack of direction. I suppose I wanted the epicness of Timelines in my first go without any planning

    -WritAAR of the week 3/9/08 - nalivayko

    For Rome's Honor: (Finished, Rome, narrative) The gallic wars have just started. Julius looks at the world with disgust. Barbarians, in his mind, need to be exterminated. Will he do it with only 14,000 men? Now the story has developed quite nicely from that point and it has gotten even more complicated. Such that the triumvirate between Pompey, Caesar, and Crassus is falling apart nicely and that Julius rejected a triumph. Definitely some of my best writing (well maybe not the beginning). I have done my best to represent the historical characters, yet this isn't suppose to be some history book. There will be some alternative history in there, so don't get whigged out if Julius did something he wasn't suppose to do. Though there are some informational chapters that will expand your horizon on the Roman culture. Lastly I would like to note the three worded summaries in the index. If you read those, you essentially get what the chapter is about and essentially you get what the AAR is about. Finished after an event killed Julius

    - Winner of 2009 Golden CaesAAR
    -Winner of Q3 Favorite Rome AAR
    -Winner of Q3 Favorite Narrative Rome AAR
    -Winner of Q3 Favorite Rome AAR
    -Winner of Q4 Favorite Rome AAR
    -Winner of Q4 Favorite Narrative Rome AAR

    -WritAAR of the week 6/22/08 - Amric & redwolf
    -Character Writer of the week 9/06/08 - capibara
    -WirtAAR of the week 4/17/09 - Kurt_Steiner

    Ending of a Grudge Fight: (finished, EU3, History-Book/Gameplay/Narrative): The Austrians and the Turks are set for another showdown that will change the course of history forever. Who will win? Will the militaristically handicapped Kaiser lead his men to greatness or destruction? Huge potential...except it bluescreened on me 30 times resulting in a corrupt savegame. It lasted for 2 weeks with 3 updates. It died in its infancy

    The Free Company - Book VII: Closure: (Finished, EU3, Narrative): This is my first collaborative AAR, and it is my first AAR with the FC. My character is Tylo Dirske, silesian born farmer with a dream of joining the FC. Archer by nature, he found a long bow at St. Malo after a fight. Tall and thin, yet sinewy from working on the farm, he is kind hearted. Basically the story is that originally the company was going to England to bury the old captain of the FC, but once the hit St. Malo things start going not according to plan. AAR discontinued after interest died down.

    Imperium Romanum: Senatus Populusque Romanus (Roleplaying AAR): (Finished, Rome, Narrative):
    My creative mind, for the first interactive Rome AAR, came up with Tiberius Dionysius Crescentius from the Mercantile faction with the stats of 9 char - 5 fin - 3 mil. Though personality wise, a random generator was used and it came up with shrewd, jealous, and selfish. An interesting fact is that Crescentius is the richest man in Rome, so you can imagine that kind of character I have to play as. Not to fear, anything can be accomplished with the right amount of money. The AAR was discontinued for reasons I am not quite sure.

    Dealt: (Finished, HOI3, Narrative): This was my attempt to win the The HOI3 Writing Contest. My short story was about Polish colonel who was contemplating his men and life in general. Makes this story stand out is that the colonel is playing cards the whole time until the very end when his bunker is bombed by the invading Germans. Though I did not win a copy of HOI3, I was pretty darn close


    Other Work:
    AARlander 8: A strange and bizarre story about how I came to be a LibrAARian and how I’m coping
    AARlander 9: In Nomine’s Impact on AARland
    AARlander 10: What's Hot! An ACA Analysis
    AARlander 11: Nothing like the ACAs
    AAlander 12: Every Once in Awhile…
    AARlander 14: Friends, Romans, WritAARs
    AARlander 15: From the Man that Always Wins
    AARlander 16: A New Project for the New Year
    AARlander 17: Another Page has Turned
    AARlander 19: HOI3 AARs Anyone?

