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Thread: World under siege

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    World under siege


    soundtrack: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dwnldl
    (someone could tell me how to make it nondownloadable just to listen ;] )

    World, from what it was 15 years ago, did not changed. Uncertain death of "Messiah" of Socialism, isolationist Soviet Union fighting little wars in Asia and Africa failed to create Eurafrasian entity and withdrawn from scene. The Comity of Common Help representatives met their equals from Defense Cooperation Initiative, to set aside their differences and debate on how to get off their grim legacy over World. As the first colonies on Mars grow, it came to common sense, that both camps must now secede their fighting, as they continuesly fail to destroy each other. World torn, by many wars, is in crisis, ruins of old superpowers now not only are combustive areas for fightings, they are also places, of great struggle and despair as large populations starve. With much of Icebergs melted many areas drowned although new technologies allowed to clear the skies...

    Will old powers rise from ashes like Soviets did long ago? will the peace between CCH and DCI last? or maybe something else will happen...
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    As i have and i will have I will never forget the influence this game gave me. I have decided that, in HoI stylish version, will try to grace you with my (still) written poem.
    Originally i tried to make a mod but i failed although i had few things ready... (like world resources) So it shall be HoI stylish out of HoI ARR then. As to make it more HoI i will use for battle plans maps of HoI (even when it is what i hate in HoI 8) )
    IT is for you my fellow players and creators but do not complain when you read m book and find differences(this part is fresh might be upgraded).

    But of course feel free to make the mod if this arr is in your liking :]
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    Interesting idea. Can't wait for more.
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    Is this based on a game or something?
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    Looks interesting, good start. I'll be watching!
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    It looks cool!

    Give me your first update!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral Yamamot
    It looks cool!

    Give me your first update!!
    No, give ME your update!

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    FallenMorgan: Is this based on a game or something?

    no :] as i said on my poem :]

    The UN meeting
    "Cooperation and relations must be done the same, if not... you may end backstabed"

    Shevchenko and his allies made their bases not so far from DCI and meeting quarters. Everything was in buildings, which lower parts were floated, as the New Orleans were now, a city in the ocean.
    Shevchenko was going down the hall when he met German Chancellor.

    Von Brun: Gutten tag Comrade.
    Schevchenko: I was just coming to you. Did your men detected any spywares?
    Von Brun: No. Nor did French.
    Schevchenko: Good. Confederates have close ties with you. What should we expect?
    Von Brun: Oh, if they feel they are loosing, they won't back off. I think luring them, to be the winning side, might prove of great use.
    Schevchenko: Look outside the window. Destruction we lied, on the World... This century was supposed to be of peace.
    Von Brun: And we ended off peace. But was it so bad? We are on Mars have cities on Moon and etc.

    Then a voice from communicators: Meeting will start in ten minutes

    Von Brun: Lets go
    Schevchenko: I will take Rei, let her see.

    Schevchenko did take Rei. CCT representatives came to thei transports. They lifted and flew, to next building, were DCI just arrived.

    News: The summit have just began. The World awaits its final. If CCT and DCI decide to cooperate there will be no opposition strong enough...
    ?: Will be?

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    When the meeting started Schevchenko sat next to Secretary Moren

    Schevchenko: Remember to be calm
    Moren: I know fool

    Representative of Confederacy: I want to greet everyone who came here. First of all let us discuss, our situation, our needs. Our situation is that we are in grim need for food supply
    Schevchenko: Most of us are as well!
    Representative of DCI: Not you Soviet!
    Schevchenko: So does Australia and Canada!
    Representative of Confederacy: Lets talk about other shall we?
    Shevchenko: As to the borders i propose to make them stay
    Representative of RSA: And let you be so... large?
    Von Brun: I propose to form commissions on every sector of the world to make it more
    peace full
    Australian: Then we wish to have control over Indonesia.
    Canada: Over US with of course cooperation with Seattle Republic.
    CCT leaders came to them selves
    Schevchenko: What you think?
    Moren: We will know, if the make the move, but so they will for us...
    Cruix: It may ease to food needs by forcing these nations but it isn't our policy...
    Schechenko: Indeed, but if we do not do this, they may see it as act of war, and... complete secession of world and that means...
    Von Brun: Even less food... Is Congo still relying on Soviet supply?
    Abinga: Yes... We might use this dominance...
    Schevchenko: May the people forgive us...
    Schevchenko standed up: We accept
    Indonesian(not in any alliance): This is outrage!!!

