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Thread: The Setting Sun - Gotterdammerung, Japan 1944.

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    Operation Enlightenment


    0200 June 17th 1948.
    East Asia Army Headquarters. Semipalatinsk, Soviet Union.
    The general advance by the East Asia Army had met with only limited resistance as the shrinking and overstretched Red Army tried in vain to plug massive holes in it's lines. Newly recruited Soviet divisions found themselves hastily deployed into areas already well controlled by Japanese forces.

    Irkutsk had seen some enemy arrivals before but this time there were more divisions across a wider area. Terauchi had recently allowed Nakajima's Dive bomber group to move west to Batum in preparation for supporting attacks in that region which left Irkutsk without air cover. Shimoyama had no targets close to Semipalatinsk and was ordered to Irkutsk, which was fairly close, to contain any possible explansion or additional reinforcing of the Soviet lines.

    0000 June 18th 1948.
    Security Offices. Tokyo, Japan.
    Uprisings were not very common despite the large amount of territory that Japan controlled with the possibility of such rebellions. China was the longest standing thorn in Hakujiro's side but it was very well policed in the most part. Other parts of the World were providing more problems for the Security Minister.

    The latest revolt occured in Australia which was showing little sign of accepting the Emperor's rule. Mj. General Aida quickly put down the uprising that had occured in Weipa province but more were likely to follow. The arrival of a small number of Garrison divisions in the Country had stabalised some areas, but the week long voyage coupled with a month long redeployment that followed meant that it took a very long time to place such anti-partisan troops.

    1700 June 18th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Voroshilovsk, Soviet Union.
    Progress for the Central Asia Army was swift with little enemy interference as Obata ensured that Hata's opponent had no opportunity to form a defensive line or build up his forces opposite the Japanese Commander.

    Field Marshall Kanin was at the head of the large army moving through Bashanta and was given the task of moving north towards Stalingrad. The enemy division in Cherny Yar had already been weakened by both ground attacks from bombers and combat and stood no chance of holding Kanin up for long. Hata still refused to allow his Tactical bomber group to operate out of Interceptor cover except over the Crimea.

    Hata's Strategic map showed developments along the Central Asia Army's front and there was precious little in the way of enemy forces to prevent any moves already underway. The envelopment of Rostov was almost complete which would allow a three pronged attack on that city as the main part of Hata's Army continued to advance towards Morozovsk. Several attempts had been made to cross towards Kerch, in the Crimea, but all such attempts were halted before any progress could be made.

    The Middle East was not going quite so well for Hata. Kawashima's position was not looking any better and had in fact worsened as another Allied division landed in Gaza. Hata had decided that rather than retreat he would advance instead. General Abe was making his way towards Jerusalem in support as Hata ordered Kawashima to advance towards Suez, away from his own safer lines which were under threat from advancing enemy forces. The enemy was moving towards both Tel Aviv and Eilat, either of which would isolate Kawashima and probably cost him his division.

    Late on June 19th a lone Soviet Dive bomber squadron had dared to attack Hata's Headquarters which had now moved into Bashanta. The response was to send Fukudome after the enemy aircraft and he caught them in the early hours of June 20th. This particular bomber squadron would see no further action after being totally destroyed over Elista.

    At 1000 hours on June 20th Lt. General Honda arrived in Konstatinovsk which allowed an enveloping assault to be launched against Rostov. There could have been quite a few defenders in the province but it was in fact poorly defended which allowed General Koiso to easily overpower the single division after achieving a breakthrough.

    Hata's second in command, General Yamashita, had been advancing before the rest of the Central Asia Army and finally arrived in the marshes of Astrakhan at 1600 hours on June 20th. Field Marshall Zhukov, now commanding a Militia division, had launched a counter attack which had easily been repulsed and led to Yamashita attacking Zhukov and forcing the Soviet commander to retreat.

    1600 June 20th 1948.
    North China Army Headquarters. Uralsk, Soviet Union.
    In contrast to the advances by Hata, Higashikuni was attacking across a mostly narrower front, as his strike force headed towards Kuybyshev with the majority of his Infantry protecting any retreat path.

    Lt. General Hoshinata arrived in the vital Strategic province of Kuybyshev at 1600 hours on June 20th where he found a large numbers of enemy troops facing him in almost every direction. The Soviet's did not launch any counter attack against the Japanese Armour, despite their obvious numerical advantage, which led to Higashikuni ordering both Nakajima and Obata to move forwards and use the captured airbase in the province. The loss of twenty five factory complexes would also damage Soviet Industry severely.

