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Thread: The Setting Sun - Gotterdammerung, Japan 1944.

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    Those upgrade costs must be a pain in the ass.

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    Why is the trade % so low with the USSR? It would seem that unless the allies have subs in the sea of japan that the "path" from your capital to the pacific coast of the ussr and then to moscow would be fairly clear. (in game terms) This is confusing.
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    Hi there,

    Well I thought I would finally give some reaction to your wonderfull AAR, I read your other AAR to but I thought I'd unlurk now. You're doing a extremely good job with Japan. Keep up the good work.

    Quote Originally Posted by gunboat
    Why is the trade % so low with the USSR? It would seem that unless the allies have subs in the sea of japan that the "path" from your capital to the pacific coast of the ussr and then to moscow would be fairly clear. (in game terms) This is confusing.
    I think this has to do with the fact that the USSR is in a war with Germany. Though I do not know how this would work with game mechanics.

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    Its possible that the trade for some reason happens from achangelsk or murmansk. This would mean it travels down through the atlantic all the way to japan. Don't know why it would do that though, doubt game takes into account low infrastructure in siberia so decides to ship goods round the world.

    Just a thought.

    Looking forward to the next update!

    edit: misspelt above
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyronea
    Wait, why didn't you counterattack from Mandelay when Rangoon was under attack? You had five divisions, and with seven overall you ought to have been able to push them off. I remember you using this to great effect during "Creek Without a Paddle."
    Modern German troops were a better match for the older sowjet forces. Even against higher numbers. This time the japanese troops are older and outnumbered, too.

    My two cent.

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    And the stack of 15 div to the north of Rangoon.

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    Finally someone has the balls to do a JAP 1944 AAR.

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    It is rather odd that you'd only get around 10% of the supply shipments, especially when you are getting 50% from Sweden. Even if the Soviet Union is at war it doesn't make much sense.

    And those sneaky transports..... Funny that they would use mech divisions.

    Nice update as always.

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    what affects 'trade efficiency' ? is there any thread about this? i`m really wondering...

    and also it doesn`t make sense for sending transports without escorts, goofy AI - i hope johan does sth significant on AI in the next patch or HOI3 - may be your NAVs bombed the escorts on the road...?

    you`re going great but don`t forget you don`t have unlimited amounts of raw materials...

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    In your shoes.
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    Kyronea, Hermann Steiner, Cpt Rossi - Hermann Steiner and Cpt Rossi basically covered everything. No counter attack against the British because their troops are better and there is a large stack north of Mandalay. Throw in a river as well to make things even worse.

    The really big problem with launching an attack is that your forces cannot be manual retreated for 24 hours. If they are forced to retreat during that time, and they could have been if they had attacked, the AI chooses the direction. Two of the three possible retreat paths are being advanced upon and those five divisions would have been lost if they retreated to these provinces. Too big a risk to take with my main Burmese army.

    Haohmaru - Welcome aboard

    stnylan - I am not sure I want to be able to flank the British from northern India as it requires troops to do it. I might leave the far north western part of China alone as a buffer zone between both Britain and the Soviets, when they decide to join in the fun and games. I might try and flank them through Yunnan though.

    Inner Circle, Winner - Annexation is the only way to conquer a Country in my book and so it will be universally adopted as the only strategy for conquest. Winner is totally correct about the European theater as the following report shall show.

    Sokraates - It is actually worse than just repairs. Aircraft also do not upgrade when airborne, and unless I want to micro manage every single squadron, they need to be grounded for their upgrades to go through as fast as possible. The only time ground troops don't repair or upgrade are during retreats so they are immune to this curse. The Dutch ghost ships would indeed be ghosts as they do not have a Country with which to wage a war

    Murmurandus - Everything is just rosey right now

    Mangudai - Upgrades are always a pain and the added trouble with the timezones makes it double the trouble for Japanese aircraft.

    gunboat, SgtPepper20, String Theory, Maj. von Mauser - String Theory is about as close as its possible to get to being correct. The problem with trading with the Soviet Union is this:

    Trades go from Capital to Capital as has already been said, which explains why this trade even needs convoys. The trade originates in the other Country and goes to Japan. It takes what the AI considers to be the shortest route. In this case, as it goes by sea, the nearest port to Moscow is either Archangalsk or Murmansk, depending on exactly how the AI works it. So trade with the Soviets has to travel from here to Tokyo via the North Sea, English Channel and everywhere else between. I am surprised anything gets to Tokyo to be honest. The reason why it does is because the Allies are not at war with the Soviets as trade between Germany and Tokyo is 0%.

