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Thread: Development Diary #14 - 7th of February 2008

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    This game looks perfect.

    Thank you so much for keeping the updates going.

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    Thank you for update

    Civil war sounds really cool feature. I have felt for long time that normal rebels cannot represent civil war factions well enough.

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    The civil wars sound awesome! Thanks Johan and crew for neat pics.
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    Exiting! I'm glad my pre-order is in.
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    The civil war feature looks great, you'll actually get proper wars with characters taking sides and all. I can't wait.

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    Our chief is an illiterate brute
    Great stuff. As distinct from the Roman ruler who were, in the main, literate brutes, I suppose
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    So, civil wars are only related to armies and the soldiers loyalty to generals? Do the rebellious generals have political goals (like land reform, curbing the aristocracy etc.)?

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    Wow, the game looks great. A perfect setting for the engine. I lost a little faith with EU3, but Rome will more than make up for it.

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    Thanks for the update,sounds very good to me.
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    Civil wars - great!

    On a side note: I like the screenshots, but I don't see the point of zooming in so damn close. After all this is a game that isn't primarily about the graphics - zooming in that close and/or rotating the view so close to the horizon really limits the number of provinces seen at once, which is a huge disadvantage to any player who tries to play efficiently. Besides, the 3D models look better farther away.

    Now, just gotta find room in my (economic and time)-budget to preorder the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaingun
    Now, just gotta find room in my (economic and time)-budget to preorder the game.
    How true. It's hard balancing between Paradox games and real life.

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    *turns on fanboy-mode*

    great new stuff, I'm really looking forward to playing as obscure barbarian tribes, and civil wars that are dynamic like that should be fun.
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    For whatever reason, I broke out in a fit of laughter when I read "Our Chief is an illiterate brute" at the bottom of the window in the first screen. I don't know if I could say why, but it gave me a laugh.
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    I am speechless, great update.
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    This was the best update so far, because it gave a greater insight on how the game handles characters, which will probably be the most intresting part of Rome IMO.
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    great screenshots
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    Whoa!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a really detailed system. I can't wait to see how it actually works out in-game.

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    I'm at loss for words. This will easily be the BEST PARADOX GAME EVER MADE.

    It officially went from "must buy" to "I NEED IT RIGHT NOW OR I'M GOING TO PUNCH A WHOLE IN MY FREAKING WALL!"

    Experienced Cohorts is the best thing you could have told me. Johan must be reading my dreams.

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    This looks fantastic, really taking the not quite perfectly refined promise that were EUIII and CK and mixing them into one fantastic game. However, one tiny thing: barbarian cohorts is really bugging me.

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    Very good stuff, the game looks like its got a nice feel. I don't see what the problem with the word 'cohort' is; in this context it is just like the word 'regiment', a homogeneous military unit, only with a Roman flair.

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