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Thread: Variable mini-mod

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    Variable mini-mod

    A description of the variable system for storing data is in the next post. this post will explain how to install it. If you distribute any content taken from TN please mention me.

    1. Download the latest version of Terra Nova. http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/....php?p=6488095
    2. create a mod if you dont have one. there is link to a guide to make mods in the guides sticky thread in the mod forum of EU3.
    3. copy from TN to the mod/modname folder add:
    common/countries.txt (or copy the line of code with VAR into your file)
    events/ (any that you want, none are required)
    history/countries/var - variable.txt
    4. you are done but you can look at TN events for VAR commands to see how it can be usefull in storing data.
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    there is a example of how to make a event use the cheat system here

    there is a description of the Variable system here

    If you use the Terra Nova mod, do not mix it with this Variable mod as events in both of them share the same ID's (same events).

    cheat system
    Immigration event
    Slavery event sysytem
    Joust Events

    1,,,,,,,aristocracy_plutocracy (cheat system)
    2,,,,,,,centralization_decentralization (immigration events)
    3,,,,,,,innovative_narrowminded (slave events)
    4,,,,,,,mercantilism_freetrade (joust participants)
    5,,,,,,,offensive_defensive (private banks)
    6,,,,,,,land_naval (trade league)
    7,,,,,,,quality_quantity (indian trade company)
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    download the TN random.txt (will work with variable mod 3.16) if you want the slavery events. delete migration.txt or it will conflict.
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