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Thread: The Setting Sun - Gotterdammerung, Japan 1944.

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    Well at least the Yanks are out of the Marshalls, but the situation on the Soviet Fronts does not look favourable...

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    You do realize that yours is the 2,000th post?

    Remble, do you think you can halt the Soviet advance in the long run? I would be scared to death by looking merely at the Espionage screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DvD-IT
    You do realize that yours is the 2,000th post?

    Remble, do you think you can halt the Soviet advance in the long run? I would be scared to death by looking merely at the Espionage screen.

    Yeah yours is the 2000th post of this thread! You won U$$10^19!!!!! Click here <some link ended by .exe> to claim your prize now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stnylan
    The campaign in that particular island grouping appears to be reaching a successful conclusion.
    Such a well-written and contained statement befitting the 2 000th post, I think. And excellent timing.
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    more than 100 pages and 2000 posts. this is the best AAR i have ever read.

    thanks Remble, go for Russkies

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    you would hve thought that by now they would have fired spruence due to total incompetance, foe some strange reason i keep thinking of G W bush.
    Ever the optimist
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    spelzing sorry

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    Nice update, I had to laugh at the fleet Spruance was "commanding", It looks like he is a land-lubber now.

    Glad to see some succesfull battles with the Soviets so far.

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    Fighting the Soviets with Japan is always so slow...
    "May the Earth tremble with Beer... euh, Fear"

    "Never change a winning avatar..."

    "Si hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionis habes."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murmurandus
    Fighting the Soviets with Japan is always so slow...
    You mean fun. The russian army is by now a good fighting machine and for once Japan doens't have china to back them up... Will be very interesting...
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    Ouch. Losing a naval bomber wing is painful... especially with all those US CVs still running around!
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    Quote Originally Posted by safferli
    Ouch. Losing a naval bomber wing is painful... especially with all those US CVs still running around!
    How are you planning to expand your air force (bombers and fighters)? American carriers, bombers and fighters will become only more modern every month and you will need a lot of bombers for Asian campaign alone.

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    Fgorginator - Not quite yet, we are at a slow simmer

    darthkommandant - Mongolia will be safe I think but I might have a small chance to take it. Fortunately the Naval bomber loss comes at about the least critical time it could. CV's for certain and I might actually build BC's with CVL's just for a change and a bit of flavour.

    Middelkerke - Thank you.

    1. Most of the time yes, but I used them all as the enemy force was a little too large to stay within command limit. I wanted it over quickly with minimum losses.

    2. The only bombers I have that can reach that area are TAC's and they are busy around Vladivostok. The CAS cannot get anywhere near that far.

    alan_le_cowboy - Thanks. They are out of supply for most of the day, every day. I think they might be regretting losing some trade agreements.

    Krogzar - Thank you and welcome. Replying to comments was always something I had intended to do. It is polite if nothing else and it shows that I do read them all and take notice.

    Sokraates - It has been a few pages since a monthly update. I had to go back 9 pages to compare notes. My CAS can kill anything including tanks with ease. Experience is a much more powerful thing than a modern aircraft.

    Reado - The AI has had a few repair problems this game. First the British trying to use Bombay and now Spruance.

    stnylan - Looks like my island hopping days are over.

    robou - The situation on the Soviet front does not look favourable for who?

    DvD-IT - 2000 posts already. They do seem to accumulate at a steady pace which is quite encouraging. I expect the Soviets to soundly thrash me. Well, for a few months to a year anyway

    harezmi - Thank you very much

    rampagingmouse - Well at least Spruance is trying, Nimitz has been hiding for most of the time.

    Maj. von Mauser - Success and the Soviets are two words that will not be seen together much duirng the coming months I fear.

    Murmurandus - Sort of like fighting China with Japan isn't it

    safferli - 4 CV's is 4 too many but the bombers loss was timely enough.

    zdlugasz - I will probably build more TAC at some point. I don't want more than 16 CAS or I can obliterate the Red Army too easily, sort of like why I won't build more NAV's.

    Monthly update to follow ...

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    Update (May 1st 1946)

    0000 May 1st 1946.
    Imperial Palace. Tokyo, Japan.
    "Good morning your Majesty, Gentlemen." Hideki began the monthly meeting. "We will begin with an Industrial briefing today."

    "Your Majesty, Gentlemen, good morning. We currently have no major concerns although a few things have changed since the War began with the Soviet Union." Ginjiro began.

    "Our overall production had increased by six factory complexes. The added capacity has come from Australia and New Zealand from their rebuilt factories.

    Our stockpiles are sufficient for several months of further production with no expected problems with either metal or rare materials. Energy has begun to decrease rapidly once more with very little spare on the open market. We should have enough to last for the remainder of the year if no other supplies can be found. Oil looks worse than it is and this should drop considerably once we halt advancing in the Pacific and switch to a defensive footing.

    Supplies are going through their usual cycle with the current number higher than is normal. We are slowly increasing our supply reserves and this should begin to grow faster now that we no longer produce excess to trade with the Soviets. Manpower reserves have dropped by seven thousand due to minor losses in most combat zones. Any major land battles are likely to deplete our reserves a great deal and should be avoided if at all possible.