    This is my understanding of how it all works from both experience and other posts I have read in the past.

    SgtPepper20 - Thank you and welcome

    Delex - Balls or stupidity for sure

    harezmi - The AI has many flaws and unescorted Transports is one of them. It does fix it sometimes though especially on higher difficulty settings.

    There have been several posts about trade efficiency in the general HoI forum, none of which I can find off hand. Basically a trade route goes from capital to capital through each zone between those capitals. Note I said zone and not province. Zones can be seen on the area map mode. Each zone is checked for enemy activity, ie subs in a sea zone, and a certain percentage is lost if there are raiders or ships present. It checks each zone and adds them up resulting in a percentage reduction. This percentage is further modified by war or peace between the countries involved and the intercepting ships. The greater the distance the lower the percentage will be usually.

    The 11% for the Soviet trade is because it gets ignored for a time because of the diplomatic factors. A trade between Germany and Japan is 0% as it is hit immediately. Similarly the Swedish one gets away from some attacks as it is neutral.

    Percentages under 50% are not too common as a large amount are cancelled almost immediately. 50-60% is fairly common for a trade between a neutral Country and a Country at war.

    Land trades are usually 100% unless they go through a neutral or hostile Country.

    Just as a little note of interest. My trades with Siam are 100% and they go by sea between Bangkok and Tokyo. This tells me that the sealanes close to Japan are free of enemy interdiction and so any losses are not incurred close to home.

    Again this is how I understand it and it could be slightly incorrect but is generally correct I think. If anyone knows better feel free to add anything. Trade and AI routing is a variable mess most of the time I think.

    SoulStealer - Even my luck runs out sometimes

    Monthly report to follow ...

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    Update (August 1st 1944)

    0000 August 1st 1944.
    Imperial Palace. Tokyo, Japan.
    "Your Majesty, Gentlemen, welcome to this monthly meeting. July seems to have seen some progress so let us get up to date with events. Intelligence first please." Hideki started the meeting.

    "Your Majesty. Funding has not been available to expand our intelligence network which means all of the following reports are likely to be inaccurate. They are the best estimates that I can give of our various enemies strengths." began Kuniaki.

    "Nationalist China's army size has increased to ninety divisions. According to last months report they only had fifty nine. The July report was thought to be highly inaccurate and this latest report is more likely to be nearer their current strength. A large number of these divisions are still isolated in south eastern China.

    No Airforce or Navy to speak of. We do know they possess at least one squadron of Aircraft which appears to be too scared to actually take off."

    "The Soviet Union has by far the largest ground force in the World at this time. Their infantry numbers are roughly the same as last month and I do not believe the estimate on Armoured divisions. The numbers say they have lost eighteen of these divisions which, given the current situation on their Front with Germany, I find hard to believe.

    The remainder of their Armed Forces have seen no change of note."

    "The United Kingdom are largely sticking to Europe and Burma but some recent reports have them actively attempting invasions in the Pacific.

    Nineteen new Infantry divisions have been added to their numbers and they have apparently lost five Armoured divisions. The Infantry could well be numbers added from their Allies and might be accurate.

    Six Battleships have been added to the Royal Navy which is definately not correct. It is more likely that last months figures were also inaccurate and averaging the two numbers brings us to a total of eleven. The Carrier numbers are consistant and there has been a small increase in smaller ships.

    The numbers for the Royal Air Force are not to be believed at all."

    "The United States has been suffering somewhat in the Pacific. One Armoured division has been destroyed and an extra four Infantry divisions added. Again not consistant with known casualties unless they are producing a lot more than we would think.

    One Battleship lost and six Aircraft Carriers. The Battleship we can verify as the USS Missouri. One Battlecruiser was also lost, the USS Alaska. They have not lost six Carriers. We can confirm only two losses, USS Franklin and USS Ranger. Several are damaged but the true total is nearer to ten unless they have built more. Their smaller ship numbers have increased by nine which is possible even considering the number of vessels we have sunk. We have twenty nine confirmed kills which would mean they produced thirty eight in total, again not very likely.

