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Thread: The Setting Sun - Gotterdammerung, Japan 1944.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beppo View Post
    Argh! Another guessing game! Where will the troops redeploying to India be sent? My top two guesses are Ethiopia and South Africa. Ethiopia keeps the invasion closer to existing air cover, but South Africa's removal would be of greater benefit..... twisting my arm behind my back, I'm going on record as predicting that Ethiopia is the next Allied nation to be annexed.

    If, however, Remble takes those troops and runs the Suez Canal, I give up predicting his moves forever!

    Great update. I feel better now that I've had my Remble fix.


    -- Beppo
    Tirana perhaps? - finally knock the SU out of the game.

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    Kanil - My Submarines are not having a good time of late

    EnglandWarrior - Glad to oblige Winter is most definately here and will remain for six months.

    FlorisDeVijfde - You understand me fairly well by now Offence is the best form of defence a lot of the time and I enjoy attacking when I should be defending.

    Beppo - Thanks. Trying to tempt me to run the Suez Canal won't work Your two targets are reasonable assumptions and are far more likely. I don't always do what is likely of course, but I will not invade Tirana as I have already deemed the Med too risky to operate fleets and it is kind of gamey.

    MCG_Man - Thank you. Fixed the typo and thanks for pointing it out. I have no intention of building any Submarines as they are practically useless by this stage of the War.

    Krogzar - Thanks. The IJN is not that large true and it is also outdated compared to it's enemies. Winning against such odds makes this game fun though

    Middelkerke - She is still alive and was inherited from Germany when it was annexed.

    AdmiralNelson - Glad you liked it

    Maj. von Mauser - I had roughly 50 U-boats at one point so they are sinking pretty quickly but they have been operating in safe waters for some time.

    EnglandWarrior - Nope, definately not Tirana

    Update to follow ...

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    Operation Influx


    0300 November 1st 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    The Allied build up in the Middle East was being monitored by Hata and it was no surprise when an assault began.

    Kawashima's defences in Alexandria were being tested by recently arrived Allied troops including two Armoured divisions. He held easily until dawn with the fortifications providing excellent defence but once the sun began to rise Hata ordered him to withdraw towards the marshes of Tanta as it became clear that Kawashima would not be able to hold.

    By 0800 hours Itabana's Tactical bomber group arrived over El Alamein to begin attacks against the advancing Allied forces which were a mixture of troops from several nations.

    Over Poland Japanese Dive bombers continued to target the more advanced enemy divisions in Kowel and Lublin. Nakajima and Shimoyama would destroy their targets in short order and begin to choose other formations to attack.

    The Allies advanced quickly in the desert and captured Alexandria at 0000 hours on November 2nd only twenty one hours after beginning their assault. Hata was confident that Itabana could reverse any Allied advances given time as he had done several times in the past.

    0000 November 2nd 1948.
    Diplomatic Offices. Tokyo, Japan.
    "Please come in Ambassador." Mamoru greeted the Venezuelan Ambassador.

    "Thank you Minister Mamoru. To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

    "His Majesty has instructed me to negotiate for some of your resources in exchange for Supplies. Tea?"

    "Thank you, that would be welcome." replied the Ambassador as the two politicians got down to business.

    It did not take long for the two diplomats to come to an agreement as they had done on many occasions before. A large amount of Oil would begin to arrive in Tokyo in exchange for an equally large shipment of Supplies making its way to Venezuela.

    1400 November 2nd 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    The Allies clearly thought that they could launch an offensive in the Middle East with the majority of the Japanese Army engaged in Europe. They continued to advance quickly.

    General Abe was attacked shortly after the Allies had captured Alexandria and he too would be ordered to withdraw. He headed for Cairo to maintain a defensive line. The Allies had seen the Japanese advance through the Middle East before and had obviously forgotten that they had done so when their Army was heavily engaged in a ground War with the Soviets. Some lessons needed to be repeated before the message got home.

    1600 November 2nd 1948.
    BB Division 1 Flagship. IJN Fuso, In Transit.
    Ozawa was steaming south towards Madagascar when he received a report from one of his Naval patrol wings.