    Guess the author:
    Ending of a Golden Age Topic: funeral. Don't read
    The Dinner Party Topic: Cultural Clash. Permission to read as long as you can read my english
    Limp Topic: COUNTDOWN...

    Promotional Artwork:


    Winner of 2009Golden CaesAARWinner of Q3 Favorite Rome AAR
    Winner of Q3 Favorite Narrative Rome AAR
    Winner of Q3 Favorite Rome AAR
    Winner of Q4 Favorite Narrative Rome AAR
    Winner of Q4 Favorite Rome AAR

    canonized 2/10/08
    WritAAR of the week 3/9/08 - nalivayko
    WritAAR of the week 6/22/08 - Amric & redwolf
    WirtAAR of the week 4/17/09 - Kurt_Steiner
    4/26/08 Fan of the week - Enewald
    7/13/08 Fan of the week - robou
    9/18/08 Fan of the week - ColossusCrusher
    Character Writer of the week 9/06/08 - capibara
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    The Russia Megacampaign

    A YeAAR's Education - Rurikovich in Crusader Kings 1066-1393

    Three-time AARland Choice Award Winner (Overall Favourite Q1 2007, History Book Q1 2007, Q1 2008) - Weekly Showcased AAR, 2/12/07 - I (and the AAR) were canonized! - 2008 SilvAAR Chalice Winner!

    From Rus to Russia - Kiev in EU3 1393-1836

    Weekly Showcased AAR, 6/6/09 and 7/7/10 - This made me WritAAr of the Week on 27/7/10

    Other Projects

    I was Pope Gregory VIII in Llywelyn's A Collage of CAARdinals - read Part I and Part II

    I told the story of Vladimir Petrislavic, the Serb mercenary, in the Road to Jerusalem, a collaborative AAR started by The_Guiscard. You can find it in Chapter 13!

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    The Russia Megacampaign - See my other work at my Inkwell

    A YeAAR's Education - Rurikovich in Crusader Kings 1066-1393

    From Rus to Russia - Kiev in EU3 1393-1836 - Get the Loading Screen Pack - Weekly Showcased AAR, 6/6/09 and 7/7/10 - WritAAr of the Week, 27/7/10 - Ambitions are denied and tasks appointed - Check out the first installment of the Medieval Atlas!

    Duke of Bonbon, and also Chevalier Grand Croix of the Ordre Militaire du Saint Christophe.

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    First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Capibara, one of the few Mexican members of the Paradox Forums and probably the only one active in the English Section. I'm eighteen years old and I'm currently studying the major of Hispanoamerican Languague and Literature in the Autonomus University of Baja California. I've been member of the forums for almost a year and a half and during this time I've writen four AARs, two of them still active, all of them in the EU3 section. I like creating innovative gameplay AARs, with goals that mantain the interest until the end, as it can be seen in the All Island AAR and the ABC AAR. So, without further ado, here are my AARs:

    EU3 AARs:
    The All New All Island AAR
    This gameplay AAR is a remake of the original All Island AAR, which never ended, so I have decided to make a new one with the same original goal: conquer all the islands of the world. This time the task falls upon the Knights of St. John, who, from their Mediterrenean base, try to extend their authority to all the islands in the globe. Currently on hold.

    Italy: Tales of Friendship, Death, Love and Treason (WritAAR of the Week 28/06/08 and 26/04/09 and Character Writer of the Week 28/08/08)
    My first narrative AAR, after putting on hold the ABC AAR, and not wishing to leave AARland for two months, I decided to get into the narrative world of the AARs with this story that, as the title says, develops in Italy. Here, I narrate the adventures of Giovanni Ricci, Giuseppe and Giulio Franchini, along their mercenary friends, the Seven Bulls. Experience war against Milan along with our heroes, discover a plot to kill the Pope and more, in this, my first narrative AAR.

