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Thread: Game crashes when I start single player

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    Game crashes when I start single player

    Friday I bought and downloaded Doomsday and Armageddon from GG. I installed DD, patched it to 1.3 and tried playing it. When I click single player, everything looks fine but as soon as I click a flag my monitor shuts down. I tried this multiple times, with different flags. Sometimes I can still hear music playing, sometimes I can't. I also once got a warning on my monitor saying something about "out of range" and then something with frequencies. Before I could figure out what it meant, it was gone.

    Also, the first crash reset my BIOS settings to default (which is kind of strange I guess). I set my BIOS to the right values and none of the later crashes reset them again.

    The tutorial plays fine (although I did not run through all the missions, but at least I could normally load one).

    I uninstalled DD. Updated my Video drivers. Installed DD, ARMA, and ARMA 1.1. It worked fine once, but then the problem returned.

    Here are my specs:
    Windows XP Pro SP2
    AMD Athlon 64, 1800 Mhz, 3000+.
    1 Gb Ram
    ATI RADEON 9600, with Catalyst 7.11 drivers (newest available)
    Realtek AC'97 Audio

    Please let me know if you need some more information. I hope that you can help me because I am really looking forward to playing the game!

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    Maybe an audio problem?
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    Theokrat, thanks for you response. In general, when I click a flag and start reading the brief history that is given, the crash occurs after some time.

    I installed the latest audio drivers. The problem persists, but it seems to take a bit longer before the crash happens.

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    you can try to switch the music off in the settings file (in the main DD folder)


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    Thanks, but I tried that too. Didn't make a difference. (Good thing though because I like playing with music.)

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    Try and rename your avi folder to avi.old

    Set colourdepth to 16bit and resolution to 1024x768.
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    A bit late, but for anyone having the same problem: The cause is described here.

    The solution (for me) was to do the following three things in the BIOS:
    1. Set AGP speed to 4x instead of 8x.
    2. Set the Memory to 32 MB (which is wrong) instead of 128 MB (which is correct).
    3. Disable fast writing.

    My guess is that 3 by itself is enough, but I don't want to try it.

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    edit: i solved the problem already thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaute65
    Try and rename your avi folder to avi.old

    Set colourdepth to 16bit and resolution to 1024x768.
    Thx alot this did it for me but i would like using 2560X160 as i am used to the big screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikwesterberg
    Thx alot this did it for me but i would like using 2560X160 as i am used to the big screen
    Well 2560x160 definitely qualifies as widescreen, but I don't know about big...

    Anyway, you should look for Lord Ederon's hack, but I don't think it supports 2560x1600.

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