    Air General Kondo, an exceptionally capable commander, had spotted a small American anti-Submarine fleet in the Mouth of the Tsiribihina and had begun to attack the ships he found. The Destroyer Division would be sunk the following day but the Light Cruiser would escape.

    0000 November 3rd 1948.
    Diplomatic Offices. Tokyko, Japan.
    Mamoru kept himself up to date on events around the World, paying particular attention to Countries that were at War with Japan. He was therefore aware of the elections being held in the United States.

    Apparently the American people believed that Truman was doing a good job in prosecuting the War against Japan, a belief that could have been assisted by the recent advances by American forces in Poland when the War elsewhere was going very badly for Truman.

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    0600 November 3rd 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    Japanese bombers were not short of targets and they were attacking a diverse enemy force almost none of which was actually commanded by native leaders.

    Itabana was bombing British controlled troops from Brazil, France and Canada with Nakajima targetting French controlled Hungarian troops. Shimoyama was also attacking French controlled forces but these were native to West Germany. Only in the north of Poland did the Allies have commanders in charge of their own troops where the Americans were operating.

    Hata had been fighting for more than ten years and he was very rarely surprised by any enemy action but he was stunned by the next report that he received.

    Romanian troops had invaded Odessa behind the Japanese lines. No intelligence reported that the Romanians even had Transport ships let alone a will to use them. The invasion was doomed despite it's audacity but it would delay bombing attacks around Lvov.

    Shortly afterwards another report indicated that American forces had captured Lomza in northern Poland but it still appeared to Hata as if the Allies were manouvering their forces rather than attacking along the entire front.

    1300 November 3rd 1948.
    BB Division 1 Flagship. IJN Fuso, In Transit.
    The two main Japanese gun fleets had sailed from Ahmadabad in order to assist Mj. General Banzai with the capture of Reunion Island which had seen repeated American landings in recent weeks.

    Koga's BC Division 1 arrived in Tananarive ahead of BB Division 1 as it was faster. Ozawa ordered Koga to head for the Southwest Madagascar Basin to intercept any possible Allied transport fleets.

    Seven hours later Ozawa's own fleet arrived in Tananarive and sailed for the Mouth of the Tsiribihina to blockade the narrow channel between Madagascar and southern Africa. Air patrols would continue to give as much warning as possible to the two fleets but either could be attacked without warning as they were stationed at the limit of Naval patrols. Ozawa did not think that any significant Naval threat was present for the time being and deemed both fleets to be operating in fairly safe waters.

    0000 November 4th 1948.
    Security Offices. Tokyo, Japan.
    Hakujiro had spent many months organising and deploying Garrison forces for Australia and the level of unrest in the Country had dropped off considerably as a result of his efforts.

    The revolt in Nhulunbuy demonstrated that he had more work to do before he could allow the Infantry forces to be removed from the Country as they halted the latest uprising in it's tracks. Despite numerous attempts there had not been a single successful partisan attack in Australia so far.

    0300 November 4th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    The Japanese defensive line was far from strong in Europe but it could hold against some attacks that the Allies were trying to make.

    Hata was ready to order Kasahara to withdraw from Bielsk after he came under assault but the Allies failed to add more troops to the battle which allowed Kasahara to hold his position easily.

    In the south, Shimoyama had been re-tasked to destroy the Romanian invasion in Odessa. No reinforcements had arrived which left the two Romanian divisions little chance of survival. Hata's Headquarters remained under constant, but reduced, air attack as it had been for most of October. He had no intention of going anywhere and was content to keep the Allied bombers busy.

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    awesome move by those pesky Romanians

    They'll die quickly but still it was a cool move
    Originally Posted by Remble in his AAR The Setting Sun - Gotterdammerung, Japan 1944. (Writer missing in action)

    "What about the Pacific?" asked Hideki.
    "Oh I forgot. The Pacific is a large body of water. We own it. No one is trying to dispute that fact." Tanigawa answered with a grin.
    "I am so glad I asked. Please continue Minister Satoru."

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    I think a thread title change is in order...

    The Earth was so afraid of Remble it began to spin in the other direction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krogzar View Post
    awesome move by those pesky Romanians

    They'll die quickly but still it was a cool move
    Yeah, definately!
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    It's cute to see some small nation with delusions regarding their capabilities try surprise attacks in hope of achieving a military victory of any significance. It looks like the Romanian will have to try again.