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    2200 June 20th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Bashanta, Soviet Union.
    Kawashima's position in the Middle East continued to deteriorate as the Allies finally managed to advance from their bridgehead in Gaza.

    The loss of Tel Aviv had cut the supply lines to Kawashima's division which was now very much on it's own as supplies could not be restored until Abe could advance after the enemy forces had been destroyed by Itabana's bombers.

    At 0100 hours on June 21st even more bad news arrived for Hata as he received word that Kawashima had come under attack from the third Allied division in Gaza. Should Kawashima lose then he would be forced to retreat back towards Eilat and would probably not win the race against the already advancing Allied division heading there. Kawashima would hold out for as long as he could and await Itabana's arrival at dawn.

    0100 June 21st 1948.
    North China Army Headquarters. Uralsk, Soviet Union.
    The advanced airbase in Kuybyshev allowed Obata to head further east to try and find enemy formations to attack while Nakajima concentrated on the areas closer to the base.

    Higashikuni received a report from Obata that explained why there was not a counter attack against Kuybyshev. The Red Army was marching the majority of it's forces east to try and block the East Asia Army. He would let Terauchi know that the enemy was moving his way, but the presence of Obata in this area meant that it would be unlikely that many Soviet troops would see any troops from the East Asia Army.

    Terauchi himself had inherited India from Higashikuni and it did not need much monitoring. A Canadian Naval bomber squadron had decided to harass Japanese merchant shipping again and was politely informed by Tanaka that it should stop such attacks. The bombers would escape but would not be able to fly again for some time.

    With Kuybyshev seemingly secure and Soviet forces weakening their position around the area Higashikuni ordered another attack. He would command the assault of Orsk himself but would not advance, General Asaka would be doing that from Aktyubinsk. The defences crumbled in short order from the overwhelming attack.

    1300 June 21st 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Bashanta, Soviet union.
    Hata was patiently awaiting an update from Kawashima in the Middle East when a messenger arrived with news from the isolated Mj. General. He had lost the battle for el-Arish.

    The sinking feeling in Hata's stomach quickly evaporated after he completed reading the message. Kawashima had not in fact lost, he had advanced out of the province and captured Suez. He had managed to buy himself some time but his situation was still nothing short of precarious.

    Seven hours later Hata's Headquarters had managed to not only catch up with his Army but overtake it as he arrived in Kotelnikov. He would not need a report on the defences of Stalingrad as he could see for himself. There were defenders but the lack of any counter attack led him to believe that this was only the division that had been forced to retreat from Cherny Yar days earlier by Kanin.

    Kawashima's position did not look like it could really get much worse but it could. He was still out of supply and Japanese supply convoys could not reach him even though he had reached the Suez Canal. The enemy division in Tel Aviv had been destroyed by Itabana and Abe was advancing to try and restore a land based supply route, but there was still the possibilty of his supply line being interupted by other advancing enemy troops.

    In the meantime a British led American Marine division attacked his fledgling defences in Suez from across the Canal in Port Said. Fortunately the Marines had not expected the presence of Japanese troops in Suez and they halted their attack on contact. Kawashima's exhausted troops could not have held for long.

    A larger full Soviet Dive bomber wing had been launching attacks against Japanese troops in Novorossisk but it was intercepted by Saboru's Interceptor wing. The Dive bombers came off predictably the worse and suffered large losses before dis-engaging from combat while they still had all four squadrons in the air.

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    Hehe, Kawashima's Adventures in Middle East, it's a real thriller! I hope he'll make it... At least he was the first Japanese to get to Suez, even if he'll be beaten.
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    Do you have a transport plane to make air supply to suez?
    Hope you will be able to save Kawashima.

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    So falls Suez, and Stalingrad soon behind it seems.
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    wow you might actually lose a ground based unit....to combat...love the drama but we did kinda see it coming...they did have a couple of days head start on your unit moving to tel aviv..which unit was moving to eilat? its nice to see the canadians getting in on the action with some ground units not just air and sea....

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    Hopefully you can save that division. Glad to see you got the Suez, however temporary it might be.
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    Thrilling to think, troops of Japan!
    It was the British who made you scram.*

    At least they are some more kilometers from harms way, than before. Why didn't you send them offensive supplies? That would help them at least a small bit.

    In any case, I'm anxious to see the outcome of this adventure. But I'm also eager to see, how much IC you grabbed from the Soviets last month.

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    I'm still amazed at how well you've done with this.

    I tried a Japan '44 scenario myself, but that didn't work out so well. So I instead opted for a '41 scenario. That was fun. I got all the fun of the Pacific War, like in the '44, but without Doom staring me in the eyes.

