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Thread: The Setting Sun - Gotterdammerung, Japan 1944.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zdlugasz View Post
    In a year or so all current upgrades will be done nad Remble will be left with nothing to produce (due to the constant MP shortage). So IMO the IC wont be a problem.
    I do not know how many cavalry units he has, but not really many (if at all), so possible TC drain in comparison to the partisan problem will be insignificant.
    Real problems are tech rushing and possible lack of cavalry.
    But man, the coolness RULEZ
    The problem will be research and time rather than IC. Since Remble plays DD instead of Arma, I doubt he will have time to research the necessary techs and upgrade his forces to have a significant impact.

    But even if he did, research and IC would probably be better spent on naval doctrines and techs, as long as the US is still a naval force to be reckoned with.

    Though I fully agree that air cavalry would fit in perfectly with the importance of Japanese are assets in this AAR.
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    ok, don`t laugh at me, plz

    i didn`t play up to 50s except once and i didn`t have cavalry in that game. when you upgrade cavalry to air cavalry, can you make air assaults like interdiction or naval strike? i think air cavalry is the helicopters, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by harezmi View Post
    ok, don`t laugh at me, plz

    i didn`t play up to 50s except once and i didn`t have cavalry in that game. when you upgrade cavalry to air cavalry, can you make air assaults like interdiction or naval strike? i think air cavalry is the helicopters, right?
    It can't do any air assaults against enemy provinces. They're pretty much a very fast cavalry division.

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    A very very fast oil- and TC-hungry cavalry division.

    They are very useful for rapid movement, accompanying late war HQs, surprise encirclements, mobile reserve duty, etc., but they are far too "expensive" for Remble's Japan. He doesn't have unlimited oil stockpiles (yet) and his TC has already been pushed far beyond the limit. The air cavalry divisions are really more useful for countries that can actually afford them, like his great nemesis the USA.

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    Beppo - Thanks. More bombers are always nice to have. The Ethiopians may be safe, we shall see

    EnglandWarrior - Mobile defence is supposed to bend a little so that is expected. Submarine losses will fall of dramatically now as the Allies are unlikely to find the remaining ones.

    Maj. von Mauser - Looks like they are heading that way but they do not have any port facilities.

    Nathan Madien - I like to over dramatise minor things on occasion Fixed the typo and thank you.

    OneArmed, EnglandWarrior - 0.5 mp is correct so it is not really a whole lot but in terms of the manpower limits Japan has it is a lot. I will keep the remaining four though.

    budseligsucks, alan_le_cowboy, zdlugasz, harezmi - One million views is some time off and I am not sure I can, or would want to, delay a World Conquest long enough to reach that target. I have no set goals in mind for anything and am more than happy to just keep updating and see where it all ends up

    genbrad, Krogzar, midget_roxx, gooy, Nathan Madien, zdlugasz, Sokraates - I have four Cavalry divisions all conducting anti-partisan operations. I might research aircav if I have the time but it requires six research topics to get the chance to activate the tech.

    Sokraates - The AI is also suffering from some limited logistical strikes. Winter even slows down the AI. The Airforce has had plenty of practice over the last few years and was given the time to gain experience, for which, the Allies are now paying the price

    BobaFett696 - Welcome back The Allies are causing a few problems but nothing insurmountable.

    Grapp - The tried and tested methods always work Suck the enemy into air range and out of their own air cover and the rest is history.

    harezmi, Panzer6, Irenicus - I think that answers the Air Cav question. Over priced Cavalry divisions basically. Coolness factor cannot be totally ignored of course

    Update to follow ...

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    Operation Influx


    0000 December 9th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    The Western Front was still far from stable even though the situation had improved greatly as additional Japanese troops arrived and the weather had deteriorated. The Winter was going to be a hard one for Hata's forces but they had survived the Russian Winter before.

    The arrival of Lt. General Hoshinato and his Armoured corps in Lida covered one hole that had been appearing in the Japanese line, but he would need at least a week to be combat ready.

