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Thread: Corsican Dawn: The Rise of House Obertenghi

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    Too bad!

    Just started reading this and was loving it; sorry to hear the bad news. You had me itching to read about The Brothers' War from the moment Pandulf dropped an offhand reference to it in the chronicle. And I would love to read a full "contemporary" evaluation of St. Demetrio, with all the murders and marrying the infidel's daughter and all. Oh, well.

    Hopefully you'll grace us with another CK AAR one of these days. Thanks for even this unfortunately-truncated goodness.

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    Seconded. Jimbo's just come back on to the forums, so perhaps here and now is appropriate to ask if there's ever going to be another AAR in the works?
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    Indeed, I would like to read another top quality AAR by JimboiX - just remember to make backup copies of savegame from time to time.

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    Savegame copies are a must in the future I think, thank you all for looking over this again. I do hope to write another AAR eventually, time permitting. A few games I think might be good material.
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