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Thread: The Setting Sun - Gotterdammerung, Japan 1944.

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    May be, at some point, after losing some divisions, they will propose a white peace?

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    Major Nations don't make peace offer, only with an event.

    Sowjet soldiers are now in fear of any aircraft sound.
    If i remember right, its time to make a slider movie to change politics.
    Please include it it the next monthly update.

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    i would like to see another militery intellegance find from a battle to see enemy numbers about 3 months ago? if at all possible Lord Remble of AAR
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    i'm sorry for my spelling, I know its rubbish!!!!

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    So, perhaps the first hint that Soviet numbers are beginning to restrict Japanese operations.
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    Best Case Scenario: The Soviets around Urumqi decide to walk a bit and leave themselves open to attack, while at the same time starting WWIII.

    Worst Case Scenario: You get nuked.

    Realistic Scenario: You soon get forced out of Urumqi, but bleed them white both there and in Manchuria.
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    How is your manpower like?

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    Sokraates - Enemy ORG depletion for me varies a little as to when I will attack. The situation dictates it more often than not. In most cases an interdiction tends to target one division of a stack, which is slightly annoying most of the time. In this case the CAS actually went for all three which is pretty rare.

    Had they picked on only one division I would still have attacked using my three divisions and air support. The air support works better during an actual combat for interdiction, or at least seems to. With one enemy division depleted of ORG the odds would have been 3:2 in my favour which is more than adequate for a small battle with air support.

    Larger battles have slightly different rules for me. I tend to almost ignore interdiction until the battle starts for big battles as prior bombing tends to reduce only one enemy division which is not much in a large army. Again interdiction during an actual battle seems to work a lot better. A prime example would be one of the larger attacks against Altay where the odds were fairly even. Without interdiction I would probably have lost but with it the battle was won fairly easily even with no prior softening up.

    Enemy CAS interdicted Jilin before I could shoot them down. I was still a little surprised at how easy I lost that battle though. I didn't give it a chance to develop much though. For battles like this where the odds are two to one or more against me I tend to not wait long before retreating. In this case I gave it two hours. Both of those hours saw a drop in my chances of winning so I withdrew. Harbin by contrast stays almost steady for the first few hours before the enemy starts to lose.

    "U" does seem a little significant

    Juan_de_Marco - Now why didn't I think about Switzerland. It must be my total annexation policy interfering with politics

    Panzer6 - Tedious is the more likely and thanks for supplying it

    Edzako - It makes things too easy unfortunately but I can't really decide to not sink them in the name of gaminess.

    robou - The Soviets can replace them for as long as their manpower pool holds up.

    Lascars - cjwet is correct they cannot propose a peace or the US probably already would have.

    cjwet - I was slightly late with my slider move last year so the next one is due in the first week of July and I will mention it when I do it. I will probably move towards Open Society to reduce partisan problems.

    Reado - I can do that

    stnylan - Correct. Slowly but surely their numbers are beginning to tell.

    ColossusCrusher - Realistic scenario looks about the correct one.

    Delex - Mid 30's so not great but not a total disaster either.

    The regular update will be a little different today. Firstly I will go over why I have chosen not to attack certain areas that have been suggested. This will basically just be me explaining the whys and why nots. Secondly will be an in game update which will be the minutes form the meeting between Hirohito and the Armed Forces Ministers following the March 1st monthly meeting. This will tell you the target of Operation Mystery but the updates over the next few days will cover the details of how it went.

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    Some Reasoning

    Several possible attack options have been discussed recently and I will endeavour to supply reasons why they were almost all discounted by myself.

    Mainland USA - No chance. I do not have enough troops to fight two major ground wars at once.

    Alaska - Too far and way too close to enemy air cover. This would also almost force the AI into a super stack scenario as it rushes troops to block the adjacent island to wherever I am. I have to take the AI into some consideration in this respect and it will super stack by redeployment if I try Alaska.

    Central or South America - A little too far although tempting. I would need a port closer to them and the easiest way to get one means I would have to build it off the South American coast. Delay of 6 months but is a possible future plan. I did plan Tahiti for over a year so I am not averse to this type of long range planning. My preferred attack route into the US is always through Central America if possible as the oil is closer.

    South Africa - A popular choice but even if I tried this it would be a take and leave policy like Yemen and Oman. Several hops would be required but nothing too major and then I have no idea how strong the Country is defended. It is likely to be just garrisons but I do not know that and I would not want a prolonged fight that far from home as I would lose. Would require air cover which I cannot provide right now.

    Middle East - The easiest one to achieve I think. Enemy forces are weak but it over extends my lines with the Soviets entering China. Yes it would open another front with them but they have the troops to use it more than I do and would just give them another avenue of attack. Removing Persia and Iraq would be a bonus and give me some oil and airbases but moving further north into the Soviet Union leaves me with no airbases in range. I might consider it if the Soviets advance too far in China.

    Tibet - Not for a long time. Easy to do but extra partisans are not required just now. Also provides a nice little block for the Soviets should they advance in Sinkiang.

    Siberian Invasions - On the cards most definately but I need to suck the Red Army in a little more possibly. I will be looking at the islands north shortly to see what garrison they still have there and will run my Destroyers around the coast. Once my Transports come home I can then start to annoy the heck out of the AI with multiple land and leave type of operations. I do not want to necessarily advance into Siberia as this creates added partisans but if there is no response I will.

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    Operation Mystery


    0100 March 1st 1946.
    Imperial Palace. Tokyo, Japan.
    Minutes of meeting held between Emperor Hirohito and the Armed Forces Minsters.

    Following the Cabinet meeting on March 1st 1946 the four Armed Forces Minsters accompanied the Emperor to his private audience chamber to discuss a new operation code named Operation Mystery.