    The arrival of dawn saw the Imperial Japanese Airforce attacking across the northern part of the front. Nakajima pursued the large enemy formation in Alytus with his Dive bombers with Shimoyama attacking Brest Litovsk further south. Obata's Tactical bombers had taken over the attacks in Memel which were now against American Mechanised forces. The Allies continued to mass troops in the center and north and appeared to be concentrating on moving around or through the Prippet marshes. Itabana's North African bomber wing continued to attack Allied troops to the south of the Suez Canal.

    0400 December 9th 1948.
    Africa Army Headquarters. Abadan, Persia.
    The fragile state of the Japanese defences around Suez was well known but Itabana had managed to keep them fairly well covered for over a year and Higashikuni was confident that the situation could be contained even though there was an Allied build up in the region.

    The loss of As Suwayz to the south of Port Said weakened Higashikuni's position but he had no choice but to order Kozuki to withdraw after coming under attack from three British controlled divisions. Forcing a withdraw was nothing special for the Allies, actually managing to advance and capture the vacated province was something that they were yet to master. Itabana would make them pay as usual.

    1900 December 9th 1948.
    North China Army Headquarters. Stalingrad, Soviet Union.
    Kanin had little to do as a commander of a defensive Army but there were several housekeeping jobs that required his attention. He was himself moving south to quell an uprising as news arrived from Finland.

    Mj. General Numata had captured Helsinki from the Americans and had begun to move west towards Turku to complete the destruction of the invasion. The lack of support for the invasion was becoming normal for the Allies, as they continued to struggle to be able to move large numbers of troops by sea after their Merchant fleets had been decimated off Burma during 1944 and 1945.

    0200 December 10th 1948.
    BB Division 1 Flagship. IJN Fuso, Mouth of the Tsiribihina.
    Ozawa's main two Battlefleets had been on station for several weeks by now and there had been no signs of any major threat to them arriving anytime soon. The small Soviet Battleship fleet had never really been any source of concern but the next enemy fleet detected off Madagascar could very easily sink Japanese ships if it could find them.

    Someone in the American Naval Command had decided that it was a wise choice to allow Admiral Spruance to command American Aircraft Carriers. Spruance was an expert at finding Japanese Armed Forces with any fleet he commanded and could always be counted on to do so quickly and decisively. He had chosen to sail along the eastern Madagascar coast where there were no Japanese ships on patrol, but he could always turn east and encounter BC Division 1 protecting Reunion Island. Spruance's luck at finding Japanese forces continued, and as with just about all of his luck thus far, he found bombers not ships. Lt. General Itou radioed the sighting back to Ozawa before beginning his bombing run against Spruance's fleet. Ozawa's reaction would be predictable.

    Sixteen Tactical bomber squadrons began to hunt and attack Spruance's Carrier Task Force. Twelve hours after the first sighting Kondo led his bomber wing over Cape Masoala and found what he was looking for. The attack increased to twelve squadrons by 1600 hours with the Light Carrier USS Bataan and Fleet Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln taking most attacks and suffering as a result. Rain was hampering operations and Spruance would slip away into the night. The hunt would resume on December 11th.

    Ozawa had been concerned as Spruance had arrived in Cape Masoala as he could have launched a port strike agianst Tananarive. Ozawa was also given a choice during the approach of Spruance. Clearly Spruance had not wished to bomb the port but if he had he would have discovered the entire Japanese Carrier Force. Troops and ships had been mustering in the port for a future operation which could easily have been halted if substantial damage had occured to the fleets in port. Carrier Groups C and D and two Transport fleets avoided combat and Ozawa refused to send his Carriers after Spruance.

    Spruance was found again at 0300 hours on December 11th as he continued to head north. Tsukahara's Tactical bomber wing, still operating from Tananarive, began their attack in the East Mascarene Basin with other wings looking further north in case the Carrier Task Force managed to move faster than was anticipated. The USS Abraham Lincoln had suffered the majority of the damage during the last twenty four hours but was still capable of moving at full speed.