    Now let's hope no one will try to surprise Koga and Ozawa ... at least not someone who could actually achieve a significant victory.
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    Nice move by the Romanians!

    Hopefully you can hold the line in N. Africa! Glad to see your Bombers are doing their thing.
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    Wow, double wows in fact. One for another update and second one for Romanians and Brasilians.
    It looks like oil is rather expensive, but it was to be expected with your belligerence level.

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    it looks like the first stage of operation influx was a present for truman, who suddenly started to have some achievements (temporarily of course, but the americans do not know that yet) and won the elections.

    it would be scary if the french/americans/germans/whatever would try to copy the romanian plan in the baltic sea. if the AI had any reasonable thought whatsoever you could get cut off pretty easily.

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    I wish I knew
    That was a good showing by Romanian forces keeps the AAR fresh and Remble on his toes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remble View Post
    0000 November 3rd 1948.
    Diplomatic Offices. Tokyko, Japan.
    Mamoru kept himself up to date on events around the World, paying particular attention to Countries that were at War with Japan. He was therefore aware of the elections being held in the United States.

    Apparently the American people believed that Truman was doing a good job in prosecuting the War against Japan, a belief that could have been assisted by the recent advances by American forces in Poland when the War elsewhere was going very badly for Truman.
    Japan controls basically half the world and the Americans believe Truman is doing a good job?

    Not that Dewey could do better standing up to Japan.

    Oh, well. Eisenhower or Stevenson will set things right in 1952. *isn't really counting on it*
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    Nice update.

    And the award for the most aggressive and impressive AI action of the war goes to (drumroll)......

    (opens golden envelope)


    Quote Originally Posted by Remble View Post

    Nice to see that even in this timeline Dewey beats Truman.

    Oh wait....

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    Krogzar, Velko, Avatar018 - It is nice to see the AI capable of surprise every now and again and I certainly had no idea this invasion was coming or even possible. Who would have thought the Romanians had built Transports.

    Alakasam - My troops might get dizzy if the earth altered its rotation

    Sokraates - I do not expect anything to attack my gun fleets and doubt anything will.

    Maj. von Mauser - I am not really worried about N.Africa as the Allies do not have enough troops at the front to make themselves anything more than a minor nuisance

    zdlugasz - Oil is certainly expensive but not as bad as it has been in the past. I have more than enough spare industrial capacity to pay such prices now.

    gooy - Fortunately only two Countries can invade, Romania and Bulgaria. Bulgaria probably can't or it already would have. The Turk's take offence to anyone passing through their sealanes so no one else is allowed too

    Nathan Madien - By 1952 there is a much higher probability that the Americans will not be holding elections, they could be fairly fluent in Japanese by then though

    EnglandWarrior - Thank you. Even the AI stumbles upon a good move occasionally

    Update to follow ...

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    Operation Influx


    0700 November 5th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    The Romanian invasion of Odessa saw it's first loss after a day of bombing by Shimoyama which led to the inevitable assault on the weak defences.

    General Ueda led the attack with Yokoyama Isa advancing after the remains of the second division surrendered before they too were destroyed by Japanese Dive bombers.

    The Allies occupied Fayum at 1000 hours on November 5th as Itabana continued to try and reduce the enemy forces in Alexandria. Hata had more than enough troops to contain the current level of enemy forces, especially with bomber support.

    Lt. General Okada's Armoured corps captured Murmansk at 1200 hours which led to his immediate redeployment south where his tanks could be of much more use against the Allies. Three Japanese Infantry divisions would remain in Finland to provide anti-partisan forces.

    0000 November 6th 1848.
    BB Division 1 Flagship. IJN Fuso, In Transit.
    Ozawa was a little concerned that Admiral Calhoun had managed to evade patrols as he attacked almost at will most of the time. He was spotted at dawn on the 6th of November after once again avoiding air patrols to arrive at his destination.

    Calhoun's three Carriers had made their way to Attu Island where they launched a port strike against the repairing Submarines in the harbour. Genda's Naval bombers were repairing on the island and did all they could to try and reduce any damage the Carriers could inflict but had very little impact. After only one hour three of the Submarine Flotillas had been sunk and by the time Calhoun called off his port strike four hours later only two remained. Six of Japan's thirteen Submarine Flotillas had been sunk in six hours in one of the worst encounters of the War for the Imperial Japanese Navy. Naval bombers began the hunt for Calhoun as soon as they could.