    The ABC AAR (Weekly AAR Show Case 29/05/08)
    For this AAR, just as in the All Island AAR, I have chosen a different goal for this AAR, just to keep it interesting until the end: My fellow readers, have picked a country, Inca Empire, and I'll try to control all the provinces in the map that start with the letter "I", which means I'll have to occupy all of France, just so I can get Ile-de-France, or fight my way to the very heart of Persia to get Iraq-I-Arab and to make things even more challenging, sail to the Rising Sun Nation, Japan, to take Izumo. Even though there are only 25 provinces that start with I, it's proving difficult to get them, although we are in a good path. This AAR is currently semi-death, due to the fact that IN was released while I was writing it. I hope I can continue it one day, but I'm not sure about it.

    The All Island AAR (Winner of the Best Gameplay AAR Award Q1 2008)
    My second AAR and the first of the innovative ones I have made. Here, after a voting held among the readers, I chose Brunei as the lucky country to fulfill the goal: conquer every single island in the world. Of course, this would not be easy. I had to compete against the Europeans powers for the control of the Southeastern Asian islands, dealing with pirates from America to Asia, rebellions in Europe and wars against nation in every continent. It seemed, however, that the Insular Empire of Brunei could succeed, but an unfortunate lost of files lead to the premature end of this AAR, but it's still worth the reading.

    Greek Dream: A Morea AAR
    My very first AAR, and normal, gameplay style AAR. Here is pretty much what happens throught it: Watch the rise and downfall of the Morean Empire. From the humble begginings as the last surviving state of the former Byzantine Empire, facing the continuous threat of the expanding Ottoman Empire, to the expansion of the Moreans across the Mediterrenean to the Incan adventure in America to the conquest of the Ottomans, the wars with Persia and the final showdown against the sole European power: Lithuania and the internal struggles of the new Greek Empire.

    I'm one of the current writers of the monthly AARland publication, the AARlander, where I write about different topics, with an emphasis in literary themes, with which I hope to share my love for literature with all the readers of AARland.

    Future projects:
    Now that the Italy AAR is finished and summer is coming, I will have a lot of free time. I would like to retake the ABC and All New Island AARs, but I won't be able to play EU3, so I'll probably keep going with my next narrative project, which I hope will start in a couple of weeks. You can read the prologue in the February 2009 edition of the AARlander.

    Fan of the Week 16/12/07 and 27/01/08
    Winner of the Best Gameplay AAR Award Q1 2008
    WritAAR of the Week 28/06/08 and 26/04/09
    Character Writer of the Week 28/08/08
    Canonized 09/12/07
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    Europa Universalis III LibrAARian
    My Inkwell, in case you want to read one of my works or future projects.

    Every day with you girl is sweeter than the day before.
    No era penal...

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    Feb 2008
    The Mead Hall

    A Narrative/History Book Hybrid After-Action Report of the Kingdom of Jerusalem

    (Music: Anthem of the Kingdom of Jerusalem)

    Table of Contents:

    A Prologue to Glory: The Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1099-1186

    Guy de Lusignan and Sibylla (1186-?)
    Part I: Dramatis Personae (1186)
    Part II: First Blood (1186-1187)
    Part III: Impending Doom (1187-1189)
    Part IV: The False Emperor and False Friends (1189-1191)
    Part V: A Neighbor in Need is a Vassal Indeed (1191-1193)
    Part VI: Enter the Lionheart (1193-1196)
    Part VII: All's Fair in Love and War (1197-1203)
    Part VIII: Matters of Life and Death (1203-1207)
    Part IX: The Calm Before the Storm (1208-1209)
    Part X: Signum Falconis (1209-1211)
    Part XI: Cry Havoc! (1211-1212)
    Part XII: By the Rivers of Babylon (1212-1213)
    Part XIII: The Unlucky Number (1213)

    Godfrey II (1213-?)
    Part XIV: Long Live the King! (1213-1214)
    Part XV: The Roaring Lion (Coming Soon!)