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    I'm getting bored. I need to see what happens in the middle east!!!!!

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    Velko - Kawashima's predicament did allow me a little chance to introduce some tension, which I shamelessly exploited of course

    cosminus - Nope, no Transport aircraft, he will need land based supplies.

    Kanil - Objectives are being taken at an increasing rate it seems

    Cyphers Fury - A Brazilian Infantry division was moving to Eilat. Funnily enough the only Allied Countries not bleeding in the Middle East are the British and Americans. They seem content to just send in their puppets and Allies. I think I have only lost one other division to combat so far and that was on Truk. You could also count the disbanding of the forces in New Guinea if you wanted to though as they were as good as dead also.

    Maj. von Mauser - All will be revealed in the following update

    Sokraates - Kawashima has offensive supplies. The Soviet industrial output is beginning to suffer rather large losses

    arch3223 - Thank you. I like to see doom staring at me sometimes so I was intrigued by the 1944 scenario for Japan. I will say that I expected to lose on very hard difficulty and am a little disappointed that I haven't. Unfortunately I know the AI too well.

    genbrad - Patience young Jedi

    Update to follow ...

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    Operation Enlightenment


    1400 June 23rd 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Kotelnikovo, Soviet Union.
    The arrival of Field Marshall Kanin in the province of Cherny Yar allowed Hata to contemplate capturing a city that Hitler had failed to conquer.

    The attack would not be difficult as the single division defending the city had already been badly beaten on several occasions. Only three of the four divisions used in the attack would advance.

    Slightly better news reached Hata at 2000 hours when he was informed that General Abe had managed to occupy Tel Aviv and, temporarily at least, restore supplies to Kawashima in Suez. Allied forces were still marching towards both Eilat and el-Arish which would cut the supply line again.

    The Red Army's top Commander, Field Marshall Zhukov, was finding himself retreating from one battle after another as he was forced to abandon Krasnya Sloboda at 0900 hours on June 25th. The Central Asia Army was meeting very little resistance so far with the bulk of the Red Army apparently moving around Kuybyshev.

    Hata had more good news from the Middle East at the same time. Itabana had managed to stop both advancing Allied divisions from leaving Gaza and cutting Kawashima off again. The situation was looking more stable even though more enemy troops could still reinforce the landing. Hata ordered Abe to take Gaza which would end the invasion for good. Kawashima was apparently going to survive after all.

    0100 June 26th 1948.
    The Skies Above Kurgan.
    Obata had spent the past week bombing Soviet troops moving east as they passed through Chelyabinsk but there were no more enemy forces remaining in this province.

    He moved his area of operations further east and began to attack the larger enemy forces in Kurgan. Five modern Infantry divisions, all with brigades, were a suitable target. In order to bomb targets to the east of Kurgan he would need to move airbases as Kuybyshev was too far away.

    0400 June 26th 1948.
    The Skies Above the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
    The destruction of the Allied beach head in Gaza allowed Itabana to hunt other prey. The target on this occasion would be enemy shipping in the eastern Mediterranean in an attempt to halt any attempt to land more troops along the coast or to reinforce Gaza.

    Two American Transport Flotillas were spotted off the Coast of Alexandria by one Tactical bomber wing, which also showed the lack of interest by United States forces in the Middle East to the invasion of Gaza. They possessed ample troops to have supported the landing but had chosen not too for some reason.

    The second Tactical bomber wing, supported by Interceptor Escorts, found a small British anti-Submarine fleet off the Coast of Tobruk. A large number of ports and harbours in this region had some sort of fleet present which might eventually receive a visit or two from Itabana's bomber group. The only problem with such raids would be a lack of air cover from Japanese Interceptors.

    0900 June 26th 1948.
    Kwantung Army Headquarters. Qiqihar, Manchukuo.
    Manchurian troops were still advancing in eastern Siberian as they moved towards Strategic objectives in the north of the region.

    Kawabe ordered an attack on Olekminsk from Tynda. Field Marshall Zhang Heipeng led the attack as his Mountaineers supported the assault from Mogocha. Advances would be fairly slow as the heavily forested area prevented rapid movement even by Infantry divisions.

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    0900 June 26th 1948.
    Central Asia Army Headquarters. Kotelnikovo, Soviet Union.
    The Japanese High Command had several main objectives for 1948 with a number of them being the capture of various cities in the Soviet Union. Hata was responsible for some of these targets.

    Kanin arrived in Stalingrad at 0900 hours on June 26th to capture the city that had caused the deaths of nearly two million German and Soviet troops during the failed assault by the Sixth Army in 1942, and it's destruction in 1943.

