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Thread: A Creek without a Paddle - Gotterdammerung, Germany 1944.

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    A Creek without a Paddle - Gotterdammerung, Germany 1944.

    A Creek without a Paddle

    0000 June 20th 1944.
    Reichstag Building. Berlin, Germany.
    Full Cabinet meeting.

    The meeting was not going as planned for Head of State, Adolf Hitler.

    "You have brought Germany to its knees with your meddling. You will no longer have control of The Reich and, quite frankly, you either accept our proposal or you will be removed." Chief of Staff, Heinz Guderian.

    "I am the Fuhrer, how dare you speak to me so! I will have you all shot for this!"

    "Julius, you have SS-Gruppenfuehrer Hermann Fegelein at Headquarters correct?" Guderian to new Chief of the Army, Julius Ringel.

    "Of course Heinz."

    Two dull thuds are heard.

    "Well Gentlemen, lets see if we can save our country from ruin shall we. Julius have the Gruppenfuehrer suitably attired and send him on vacation to Obersalzberg with his sister in law." Head of Government, Martin Bormann.

    "Reports, and make them brief we all have a lot to do."


    *** Weekly AAR Showcase August 10th 2007 ***

    *** Favorite Gameplay AAR, HoI 1/2 First equal 2007 Q3 ***

    *** Favorite Gameplay AAR, HoI 1/2 2007 Q4 ***


    Index of Pages


    Page Links - 4 8 12 16 20 24

    June (Pages 1 -6)
    Initial Reports - Holding the line in the West - Orderly withdrawal in the East

    July (Pages 6 - 9)
    Reinforcements arrive in the West - Air Superiority achieved over France - Bitter fighting in the East in Poland - Stalemate in Italy - Counter attacks begin in France forcing the Allies back - Finland Changes Sides July 19th

    August (Pages 9 - 13)
    The Allies continue to be forced towards the French Coast - Soviet forces threaten to Breakthrough in Poland - Warsaw Uprising

    September (Pages 13 - 18)
    Allies removed from France September 10th - 28 Allied divisions invade Nantes and are captured - Carnage in southern Poland as both sides fight for Stryj - Lebanon declares War - The rain begins to arrive as casualties mount in Poland

    October 1st - December 30th (Pages 18 - 24)
    Bitter fighting continues in Poland until snow halts all Offensive action - Allied forces removed from Mainland Italy October 30th - Winter Calm decends


    Page Links - 28 32 36 40 44 48

    January 1st - April 30th (Pages 25 - 27)
    Air battles over Europe and the Soviet Union - Troop build up in the East

    May (Page 28 - 32)
    Barbarossa II OOB - Air Superiority achieved on the Eastern Front - Barbarossa II begins - Yemen declares War - 100 Soviet divisions killed or captured

    June (Pages 32 - 37)
    Kiev captured - Soviet southern line begins to collapse in early June - Hard fighting on northern front

    July 1st - August 30th (Pages 37 - 43)
    Total collapse of Soviet southern flank - Northern flank crumbles to constant fighting - Stalingrad captured - Soviet center surrounded - 200 Soviet divisions captured or killed

    September 1st - December 30th (Pages 44 - 50)
    Leningrad and Moscow captured in August - Finland annexed - Red Army totally destroyed - Baku and Sverdlovsk captured in September - Forces begin redeployment - Spain invaded and annexed - Bitter peace November 22nd


    Page Links - 52 56 60 64

    January 1st - April 30th (Pages 51 - 57)
    Portugal invaded - Offensive begins in Middle East - Iraq, Persia, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Liberia, Oman, Afghanistan annexed

    May 1st - July 31st (Pages 57 - 62)
    Sweden, France, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet annexed - India occupied - Ethipia Annexed - South Africa invaded - Advances throughout Africa and the Far East

    August 1st - December 30th (Pages 62 - 67)
    South Africa, Portugal, Belgium annexed - War declared on China and Siam - Japanese and German ground forces meet - Indian ocean islands captured - Forces muster in South America - Siam annexed - Breakout begins in South America - Chinese forces pushed back