    Current reinforcements are mostly for aircraft and ships and do not require a huge amount of manpower. We our down to needing fifty six divisions upgraded. This does not include most of our interceptor squadrons which are not to upgrade until further technology has been researched.

    Our convoy system is sufficient to cover all our present needs with a fairly good surplus of vessels. Transport Capacity has increased due to the conquest of Australia and New Zelaand and an increase in offensive supplies mostly in Asia.

    Current production is as follows:

    2 x Close Air Support squadrons - complete on June 7th.
    3 x Destroyer Flotillas - ongoing.
    2 x Light Carriers - ongoing.
    3 x Convoy Flotillas - ongoing.
    1 x Convoy Escorts - ongoing.
    1 x Naval Bomber squadron - completes in August.

    The only production change was to replace a lost Naval bomber squadron. Nothing further for me today." Ginjiro concluded.

    "Intelligence please."

    "Good morning your majesty, Gentlemen." Kuniaki began. "No new agents have been placed either abroad or at home due to limited financing. Reports are subject to the normal inaccuracies as a result."

    "Soviet industry has dropped by one factory which we captured to the north east of Mongolia. They researched an Advanced Self Propelled Artillery model. Upgrades for this are likely to take some time as they are still in the process of upgrading their massive amount of infantry.

    Ground forces cannot accurately be compared as some one hundred divisions were still redeploying last month. The numbers shown represent almost their entire army with some small redeployments still occuring. We have killed roughly ten divisions during the last month with our bomber squadrons. These could easily have been replaced.

    No changes to either the Soviet Airforce or Navy. Some minor encounters have occured between the Imperial Japanese Air Force and the Soviets which we won. Once they bring some fighters or interceptors to the region this could change."

    "The United Kingdom seem to have acquired some rare materials from somwhere, most probably from the United States. I do not think they would have enough to sustain full production for long unless a major trade has been negotiated between the two Countries. No research projects were completed.

    A small increase in infantry numbers and a decrease in small ship numbers are all that is noticable from my reports, and these are mostly inaccurate with the very limited amount of agents I have in the Country."

    "No change to United States production and no completed research projects.

    Infantry numbers dropped by five divisions which tallies somewhat with the known losses in the Pacific. One armoured division was also lost originally from Brazil.

    Air force numbers are not worth mentioning as they are so inaccurate. Apparently we sunk a Carrier which I put down to a new agent not familiar with the differences between a Fleet Carrier and a Support Carrier. One smaller ship was also lost overall which would mean they replaced most of the vessels we sank."

    "We completed two projects. A new type of Aircraft Carrier and an Advanced computing system. No new technology is expected for at least a month with a new Close Air Support variant due to complete first. Nothing further." Kuniaki concluded.

    "Military please."

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    "Good morning your Majesty, Gentlemen." Tanigawa began. "Operation Obsolete concluded during April with all of its objectives completed. The United States now only possess two airbase and port facilites in the Pacific Ocean. These are on Attu Island and Hawaii. Attu Island is a possible operation for us to consider for a second time now that the snows have melted. We are currently clearing out the Marshall Islands which is almost complete and these islands should be fully controlled within the next few days. We still have one operation ongoing and that is Operation Mystery. I shall brief you on progress after this meeting your Majesty."

    "Thank you Minister Tanigawa." said Hirohito.

    "Your welcome your Majesty. Asia is still moderately quiet considering the forces involved. Both sides have made some advances but there have been no major conflicts so far. We are playing a game of cat and mouse for the time being. The remainder of our Tactical bombers have moved to China and will begin operations as soon as they are fully repaired and upgraded. Upgrades are still ongoing to the squadrons already involved in combat. This process should be completed sometime during May. I will hand you over to Minister Satoru for a more detailed briefing." Tanigawa concluded.

    "Thank you Minister Tanigawa. Your Majesty, Gentlemen, good morning. I shall begin with the Pacific where operations are winding down and forces are altering in composition as a result." Satoru began.

    "There is only one real area of conflict, the Marshall Islands. A small enemy fleet is being bombed in Samoa by our half Naval bomber wing. This fleet contains damaged Destroyers and Submarines. There have been no sightings of the enemy Carriers that remain. They are likely sticking close to either Pearl Harbour or the western seaboard of the United States. We have no intention of moving further fowards in the southern Pacific which means we shall revert to a defensive position.

    The three Heavy Cruiser Flotillas will move forwards to cover the areas shown. This should provide us with a very good advanced warning of enemy ships approaching and these fleets should be able to turn anything around unless it contains major enemy forces. The addition of a Light Carrier to these fleets should aid in force detection to prevent any penetration of the line, resulting in the possible loss of islands to the west of the line.

    Forces defending the Marshalls are yet to be decided but are likely to contain at least one Battleship Fleet. This area is the most likely assault point for the Allies as it is closest to Hawaii. We still have a much larger force than we would like in Australia but none can be spared until some garrisons can replace them. We might be able to free some divisions from the Pacific once all of our current operations are complete.