    0300 December 11th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    Hoshinato had hoped to be able to rest for at least a week before he came under attack which would also allow him to entrench his newly arrived Armour somewhat. He would not be given enough time.

    Field Marshall Hansen assaulted Lida soon after he had captured Grodno. His seven divisions, one of which was badly damaged, were more than enough to force Hata to order Hoshinato to withdraw north towards Molodeczno. Hata was still happy to allow the Allies to determine the movement around the center of the line but he was not prepared to allow them to force his flanks.

    By 1000 hours air attacks had broken out all over the Western Front as other Japanese bomber wings continued to prosecute targets in North Africa and conduct Naval attacks against Spruance's fleet.

    Obata continued his attacks against Memel as Nakajima began to reduce the enemy forces in Grodno that were advancing towards Lida. Shimoyama had moved back to the south where he concentrated on the single division in Iasi before moving on to Beltsy to prevent an enemy build up along the Romanian border. Allied bombers began a new set of attacks against Hata's Headquarters in Sevastopol.

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    1000 December 11th 1948.
    BB Division 1 Flagship. IJN Fuso, Mouth of the Tsiribihina.
    Ozawa was being kept informed of the pursuit as the Japanese Tactical bomber wings chased Spruance in the Indian Ocean. Onishi was the latest bomber commander to encounter the Carrier Task Force.

    Spruance had moved into the West Mascarene Plateau as he sailed north of The Seychelles. Unfortunately for Spruance Japan now controlled all of the island airbases in the Indian Ocean and they had little trouble launching anti-shipping patrols against him at moderate ranges. Onishi's bombers suffered some minor damage and the loss of most of their organisation during the attack against the Carrier Task Force but they would be successful. The Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln sank at 1300 hours after repeated attacks by Onishi's aircraft. The second Carrier, the USS Shangri-La, became the new target for the bombers.

    Despite the speed of Spruance's fleet it would not manage to escape overnight and a new dawn saw the damaged fleet picked up again.

    Tsukahara picked out the Light Carrier USS Bataan as he launched the latest wave of attacks against Spruance. The USS Bataan sank at 0300 hours with the remaining three bomber wings converging on their target by 0400 hours. The USS Shangri-La exploded in flames as the additional squadrons pounced leaving just the Light Carrier USS Saipan afloat. She did not last long before joining the remainder of the Carrier Task Force at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

    The Tactical bomber wings returned to Tananarive to rest and recover from the attacks which had badly depleted their organisation and cost some pilots their lives. All Ozawa needed now was for Calhoun to make a similar mistake to Spruance.

    0800 December 12th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    Ground combat continued to be the exception rather than the norm along the Western Front as the majority of attacks were prosecuted by aircraft on both sides, but more notably by the Japanese pilots.

    A Romanian Tactical bomber attack against the airbase in Kaunas was greeted by an interception by Fukudome's wing. During a surprisingly bloody encounter all three of the Romanian bomber squadrons were destroyed for minimal losses to Fukudome's wing.

    Six hours later Fukudome conducted his second interception of the day with his wing destroying an American Strategic bomber squadron over Memel to add to their earlier success.

    By the 13th of December more Allied advances had been concluded. They had captured both Lida and Slonim as they continued to push the Japanese defences in the north. The second Japanese Armoured formation had just finished redeploying to Smolensk and would slowly advance towards Minsk.

    At 0700 hours on the 13th Japanese bombers rotated their targets in the north with Nakajima moving towards Memel as he attacked enemy troops in Siauliau. Obata began to attack the newly arrived enemy troops in Lida and quickly began to cause large casualties. The two Japanese Interceptor wings had not taken off with Nakajima who would be allowed to operate without an escort today. The Interceptors had an American bomber wing to contend with that was attacking their airbase.