    The United States Air Force numbers are consistant but a lot smaller than their true numbers.

    None of these Countries are suffering any type of raw material shortages and their industry is running at full speed.

    All of these numbers are to be taken as inaccurate as we do not possess enough information to confirm them with any degree of certainty. Nothing more to add." concluded Kuniaki.

    "Industry next please."

    "Your Highness, Gentlemen." began Ginjiro. "Dissent amongst the populace has decreased to nothing and our Industry is now working at full speed."

    "Production is unchanged with the exception of three additional Destroyer Flotillas. Two Aircraft Carriers are due this month and six Infantry divisions right at the end of the month.

    I am currently rebuilding our supply stockpile as it sank a little low during the reduction of dissent. Other production has been switched from consumer goods to reinforcements and upgrades, both of which are needed and will be for some time.

    Transport capacity is now nearer our maximum threshold with redeployments complete. This is now having little to no effect on our Armed Forces, but it will slowly increase as we advance in China.

    Stockpiles remain my most major concern. Despite our best efforts energy is a continual problem and the only real solution for a long term cure is a military one. I will leave such planning up to the rest of you Gentlemen but we do need energy and any expansion should have this in mind."

    "We are fully aware of the problem Minister Ginjiro, and we are making plans to try and help." stated Hidaki.

    "Thank you Prime Minister, I am sure you are doing all that can be done. Manpower is fine for the moment but is increasing a lot slower than I would like to see. There is nothing much that be done to improve this except for research, which is already underway. There will be only so many extra forces I can provide and any losses are likely to be replaced at a very slow pace. Nothing more form me today." concluded Ginjiro.

    "Thank you. On to Military."

    "Your Majesty. Things are progressing very well as far as the Military is concerned." began Saturo. "I will let the Chief's of the Airforce and the Navy brief on their respective areas after a general round up of the Fronts."

    "The Pacific has gone largely according to plan territorial. We regained Saipan but lost both Truk and Wake Islands. Saipan is far more important than either of these two losses and provides us with a fairly solid front line of defense.

    We will eventually lose all of New Guinea, which is not too much of a concern as there is little of consequence on the island. The loss of Sorong, our last defended position on the island, will give the Americans a new airbase and port.

    Troop movements have been completed throughout Indonesia and we did manage to save the defenders of Rabaul before it was taken. No additional defensive troops are planned for this region unless some significant losses occur to our forces."

    "Progress is China is as good as could be expected. Advance is slow in the hostile terrain but we are advancing across a lot of the south of the Country.

    We captured a few divisions in both Wuzhou and Shaoyang provinces and the big pocket in the south east is currently being reduced before we can capture the forces left there.

    Several other advances are shown for battles that have already been won by our forces. The Kwantung Army is still advancing with no enemy opposition towards Wanxian. Once it arrives the defences of Chongqing will be examined before an assault is undertaken against the Nationalist's capital."

    "British progress in Burma is also slow, but they are advancing on Rangoon and we are withdrawing from Mandalay. Once we lose these territories our closest airbase facilities will be in the Siamese capital of Bangkok. Some reinforcements are on their way to this region to halt the British advance and more will follow as troops become available."

    "The defences throughout Indonesia are satisfactory and this area should be fairly secure for some time to come.

    The only major part of the Imperial Japanese Army that requires upgrades is the armour and this can wait as half of it is purely defensive right now. Only one armoured formation is in combat and that formation is fairly modern compared to the remainder. Over to the Chief of the Air Force." concluded Saturo.

    "Good morning your Majesty, Gentlemen." began Jun. "Our Naval bombers are still patrolling the Pacific along with most of our Interceptor squadrons. The Interceptors are merely searching for hostile shipping to ensure that there are no surprises. All of our Tactical bombers are in China and are repairing well. Some are already available and the rest should be soon. All of these aircraft need upgrades urgently and have been prioritised. Done and over to the Navy." concluded Jun.

    "Thank you. Your Majesty, Gentlemen. The Imperial Japanese Navy has seen some light losses, none of which we could really afford. In response the enemy has lost a considerably larger force. A lot of the damage inflicted was by our bombers and has sent a large part of the United States Navy back to port for repairs." began Osami.

    "I have brought with me a list of all known losses in the Pacific for all sides concerned. It is fairly good reading."