    The only unknown in the Pacific is how fast the Americans can rebuild a more modern fleet. We still estimate it will take them a year minimum if they sustain no further Carriers losses. Taking into account the previous years of conflict in the Pacific it took the Allies three years to obtain a foothold in the Mariana Islands. We would estimate that it will take them at least that long to do the same again if we do not update the Imperial Japanese Navy. The United States Navy has been almost wiped out as fighting force over the last year and it takes a very long time for even the Americans to replace those losses."

    "The Marshall Islands contain no enemy forces anymore. The two islands remaining in the region both have invasion forces already on the way to them. We should hold the entire island chain inside two days. Our forces will then reorganise for other manouvers currently planned. That concludes the Pacific."

    "Asia has changed a little during April. The green dots represent our advances and the blue ones are for the Soviets. The enemy has captured nothing but undefended provinces so far and we now have a much better idea of their full offensive deployment. It might be possible to remove Mongolia but it is unlikely for the moment."

    "Looking in slightly more detail at the various areas. We start with north Korea and Manchukuo. This area has seen the majority of the Soviet advances in April. We can see that their options for further free territory are severely limited. Harbin is the likely point of attack and additional forces are currently redeploying to Mukden where they will then advance to reinforce Harbin. These deployments will conclude by the 7th. There is a substantial enemy force to the north and east which is heading to reinforce this area."

    "The center is mostly Mongolia where we are advancing for the time being. Our advance is merely to slow down a corresponding one from our enemy. The large enemy force highlighted in the north east of this sector prevents us making any further forward progress. We are advancing on the Mongolian capital but it is still a few weeks away as the march is through mountains."

    "We have withdrawn in the north west of China. We will hold Urumqi for as long as possible but it is merely a case of time before we will lose the province. We have redeployed south to guard the mountains of northern India to try and delay any Soviet advance in this area. Again these forces will likely be overwhelmed at some point. The large hole in the middle is intentional. Korla is a marsh and will take months to cross. We will simply board trains and move around it or march around it, we have no intention of defending it at all. The mountains further east are better terrain and offer us air support."

    "India is unchanged. No enemy force build up from the Allies so far. In time they will mass enough troops here but is probable that we shall abandon Karachi before this happens. Any major thrust by the Soviets in the north of India will leave us no option but to withdraw to a new defensive line because we do not have enough troops to hold a long solid front here. Nothing more from me so over to Minister Osami for an update on the Imperial Japanese Navy." Satoru concluded.

    "Thank you. Good morning your Majesty, Gentlemen." began Osami. "The Pacific has turned very quiet of late with very few contacts being made with enemy shipping. Losses have been mild all around as we solidify our position."

    "This past month has seen the lowest shipping losses for some time. Losses are as follows:

    Japanese losses

    1 x Submarine Flotilla - 19. Unterseebootsflottille.

    Brazilian Losses

    1 x Light Cruiser.
    1 x Transport Flotilla.

    Mexican Losses

    1 x Transport Flotilla.

    British Losses

    3 x Transport Flotillas.

    American Losses

    9 x Destroyer Divisions.
    1 x Submarine Division.
    6 x Transport Divisions.

    Mostly American losses and more towards escort ships than usual. This is largely due to the bombing of Samoa. The British losses are all thought to be from inherited Commonwealth Naval forces rather than newly built flotillas. The Imperial Japanese Navy is in very good condition but the upgrades to our Carrier aircraft are progressing a little slower than I would like. Done." concluded Osami.

    "Very good Gentlemen. We have ample space to trade just about everywhere and it looks like our main effort now will be directed towards the hordes from the Steppes. I have every confidence in our ability to stop them reaching anywhere of importance, although or puppet state leaders are a little nervous." Hirohito stated as he stood and left the meeting followed by Minister Tanigawa.

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    Lots of people say: "You might hunt me down and kill me!" This is incorrect, nobody loves you.
    I would have thought the Americans would be out of ships by now.

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    Just one thing - shouldn't it be hordes, instead of hoards?
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    i fear that that you will run out of manpower, then you are done for... However, is there any realistic way the Soviets can ever get to your home islands?

    Sons of Santiago - Restored Narrative AAR for Victoria II

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    Quote Originally Posted by robou
    i fear that that you will run out of manpower, then you are done for... However, is there any realistic way the Soviets can ever get to your home islands?
    Maybe your right. But a fighting retreat in China while holding Korea (moutains and rivercrossing) And then once china is lost transport all the troops to the home country and hold on until 1964
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    wow it's taken me a long long time to catch up! new to these boards and this is the first aar i have followed. absolutely superb - both the game play and the writing skills. really enjoying this and looking forward to the ultimate conclusion. keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fgorginator
    I would have thought the Americans would be out of ships by now.
    With their industrial base, i would expect them to pump out about twenty carriers a year.
    Stéphane "Alias" Gallay -- French-speaking, RPG-writing, prog rock-listening, Mac-using freak

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