    Watanabe was the first to scramble and was airborne ahead of his wing commander. Only two of the four American squadrons were escorted Strategic bombers with the other two being unescorted Tactical bombers. By 0900 Fukudome had also taken off and joined Watanabe as the dogfight continued. Two against one with only half of the attacking bomber force escorted was always going to be very one sided. By 1000 hours two of the bomber squadrons were close to destruction with another out of action. The Americans withdrew an hour later but lost the two more damaged squadrons before they could make good their escape.

    Attacks against Hata's Headquarters increased as more enemy bombers arrived. The Allies Central American Tactical bomber force was being used to harrass Hata after they had suffered heavy casualties in the north.

    0900 December 13th 1948.
    Africa Army Headquarters. Abadan, Persia.
    Targetting was becoming a large problem for Itabana in the north of Africa as he made repeated attempts to remove the enemy forces in Alexandria. Unfortunately they had dug in and were impervious to his bombers.

    Rather than waste bombs on such a target Higashikuni ordered him to fly further south and attack targets of opportunity. The two divisions in Massaua were such a target and began to suffer heavy losses almost immediately.

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    Wow, soon your pilots are going to run out of room to add more kill tallies to their aircraft. Lets hope they don't try to squeeze a few more onto the windshield!
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    Yet another demonstration of the legendary Japanese airpower. Lots of dead allied divisions and bomber wings, and I certainly didn't expect Spruance to lose his entire fleet again! Well, maybe I should, it's Admiral Spruance after all.

    I would have thought the goal to limit the United States carrier force was impossible just an update or two ago, considering how fast they are and how often they escape your clutches. How quickly the fortunes of war turn...

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    In reality , Spurance would probably have been court martialed for gross incompetence and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American sailors

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    Nice update.

    I wonder if the AI will let Spruance ever command another fleet after that debacle.

    Your interceptors are tearing them a new one

    I was just thinking that what we have here is a very strange alternate Operation Barbarossa - Allies v Japan

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    Nice. Japanese air power is keeping the Allies on the ropes. More bombers!

    Have you done any calculations on your kills in the Soviet Union? Are you destroying divisions much faster than the Allies can generate new ones? Fast enough that you expect to be able to advance westwards once the weather changes?

    Good job, good writing, keep up the good work!

    -- Beppo

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    Congrats on the last Allied fleet! I was realy afraid after the beginning that they will escape with scratches on CVL only, but then, wow ..

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    Wow. Sinking 4 carriers at once is a success japan has not enjoyed for quite a long time. Hopefully you will be able to repeat that again soon.

    @EnglandWarror: Of course the AI will. According to the reasoning of the AI (which itself is a contradiction in terms), Spruance will receive plenty of medals, too, for downing so many Japanese aircraft.
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    Delivered by roosevelt himself

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    If my counting is right, it looks like you're at least able to destroy Allied armies as fast as they move up, as the number of units visible in
    this last update appears to be just about the same as a couple of pages ago.

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    Good work against those carriers Remble.
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    I believe the AI ordered Spruance to make a landconnection with the japanese island

    Very nice update as allways Remble.
    Originally Posted by Remble in his AAR The Setting Sun - Gotterdammerung, Japan 1944. (Writer missing in action)

    "What about the Pacific?" asked Hideki.
    "Oh I forgot. The Pacific is a large body of water. We own it. No one is trying to dispute that fact." Tanigawa answered with a grin.
    "I am so glad I asked. Please continue Minister Satoru."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novea View Post
    In reality , Spurance would probably have been court martialed for gross incompetence and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American sailors
    That never seems to stop the AI:

    "Spurance, you just killed countless numbers of American sailors. Here! Take a couple more ships out and redeem yourself!"

    Quote Originally Posted by kingterranes View Post
    Delivered by roosevelt himself
    Which be would impressive, given that Roosevelt is dead.
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