    "Total losses are as follows:

    Imperial Japanese Navy

    1 x Light Cruiser - IJN Noshiro.
    1 x Submarine Division - 14 Sensuikantai.
    2 x Destroyer Divisions - 7 and 11 Kuchikukantai.
    1 x Transport Division - 4 Yuso Sentai.

    United States Navy

    2 x Aircraft carriers.
    1 x Battleship.
    1 x Battlecruiser.
    1 x Heavy Cruiser.
    6 x Destroyer Divisions.
    22 x Transport Divisions.

    Royal Navy

    1 x Transport Flotilla.

    The losses to the American Transport fleet is particularly pleasing as it should hamper any further offensive operations in the Pacific. They still have a lot more of these ships but if they continue to lose them at this rate they will soon be unable to mount any type of invasion. An added bonus of these losses is that it would be extremely hard for Allied forces in Europe to redeploy overseas without a Transport fleet.

    We had hoped to sink more of their capital ships but that was not the case. A large number are damaged and almost all of the Imperial Japanese capital ships are free of anything but minor damage. Carrier Group C remains in Tokyo awaiting new production with both Battleship fleets moving to the central Pacific. Done." concluded Osami.

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    "Thank you Gentlemen. Last but not least, Diplomacy."

    "Your Majesty, Gentlemen." began Mamoru. "The Diplomatic front is still fairly busy with a constant monitoring of all energy trade in the World. We have made some further trades during July to keep production moving at full speed and we also managed to complete a trade deal with the Soviets which will hopefully bare more fruit later.

    The Nationalists asked for a negotiated peace, which was refused. The Communists asked for a white peace, also refused. I made it clear to both Chinese Nations that unconditional surrender was their only choice."

    "How fare our European Allies?" asked Hidaki.

    "I was hoping you would not ask Prime Minister." replied Mamuro.

    "That bad?"

    "See for yourself."

    "It doesn't look too bad Foreign Minister." stated Hidaki.

    "Maybe some numbers might help to clarify just how bad it is." replied Mamoru.

    "The current state of Axis ground forces. Ours has changed little since June 20th.

    Our European Allies have managed to lose a total of one hundred and fourteen divisions, seventeen of which were armoured."

    "How on earth did they manage to do that?" asked Hidaki.

    "Army Group North was almost totally destroyed in Latvia when it was cut off from the main German Army. A large part of German forces defending France were also captured in Brest after they managed to get themselves cut off." replied Mamoru.

    "So the map might look fairly decent but in fact it is not so good then."

    "Correct. They have managed to contain the British forces in Italy fairly well, but the break out from Normandy is proving to be almost a disaster for our Allies. A quick look at the Balkans shows almost no defensive forces in Romania and unless that is fixed, and quickly, it is possible that the entire region could be over run. The loss of so many troops makes it hard to see how they can hold for any length of time. I would be surprised if any of our European Allies are still with us by Winter." concluded Mamoru.

    "Well Gentlemen it looks as if 1945 is going to be an even bigger test than we had thought. We must do all that we can to solidify our position before the eyes of our enemies are focused completely on us." stated Hirohito as he stood and left the room.

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    Mamour is a defeatist! He should be executed!

    Well... things are not so bad in Europe... are they? Really?

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    Well, darn. Germany is going under quite a bit quicker than hoped!
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    Ouch, 114 divisions lost .... When do you think the Red Beast will start to haunt you? Early Spring 1945?

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    See, I told you. This is what happens when Remble is no in charge in Germany. Let's hope you'll have some divisions to spare once the bear is out to hunt you.

    About the buffer you mentioned in your previous comments: you mean to leave the Warlords as buffer states, correct? Or do you want to leave some parts of National China unoccupied?

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    Well, a flank through Yunnan was what I meant

    Germany's collapse is going to cause problems later on no doubt about it.
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    Another fantastic monthly update, Remble! You write them extremely well.

    Hopefully the capture of NatChina's capital will provide additional energy.
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    Nice to see another AAR from you, been reading through your entire germany AAR for the last few days.

    I don't think you should leave some of nat. chi, as that would be gamey. I even think leaving the warlord states would be kind of gamey, unless you made peace with them + spin it into the story somehow why Japan would do that. --> seems like you don't like to be gamey in your AAR's, and I think that's great

    Keep going with those great updates!!

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