    Same said other countries but this meeting was in matter of fact over...

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    this looks very interesting. good luck, and great job so far.
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    And so few years have passed... Resistance was futile... The world powers stamped on everyone. But the uneasy cooperation was to end. A small uprise was to begin world resistance...

    Media reporter: We have acquired an connection to our secret operative inside tank division which as we heard is approaching a village in which police was abolished and forces are now to enter

    Voice from transmission We are nearing target... Wait we have received an order to attack the village... NO! Stop! those are civilians!
    Other voice: What we... Are you transmitting this??? WHY YO... What the hell...

    end of transmission

    media reporter: We have lost transmission we do not know what happened

    The CCh commanders were watching this from their military satellites and have something much worse to inform...

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    That is a crazy world set up! The battle lines even run thru Antarctica. Very novel idea, I'm eager to see where you take it.
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    ohhh they would run through moon mars and venus :] but i do not have the maps... so they will be just as "events" ;]

    (especially would because in my novel(or whatever) final battle is on mars :] )

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    And the commies will sin this final battle... or maybe they won't?
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    oh sin shall be on every side :]

    commies are actually be the ones that will mostly partake in matters ;]

    i will just tell you final battle will be soooo important for everyone that every nation with starfleet will go on to fight with enemy

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    In the Fortress of Republics (pyramid) In Nova district in Moscow SovNarKom commissars have gathered to discuss

    Schevchenko: So one of our satellites was shot down...

    A hologram activated in center of large circular table

    Laan(Finn): And that means someone of those poor countries who haven't even developed the antigravity amplifier have technology of Lumen Inferor...

    Grustny: I show you this map... As you see in areas marked blue we have spotted, by satellites, unknown forces which cooperate with insurgent states. I presume they are the authors of attack

    hologram changed

    Grustny: Our allies are so troubled they brought in some forces from colonies... But only their ground forces were attacked only our ship was attacked and yet we do not know who supplied this army

    Salansky(not polish Alaskian): OH that smells of something

    Laan: You suggesting it is planned?

    Schevchenko: We are to be used again... No we shall not involve in this and even send some dispatch to our colonies

    All(12 commissars): Agreed

    Grustny: One thing more our southern republics may feel the wind

    Trobov: No fear our garrisons should handle any disturbance

    Schevchenko: Well we must get something. Our people as well as our allies are unhappy with with world order and DCI thinks we supply them. If no one has anything to ad now I think that is all for today
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    I do not know why i'm so lazy that i can't make more regular updates
    so i ask
    should i continue?

    World IC

    As you can see a, very, very industrialized world, but it is not, as it would be that LARGE armies make a living front through entire world. Everyone seen that it would be catastrophe, after III Cratic War between Allies(CCH) and Sino-Indian alliance.
    Soviets barely made it... thanks to allies and freshly developed first space ships.
    It came to a common sense to create army of quality-over-quantity. Units started to become larger and better and with that needed more supplies and IC
    (besides ofter III Cratic War Asia fell into anarchy and no one was able to feed such human mass. People started killing people, local wars etc... and cities of Soviet and few of Europe suffered nuclear attacks, so there is no large man power)

    Continuing fights between rebels and DCI/other neutrals continue and some involvement from CCH closer-to-the-front members.

    Rebels fighting against UN Treaty from New Orleans are doing quite well.
    However still Shevchenko was against involvement.
    China revolted, as well directly violating peace treaty, attacked Shanxi and Taiwan. Kongo standing by, happened to have border fights, as military shipments go through them. Corporation-state present in Rocky Mountains
    Forced California into submission and started fights with Seattle Soviet.

    Grystny entering corridor with Shechenko

    Grystny: Those forces appear to have secret bases and amassing amounts of rares and metal...

    Shevchenko: If you think, they can attack us, send spies and commandos, but I am more worried about China... Mobilize Pretorians
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