    Page Links - 68 72 76 80 84

    January 1st - May 30th (Pages 67 - 75)
    China annexed February 8th - Venezuela annexed - American forces in China attacked - Columbia annexed - Panama Canal captured - Peru declares War - mediterranean cleared - The Kriegsmarines new fleets set sail April 10th - Communist China annexed - The Kriegsmarine takes on the Royal navy and United States Navy in the Atlantic - Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua annexed - Advances in Asia to reduce American territory

    June 1st - August 30th (Pages 75 - 79)
    Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala annexed - Secret operations begin in the Pacific - New Zealand Annexed - The Kriegsmarine does some island hopping - Major naval encounters with the United States Navy - Bolivia, Peru annexed

    September 1st - December 30th (Pages 80 - 87)
    Paraguay, Uraguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile annexed - Naval battles continue in the Pacific - More islands captured - Further progress against American forces in Asia - War declared on Soviet Union on November 22nd - Mongolia annexed


    Page Links - 88 92 96 100 104 108

    January 1st - March 30th (Pages 88 - 93)
    More Naval battles as island hopping continues - Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic annexed - Soviet Union annexed February 7th - Australia invaded - Advances into the southern United States

    April 1st - May 30th (Pages 93 - 98)
    Advance slows in the United States - Invasions of Borneo, Indonesia and the Philippines - Naval combat with the United States Navy

    June 1st - August 30th (Pages 98 - 104)
    Cuba, Australia annexed - Island hopping in the Pacific - American super stack defeated in Fukuoka - Pearl Harbour captured - American troops fight back in the United States

    September 1st - December 30th (Pages 104 - 110)
    Initial advance of American troops in the United States - Heeresgruppe Mitte arrives in Vancouver - American northern forces crushed - Major Naval combat off the United States west coast - Advances throughout the United States and Canada


    Page Links - 112 116 120

    January 1st - February 30th (Pages 111 - 115)
    More advances in America - Island hopping the carribean - The Kriegsmarine fights the Royal Navy - Canada annexed February 21st

    March 1st - May 6th (115 - 122)
    War Declared on Turkey and Switzerland - United States annexed March 25th - Switzerland and Turkey Annexed - Naval battles with the Royal navy around the British Isles - Ireland annexed - United Kingdom annexed May 5th - Final Reports

    Scenario : Gotterdammerung 1944.
    Country : Germany.
    Difficulty : Normal / Normal.
    Version : DD v1.3a.
    Mods : None.
    Immediate Aim : Survival.
    Long Term Aim : World Conquest.
    Initial Situation : Not good.

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    Every '44 AAR is welcomed .
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    We have many 44 AAR's there.Thank God they're all good ones
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    wtf? am i coming back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akaki
    Every '44 AAR is welcomed .

    Good luck Remble!

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    Akaki - I thought I would give it a go. Only my second try at '44 and first AAR.

    KuzuX - There are a few lately it seems. Time will tell if this ones any good.

    As there has been some interest already I shall post an update as its ready.

    Armed Forces Report

    "On paper our Armed Forces look ok, in reality they are in a bad state." Chief of Staff, Heinz Guderian.

    "We have a 3 front war. Most of our air and land forces are below strength, some critically. We are very low on oil reserves. I will let the others provide more details on their specific areas but these are my main concerns.

    The 3 fronts need to be reduced as quickly as possible. The easiest to remove is the newest, France and the pesky Americans. Most of the American strength is in the Far East so we must act fairly quickly before they can reinforce their beachead. So far they have not spread, although there are precious few divisions to stop them when they do. We will need to give ground and muster what forces we can to force them out.

    Our forces in Italy have been doing nothing but swapping insults with the British for some time and this front is fairly secure for now. It is tieing down some badly needed troops and should be dealt with after France.

