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Thread: Game crashes in the end of a mission

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    Game crashes in the end of a mission

    I am now at the end of the mission where i must find the 2 transports in the Guardian mines. After i escort the ships to the RV, a cinematic starts and the game crshes every time on the same spot with this message:

    TSimpleNode.ChildByName fault: incorect name: RadarMarker_mission7_en5_hangar_cp
    TDesktop.GetChild fault: control not found. See file "[DesktopTree]_All_For_Debug".

    I have the version of the game, latest video drivers, XP SP2 and the following PC config:
    Sempron 2800+ (@2200)
    1GB ram
    GF 7300GT 256MB DDR3
    Playing the game on "mid" details.

    Havent reinstalled the game, cause i couldn't find the saves, and i don't wanna start the game all over. So please tell me if there is a solution of the problem or just tell me how to backup my savegames.

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    Welcome to the boards.

    Save games should be located under the Tarr Chronicles installation folder under the following path:


    <someprofileid> = a value set by the game

    after the .... there will be several subfolders one for each save I believe.

    As for your error, I did a search on the quazar forum and it looks like others had to uninstall and reinstall to get past it, but Im not 100% that those errors are the same as yours as I dont have the time to check.
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    Thanks for the fast answer, i will try to reinstall the game now and i will post the results later.
    Best regards.

    Reinstalled the game - full reinstall, deleting all the files.
    The problem persists. I even tried to load a previous save, or to restart the whole mission - no result. The game keeps crashing on the same spot.
    Obviously i have to wait for a patch. Bad, i was on mission 7, as far as i know just 2 missions before the end..
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