    General Koiso captured Rostov a few hours later which gave Hata two more front line airfields to utilise as and when they were needed.

    The capture of Rostov had opened the gate on the resource rich Ukraine and Hata ordered Koiso to advance towards Stalino immediately. Hondo would move into Rostov from the east as the main thrust of the Central Asia Army crossed the river Don and headed for Kharkov.

    1600 June 26th 1948.
    North China Army Headquarters. Uralsk, Soviet Union.
    While the North China Army had been facing much larger forces than it's counterpart to the west it was still advancing towards it's objectives. Higashikuni was pleased with progress and seized on another opportunity to move towards a province with a large amount of factories in it.

    The Soviet position in Chkalov had deteriorated for the Red Army as it moved forces out of the province. General Itagaki attacked and overcame the defenders swiftly with the assistance of Hakajiro's Dive bomber group, which was flying with an Interceptor escort wing.

    At 0400 hours on June 29th Higashikuni ordered Lt. General Hoshinata to attack the dug in defenders in Engels which were immune to damaging ground attacks from Dive bombers. The battle was over quickly as the defenders had had their organisation destroyed by Nakajima before the attack had been launched to remove them. No advance was ordered towards Engels as Higashikuni wished to keep his strong defence in Kuybyshev.

    0800 June 29th 1948.
    The Skies Above Cyprus.
    Enemy forces were using Cyprus as a possible staging point for future invasions along the coast of the Middle East so Hata ordered Itabana to discourage the use of its port facilites.

    The two Canadian Flotillas using the port stood little chance as the bombers swooped to destroy them. There was no anti-aircraft protection on the island and no fighter cover either which made it an easy target for Itabana.

    1100 June 29th 1948.
    North China Army Headquarters. Uralsk, Soviet Union.
    Soviet industry suffered a further blow on June 29th as General Asaka arrived in Orsk. Another twelve factory complexes had been captured by the North China Army as it's speed of advance increased.

    Higashikuni did not allow Asaka to rest before ordering a further advance towards Chelyabinsk which contained a small number of factories as well as various raw materials.

    Reports from around Higashikuni's part of the front continued to indicate that the Soviets and their Allies were still moving a large number of troops east. A ground attack by Nakajima on Melekess indicated a massed movement of forces towards the province from the south west. Nakajima was going to be busy for some time to come.

    0800 June 30th 1948.
    The Skies Above Port Said.
    The new directive to reduce anti-aircraft defences before attempting to attack enemy vessels in the ports of the Mediterranean meant that Itabana would be required to smash such defences before he could try and target the Transport fleets in Port Said.

    More than one mission would be required to do this as almost half of the anti-aircraft batteries were destroyed on the first raid. Attacking such positions caused higher than normal losses but not as many as would be incurred by directly bombing the port before neutralising the defences.

    2350 June 30th 1948.
    Intelligence Offices. Tokyo, Japan.
    Kuniaki was just about to leave his office for the monthly meeting with the Emperor and the rest of the Cabinet when a messenger arrived with a report from his scientific teams.

    A collaboration between departments had resulted in a possible future development that could enhance Japanese Close Air Support aircrafts attacks against enemy shipping. Kuniaki would not give such a project a high priority but he might get to it eventually.

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    I believe the new CAS are actually not that good since they decrease soft attack (I think).

    But OMG Remble how quick did you advance through the SU . And do you actually thikn that the SU's allies will send units that could actually stop your advance?

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    Stalin can be callous and say all he wants about how little he cares about the millions of deaths and casualties, but once Nakajima finishes with this latest Soviet concentration of forces I think he'll have to reconsider the idea when your forces run free all across the Eurasian landscape, unchallenged by the millions of Soviet troops who were supposed to be just statistics.

    And yeah, I don't like the ASM Close Air Support much either. It's like the Rocket Interceptor in a sense -- decent enough in its own terms but utterly hampered by showstopping handicaps.

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    Monthly meeting about Soviet industry should be interesting!
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    German army has finaly captured Stalingrad ... wait what ???
    Last edited by Nsf; 04-04-2009 at 17:16.

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    great job! good progress all across the SU. It's sort of a pity that they cannot muster a coherent defense anymore.

    I finally won a '44 scenario with Germany (got enthused after reading your other AAR), only I still fail at Japan '44. It's that much harder not to lose your fleet. I'll have to re-read the beginning of this one. But Airforce rules the show, definitely.

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    June has proven to be a great month for Japan. Any guesses on how much longer it will take you to destroy the Soviet Union (ie capture all territory except for Albania)? I'm sure the Emperor has a rather strict timetable for this.

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    Japanese in the Suez! Amazing!

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