    Featuring Battle Videos, Mood Music Soundtracks, and Motion Picture Stills

    Weekly AAR Showcase Award: 3 March 2008 · Canonized!: 8 April 2008
    Writer of the Week: 27 July 2008 · Character Writer of the Week: 19 August 2008 · 24 November 2008
    Q1 2008 -- Favorite CK History-Book AAR, Favorite Graphics Overall, Favorite New Writer Overall
    Q2 2008 -- Favorite Graphics Overall

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    Have you got a spare two minutes? Yes? Then you might like to check out this AAR of Bhutan they're a doomed nation in EUIII and believe me this story reflects that.

    This one should take longer than two minutes to read. Its the Golden Horde, it's EUII and it's quite long. Fortunately it can be picked up more or less anywhere so come on, have a read.

    Don't like reading? Like pictures instead? Well maybe this AAR on Shaybanid might interest you? It won't take long.

    AAR + Obscure African nation = Kanem Bornu - Out of the Sahara
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    Europa Universalis 3

    Join Date
    May 2003
    Indiana, United States
    Well I've been around since 2003, so I suppose you could consider me one of the old timers who still participate around here. I've won numerous awards. The Writer of the Week a few times. Weekly Showcase quite a few times. Character Writer of the Week once. I've won two Bronze OscAARs. I've been a bAARtender of Ye Olde bAAR when it was just in the EUII forums. I took over from a line of other distinguished men. I was also kind of a bAARtender for the Crusader Kings bAAR. Then all the bAARs were folded into one. Which was cool.

    I've written a lot of AARs. I've been involved with some great collaborations, such as the Free Company. I've been a founder and editor of the AARland Gazette, the first 'magazine' of AARland. I own EUI, EUII, EUIII, Victoria, and Hearts of Iron.

    But enough about me. Here is a list of my AARs.


    Highland Dreams: A Gameplay AAR!

    The Return of the Hurricane! An Anhalt Gameplay AAR! My second attempt to form Germany.

    Scotland: A Magna Mundi AAR A Gameplay AAR testing out the new at the time Magna Mundi mod.

    Anhalt! My first EUIII AAR and my first attempt to form Germany.

    EUII AARs:

    Byzantine’s Khan What if Genghis Khan had instead gone to Constantinople as a young man and grew up there?

    Chimu: A New World Order! An AAR that took two days to play and write about.

    Great Detectives, Spies, and ? Through History II A sequel of sorts to the original.

    Cyprus: A Trail of Hope Instead of going after the holy land I take my nation on a colonizing run in the Americas.

    Great Detectives, Spies, and ? Through History! A story based on the ideas given me by my readers.

    Strassburg: A Nation on the Rise! An Overview of it’s History! A megalomaniacal story of a maniac from the future coming back to rewrite history.

    War Between the Gods! An MES Scenario Starring the Baltic Tribes! The Norse Gods fight back against Christianity.

    Imperial Eagle Rebirth—The Roman Empire Reborn Via Sweden! What if some Romans escaped the sack of Rome and rebuilt the Empire from Sweden centuries later?

    The Immortal Knights of Balance! Four Immortals toil to save various nations from disappearing into the dustbin of history.

    Lenape: A Study in Anarchy! An experiment in Anarchy.

    Auvergne: The Little Nation That Could! A WC AAR! A WC AAR that didn’t originally start out as one.

    Collobarative Efforts:

    Journey To The Far East - A Free Company Spinoff(2008) A second shot at trying to do the FC spinoff between myself and Redwolf

    The Late Night Liquor Club! Four writers pick four different nations in an MP AAR.

    Celtic Reconquest of Europe Nalivayko and I tried a two player MP Game and gameplay AAR.

    Journey To the Far East, A Free Company Spinoff The First attempt to write a spin off of the Free Company by Redwolf and myself.

    The Crusader Chronicles: Volume I Deus lo Vult! Another attempt to continue the glory of the collaborations with some of the former FC writers.