    Those present:

    Emperor Hirohito
    Chief of Staff Tanigawa
    Chief of the Army Satoru
    Chief of the Airforce Jun
    Chief of the Navy Osami

    "Gentlemen please make yourselves comfortable." Hirohito said as He himself sat down. "I expect you wish to know what I have planned and you are likely to have some objections. I have thought things through and I believe that this is probably the only chance we might have for some time to conduct this operation."

    "What do you wish us to do your Majesty?" asked Tanigawa.

    "I will get to that presently but first I wish for some appraisals from you. Minister Osami what is your current estimate of the strength of the United States Navy?"

    "Probably the weakest it has been for many years your Majesty. They have eight Aircraft Carriers and a fairly large number of smaller ships but they have no Battleships left that we know of. I would say the United States Pacific fleet if weaker now than at any time during the War." came the reply.

    "And the current strength of the Imperial Japanese Navy?"

    "Not as strong or as modern as I would like but right now we probably have the largest and strongest Navy in the World."

    "That matches my opinion as well on both counts. What about the United States Army Minister Satoru?" Hirohito asked.

    "Much stronger than it was at the outset of the War but pretty limited in its ability to respond to any threat as they have little capacity to Transport troops overseas due to the efforts of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Air Force." Satoru replied.

    "Their Airforce?"

    "Probably the largest and most potent in the World your Majesty." came the reply from Minister Jun.

    "Well we all seem to be on the same page as far as this enemy is concerned. Assuming that Operation Obsolete is successful how many airbases and ports would the enemy have in the Pacific?"

    "Just Pearl Harbour your Majesty." replied Tanigawa.

    "You are presently having some problems with the enemy constantly invading behind our lines or trying to are you not?"

    "To some degree your Majesty yes we are. We are dealing with these threats as they occur though."

    "The way I see it is that we need to give the Americans something to focus their undivided attention on so that we do not have to garrison every single island between here and the United States. There is really only way to do that but it means going into the Hornet's Nest to do it. I want you to attack and capture both Midway and Hawaii. That should give the Americans something to concentrate on for a few years while we deal with the Soviets."

    "Whilst I agree with your reasoning your Majesty, should we fail we could lose almost the entire Imperial Japanese Navy. Their Carriers alone can sink most of the fleet and if they have a large airforce on Hawaii we would be in even more trouble. We also have no idea what sort of defences are on the island as we have not paid it a visit for several years." Tanigawa replied.

    "I am aware of the possible consequences. We will need to ascertain what defences it has before we go any further. You Gentlemen have plenty of things to do in the Pacific while we gather that information. Whether this operation will go ahead or not will largely depend on the number and quality of troops on Hawaii and Midway. Neither the United States Navy or Airforce are that fearsome any more but if we cannot get a foothold on the islands then the entire venture is pointless."

    "That I can agree with completely your Majesty." replied Tanigawa.

    "How long do you think you need for Operation Obsolete?"

    "Maybe two to three months your majesty. It very much depends on the defences of Australia and New Zealand. Most of the targets in the remainder of the Pacific we already know are fairly lightly garrisoned." Tanigawa replied.

    "I would just like to raise one point before we go any further your Majesty." stated Minster Jun.

    "Go ahead Minster Jun." Hirohito replied.

    "Hawaii and Midway are both outside our possible air cover so any operations against those islands will not be supported by the Imperial Japanese Air Force."

    "That is indeed so and thank you for bringing that point up. We will need to capture Pearl Harbour fairly quickly, before it can be reinforced, to give Minster Jun's aircraft somewhere to fly from. That is if its not already too well garrisoned." replied Hirohito. "Any further questions Gentlemen? No? Minster Osami can you have one of your Submarine Flotillas take a look at the targets please and report back its findings."

    "Of course your Majesty. It will take a week or so to obtain the report as we have nothing too close right now." Osami replied.

    "That will be fine. We shall talk again once these reports arrive. Good day Gentlemen." Hirohito ended the meeting.

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    As you have pointed out, trying to capture Midway and Hawaii does carry significant risks. Of course, if it succeeds, your hand will be improved. Afterall, I don't think Japan can afford to be bloodied twice over Midway.
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    I've had good luck with a strategy of garrisoning Johnson Island and Midway Island. Fortify both with coast batteries, AA, radar, and airfields. In my particular case, I had also fortified Phoenix Island, but found it overkill.
    This will allow your air force to dominate the sea.

    Midway should be your first target...Then Hawaii...

    My favorite MASH quote was Hawkeye, of course, about Hawaii, "Love the booze, hate the music."
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    Well, that was just the best path for an offensive.

    Considering the amount of troops that you'll free by doing so, the operation will pay itself in no time.

    Fortifying the archipelago might be a good idea. Building radars should boost your NAVs and if you are in range of their bombers, AAs would be nice too.

    Good luck!

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    That would give the yanks something to think about... losing every Island in the Pacific...

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    Nice plan!
    So japanese soldiers in hawaii shirts and short pants will have beach parties and long drinks in hawaii instead of the americans. So Japan will controll all holiday domicils in the pacific.
    American soldiers have to find another way to relax.

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    A very natural target.
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    Plz for the good of the AAR lets hope that the US defends those islands...
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    In my opinion, you should now complete the Pacific and focus only on SU. After that, there will still be plenty of options to attack. I would start with Middle East.
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    Awesome analyst this Hirohito, i wonder how he get his country in this situation.
    May be some air support could be available if you take some islands south of Hawaii - Phoenix, Johnson, but first, of course Midway. May IJN revenge Midway.

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    Woo hoo ...
    Hawaiii, here we come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stnylan
    A very natural target.
    Especially if you looked closely at an old damaged report where you can see submarines heading for Hawaii...

    This was a good hint.
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