    1000 November 6th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    The Allied advance moved further east on November 6th as Czech forces captured Stanislawow. Allied Commanders may have been happy to capture another front line airbase but the French Controlled Czech divisions had unwittingly moved too far without air cover and had opened themselves up to Japanese Dive bomber attacks.

    The two Japanese bomber groups operating from Konigsberg were ordered to rebase after Greek Interceptors began to patrol the skies over their base. Nakajima headed for Kiev as Obata moved north to Lida.

    Five Czech divisions had advanced into Stanislawow but came under attack from all sixteen squadrons of Dive bombers that Japan possessed. Unless the Allied troops got some air cover, and soon, they were not going to live for long.

    By 1000 hours on November 7th one of the divisions had been destroyed with a second not far behind. Obata's Tactical bomber group had altered from ground attack missions to logistical strikes around Lvov. Over fifty percent of the infrastructure in Zamosc was destroyed during their first attack with more targets on Obata's list to follow in the coming days. Winter weather and bad infrastructure could slow the Allied advance to a crawl.

    The Romanian invasion of Odessa ended at 2100 hours on November 7th as Yokoyama Isa reclaimed the province for the Emperor.

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    2300 November 7th 1948.
    BB Division 1 Flagship. IJN Fuso, In Transit.
    Ichimaru and Genda began their search for Calhoun to the east of Attu Island and were rewarded with the sighting of a Carrier Task Force late on November the 7th.

    They had encountered the USS Forrestal in the West Aleutian Trench instead of Calhoun's more powerful force and began to attack Admiral King's only Carrier.

    The next twenty four hours saw the engagements in the Aleutians turn away from Japanese control as a Transport fleet was attacked by the Naval bombers instead of the crippled USS Forrestal. Admiral Suekuni did discover the Carrier Task Force but only succeeded in adding his Submarine Flotilla to the growing list of casualties in the northern Pacific. Admiral King would manage to evade further attacks by the Naval bombers and made good his escape.

    0900 November 9th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Sevastopol, Soviet Union.
    The Allied troops in Stanislawow were not making quick enough progress with their entrenching and had not been given any fighter cover to protect them. The losses mounted very quickly for the exposed troops.

    Hata ordered General Yamada to remove the remnants of the last division in the province as it was slowing the bombers down a little after managing to dig rudimentary trenches. The single division did not manage to retreat far before it too was decimated.

    In the Middle East another attack was ordered after the Canadian Armoured division entrenched in Fayum. General Abe led the two division assault after Ichimaru had destroyed the defenders organisation. No advance was ordered after the victory with Hata leaving it to Ichimaru to finish off the Armour.

    Mj. General Banzai was lucky on his third attempt to re-take Reunion Island as he successfully completed his march on November 9th with BC Division 1 standing guard offshore.

    News continued to be mostly bad for Hata as Kasahara came under attack again in Bielsk. This time there was no chance of him holding out against a much larger Allied force and Hata ordered him to withdraw.

    Kasahara withdrew towards Slonim with General Koiso also receiving marching orders to prevent him becoming isolated. Koiso moved towards Pinsk to block the gap in the Japanese center but another hole opened up through Bialystok to the north. Troops were due to begin arriving on November 14th which could move to plug the gap but two divisions were also redeployed from the south of the line to assist as Kiev was the major redeployment point in the south, and was closer to the front line.

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    Remble, congrats for your steady and continuous updates.

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    We hate King!

    Other than that, it appears that things are shaping up mostly the way you thought it would. You are destroying Allied divisions in droves over the steppes as they advance slowly through the snow, and you're containing the Allied presence in N. Africa through attrition as well.

    Looking forward to the upcoming invasion -- but will you have the air to support it if all your bombers are busy keeping Allied offensives in check?

    Your manpower limitations are hurtful. I bet you wish you had more garrison troops or even militia so you didn't have to keep three veteran infantry divisions in Finland just to control partisans.

    Good show, keep it up, please!

    -- Beppo

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