    The Free Company - Book V: Bloody Retribution My initial foray into the Free Company. I joined somewhat toward the end of the book.

    The Free Company – Book VI: For Whom The Bells Toll! Obviously I was in this one as well.

    The Free Company Book VII: Closure

    The Free Company and the Spanish Gold!

    Guess The Author:

    Diplomatic insult



    I was also an alternate for a different Guess the Author, but I wasn't needed. I still have the story, but have never put it out there to read. In fact, the only one who has seen it I believe is Hajjii...

    Guest Writer spots:

    Frontier Guest spot

    Guest Writing in Nalivayko’s Zaporozhian Host AAR

    A Special Initiative:

    The AARland Gazette The very first ‘magazine’ for AARland for which I was one of the founders and editors.
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    Guardian of Truth, Defender of Justice, Harbinger of Light! Formerly known as the Hurricane!

    Now retired from writing!

    "You can rest assured, sir, that I will do everything in my power to make sure it isn't my fault!" --Dr. Grant

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    Hearts of Iron 2: ArmageddonEU3 Napoleon's AmbitionVictoria: RevolutionsEuropa Universalis: Rome

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    Oct 2006
    Cthulhu Neaderthal realpolitik
    *Personal thing to come later*

    Kathmandu Can Do (A Nepal AAR): my first AAR, an attempt at narrative from the perspective of Tribhuvana Bir Bikram Shah Dev, King of Nepal. It's not that great, or particularly well-written, but at least my three readAARs pretend to enjoy it!

    Now currently on hold as my interest flags due to a total lack of readership. On the far back burner for now (I did not want to bother posting in its thread), but it is on pause. Not dead, at least not yet. It had a good-ish run though.

    ---Favorite AAR, HOI1/2 (Q4 2006)
    ---Favorite Narrative AAR, HOI1/2 (Q4 2006, Q1 2007, Q3 2007)

    The Ebony Cross and the Sacred Eagle (Era I): My second attempt at an AAR, this time in history-book style. IMO a step up from Kathmandu Can Do, in terms of quality. Even more of a nation-wank (a little AH.com slang there) than KcD was, but hopefully an enjoyable and plausible story.


    Favorite History-book AAR, Eu3 (Q2 2008)

    And lastly, my own personal awards, not connected to a particular AAR (I don't think).
    Fan of the Week: 3/4/07, 4/29/07, 6/18/07, 2/19/08, 4/11/08
    WritAAR of the Week: 5/20/07

    Here's the HTML of Kathmandu Can Do. I have decided to take it out of my sig, having no plan to continue in the future.
    Kathmandu Can Do: A Nepal AAR (paused indefinitely)
    ---Favorite AAR, HOI1/2 (Q4 2006)
    ---Favorite Narrative AAR, HOI1/2 (Q4 2006, Q1 2007, Q3 2007)
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    The Ebony Cross and the Sacred Eagle (Ongoing)
    ---Favorite History-Book AAR, Eu3 (Q2 2008)
    ---Weekly AAR Showcase, 1/13/08
    Charter member of "The Warlord Club"

    Fan of the Week: 3/4/07, 4/29/07, 6/18/07, 2/19/08, 4/11/08
    WritAAR of the Week: 5/20/07
    I was canonized! 4/21/07

    My ink well thingy...

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    GunslingAAR coz1's Avatar
    200k clubCrusader Kings IIDeus VultFor The GloryEU3 Napoleon's Ambition
    Victoria: RevolutionsEuropa Universalis: RomeEU Rome Collectors EditionEU3 Collectors Edition500k club
    Europa Universalis IV

    Join Date
    May 2002
    Johns Creek, GA
    Blog Entries

    Hello. You know me as coz1. This is my signature substitute and lists the various works and AARs I have written since I joined this forum in 2002. In 2004, I was made a bAARtender in the VictAARian Tea Room. I also began assisting Stroph1 with Victoria's LibrAARy.

    I was approached by Alexandru H. not long after about starting an AARland newspaper of sorts and soon, the AARland Gazette was born. I joined Alexandru H. and Amric in its founding and between the three of us and later Director, we guided the paper through a full year of bi-weekly AARticles written by many of the members on this forum.

    In the midst of that effort, I was also among the many who helped keep the WritAAR of the Week tradition active and the result of one of my Gazette AARticles is the current structure of the WritAAR of the Week Award which has been running continuously in its present form since September 2004. While the award itself is now passed on by the previous recipient, I remain the custodian and keep up the repository found in the first post of that thread.

    I have also donated my time towards running the VictAARian Cross Awards and have in the past run OscAARs in EUII & EUIII. Also, I have for a time been the project leader for Guess the Author when Hajji or others have not been available.

    In 2005, it was my pleasure to interact for the very first time with the veteran crew of the Free Company. Though our book is shorter than the previous chapters, it was and remains among the more challenging and rewarding practices of my tenure.

    I have been twice pleased to meet with certain members of this forum in person, the first on a trip to Washington D.C. in which I met Director, MrT, Stroph1 and TheArchduke. The second time, it was my pleasure to spend some time with Director, stnylan and Stuyvesant in Alabama on a trip to what was supposed to be New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina had different plans. There have been whispers of a new gathering in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.

    I was made a demi-moderator in 2006 and a full moderator in 2008 and remain grateful to both Lord Durham and Stroph1 as well as Paradox for having the trust in me to fulfill such duties for a place I have always appreciated and enjoyed. While I miss members that come and go, I enjoy meeting new ones that join every day. I do my best to comment on as many AARs as I can as a means of encouragement to both new and old writers alike. Won't you do me the same service and consider one or more of my own stories listed below.

    My AARs


    Dai Viet: The True Son of Heaven
    My very first AAR and sadly abandoned. However, I must always remain grateful to one Joe Storey for leaving an encouraging post that I never answered in-thread (It remains the last post, if I recall correctly, and likely always will.) It stayed with me and caused me to keep poking my head in around here such that I eventually joined in full time.

    Quest: The Spanish Search For Gold
    Files Lost/Completed
    BRONZE OscAAR Award in 2006
    A shot at comedy for EUII. Portrayed as a game show, we follow Spain's attempt to capture all the gold producing provinces in the world. Sadly my luck with EUII continues, or lack thereof, and the AAR ended with lost files.

    * * *


    For the Glory of Persia
    GOLD VictAARian Cross Award in 2004
    One of the personal favorites of mine, this was my first Vickie AAR and alternates between history book and narrative as we follow Persia's emergence in the 19th and 20th centuries. It earned a Gold VictAARian Cross in the very first post-beta contest and remains, I think, among my finer work.

    The Holy Trinity
    A gameplay AAR inspired by Storey. This AAR follows the Papal States, Ireland and Argentina throughout the 19th century. Near the end, I became bored with the game but I tried to end it with some closure.

    Into the West - In pdf
    GOLD VictAARian Cross Award in 2007
    A purely narrative account of one man's journey through the Civil War and after. I consider this my finest work on the forum and was certainly the project I spent the most time and effort towards. Over two years in the writing, I achieved what I set out to do which was write a consistent and longish narrative work. It became a book. Winning the Gold VictAARian Cross, I hope people will take the time to look it over. There are pdfs of each chapter linked above for ease of wading through what became a very large work.

    Santa Ana is Drunk, And So Am I: A Drinking AAR
    The title says it all - a drinking AAR in the spirit of MrT and Paranoid Tsar, this short and sometimes quite funny AAR follows my play as Mexico one afternoon as I become increasingly more drunk. Let's just say the results are what you might expect. It's a quick read so give it a look.

    * * *

    Crusader Kings:

    The Eagle In Winter
    SILVER CrusadAARs Chalice Award in 2010
    This tale is based on a mere two months of CK game play and follows my attempts to turn events from the game into a narrative form, inspired greatly by The Lion in Winter.

    * * *


    40 Years On: Friedrich von Manstein's Brandenburg
    BRONZE OscAAR Award in 2009
    My first AAR for EUIII, it was based on a Brandenburg game I was forty years into. It relates the game from the POV of an advisor and the narration changes over the years to account for each new generation. The last 100 years or so seem like constant war, but it was a pleasure to write.

    The Wars of the Roses
    On Hold
    This AAR tells of the Wars of the Roses in narrative form, though sadly it rests on hold at present. I am still working on finding the right game to use for the story and it has not yet arrived. There are a few posts up (maybe four or five) so give it a quick look. It won't take you long.

    The Glory of France (MMG2)
    An AAR playing France in EUIII with the Magna Mundi Gold 2 mod.

    The Longest Night
    On Hold
    A narrative AAR with a detective, famous characters, a missing gemstone...and vampires. Based off of several games, the action jumps around in time, among them 18th century and 20th century America.

    * * *

    For the Glory:

    For the Glory of Scotland Forever
    A down and dirty game play giving For the Glory a spin. Scotland in the Grand Campaign using AGCEEP. Watch the Scots fight the English...a lot.

    Quest: The Wine of Milan
    Jackie Powers and Quest are back for a spin with Milan. Read as we go after all the wine provinces in the world.

    * * *


    coz1's Wars of the Roses...an After Action Report
    A one-off post AAR looking at the event stream for the Wars of the Roses in EUIV

    Northumberland Lives
    An attempt at playing a breakaway Northumberland during the 16th century

    * * *

    Weekly AwAARds:

    3/8/04 - WritAAR of the Week for For the Glory of Persia
    7/19/04 - Fan of the Week
    2/6/05 - WritAAR of the Week for Into the West
    2/27/05 - Weekly Showcase for Into the West
    9/4/05 - Fan of the Week
    7/31/06 - Character WritAAR of the Week for "Sonny Gamble" in Into the West
    10/29/06 - WritAAR of the Week for The Eagle In Winter
    12/26/06 - Weekly Showcase for Into the West
    2/18/07 - Character WritAAR of the Week for "Friedrich von Manstein" in 40 Years On: Friedrich von Manstein's Brandenburg
    9/2/07 - WritAAR of the Week for 40 Years On: Friedrich von Manstein's Brandenburg
    9/28/07 - Fan of the Week
    2/17/08 - Character WritAAR of the Week for "Heinrich" in The Eagle In Winter
    9/20/08 - Weekly Showcase for The Eagle In Winter
    1/5/09 - Character WritAAR of the Week for the characters in The Longest Night
    1/25/09 - WritAAR of the Week for The Longest Night
    2/19/09 - Fan of the Week
    5/5/10 - Character WritAAR of the Week for the characters in Quest: The Wine of Milan
    6/9/13 - Fan of the Week

    * * *


    AARland: The Meta AAR
    A short diversion hoping to inspire people to look in the General Discussion area

    The Free Company and the Spanish Gold
    My first ride with the Free Company

    The Free Company - Book VII: Closure
    My second ride with the Free Company

    The Kingdom of AARLand
    As character and occasional letter writer

    The AARland Gazette
    One of the founders and editors

    Guest spot in Semi-Lobster's Siam - The Pocket Empire for HoI

    Guest spot in Director's Frontier for Gal Civ II

    Guess-the-Author Spot: An unsuccessful religious conversion

    Guess-the-Author Spot: An humilliating peace treaty imposed to your realm

    Guess-the-Author Spot: A Discovery

    Guess-the-Author Spot: The Wlak

    Guess-the-Author Spot: A Retreat

    Guess-the-Author Spot: A Shattered Retreat

    * * *
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    Northumberland Lives - new AAR for EUIV

    And check out the Guess the Author thread - back and active!

    The fAARq & Forum Rules
    Find all my AARs listed in The Ink Well

    Visit my blog at Hear the Hurd

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