    The Eastern Front is a mess. We will have to give ground or face destruction. Better to shorten the Front and slow the Soviets down while we deal with the other two Fronts. Julius lets here about the Army."



    "Thank you Heinz." Chief of the Army, Julius Ringel.

    "Our Army is large on paper but most of the divisions are operating at 50-55% strength. Our reserves, in particular OKW, would cease to exist if the wind blows in the wrong direction. Our entire Army badly needs reorganizing into more cohesive formations. With the current situation on all Fronts this will have to wait.

    Several Field Commanders are having to control too many divisions."

    "Some Commanders seem to think they are entitled to a full Headquarters unit in the peace and quiet of the countryside. These Commanders have now found themselves controlling several divisions of the previously over stretched leaders. Their Headquarters units have been disbanded, the manpower is needed elsewhere."

    "I have taken the liberty of recinding all hold at all costs orders and the Front Commanders are now free to excercise tactical withdrawals as they see fit. Field Marshalls von Rundstedt and von Manstein are controlling the Eastern Front."

    "Field Marshall Model and General Hausser the Western Front."

    "Field Marshalls Rommel and Keitel the Italian Front."

    "The Eastern Front currently looks like this."

    "We have some ground we can give in the North which will allow a slow withdrawal if necessary. The situation in the South is more critical and has to be held more or less stable or our Allies will find themselves knee deep in vodka. Our Hungarian friends decided to lend us some troops but forgot to send any officers to command them."

    "I returned them to Hungary and asked them to send the Officers if they decide to lend us these forces again. The forces in Chisinev and Ismail have been ordered back across the river to Tulcea to prevent any risk of them being cut off."

    Freddan - Thank you. You snuck in while I was posting. No smiley for you because it won't let me!
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    The Good Luck. I'm sure the Hungarians will recruit some formidable officers now. Just keep annoying them until they do.
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    You'll need the good luck
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    Good luck! I'm following this one!
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    Yay! Another '44 AAR! Seems kami started a fad...

    Oh, and why are disbanding all your HQs? They can be really useful in battle, especially with the Soviets.

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    W. Iljitsch - Thanks. They have officers in their pool but the fun little glitches won't allow me to select a leader for them as they were under my command.

    The_Carbonater, likk9922 - Thank you. Luck is always needed.

    Fulcrumvale - Welcome.

    chefportnen - There were 23 HQ's. I disbanded 9. 12 of the 14 left are on the Eastern Front.

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    Hooray! Another 44 AAR! I can just go back and forth reading them all day.
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    so i take it that hitler's no longer in power?
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    I love a good 44 Germany AAR, You should put Rommel as Head of Stae or at least Cheif or Army he was the best German General.

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    A '44 AAR is always welcome, especially a German one since it's one of the more interesting cases, good luck, I'll be reading
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    Iron_Skull - I read most AAR's, I am a compulsive lurker though

    ju87 - Officially yes. Unofficially he had a shooting accident. Bormann is now actually in charge.

    Cpt Rossi - I would have to edit to put Rommel in any position and editing is not something I am going to do unless its game breaking. As to whether he was the best German General is open to debate.

    Black Lotus - Welcome and thanks.

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    "The Western Front."

    "The 3 divisions trapped in Cherbourg have no way out. I have ordered them to sabotage their heavy equipment and attempt to return to German lines. Our forces are outnumbered right now and the possibility exists of some of them being over run or surrounded. All Front Commanders have been told to preserve their forces as much as possible and to avoid being encircled. I have made all Western divisions the highest priority for reinforcements."

    "OKH has been split and has been ordered to France at full speed."

    "Von Kirch's Paratroopers in Angers have been provided with offensive supplies to enable them to keep pace with General Haussers Panzers. We have precious few supplies and oil to provide offensive supply anywhere else at this time."

    "The Italian Front."

    "The troops not in the front line have been ordered to move up and the Headquarters in Yugoslavia has been redeployed to Field Marshall Rommel. All other German troops in Yugoslavia and Greece have been ordered to the Eastern Front. Our Bulgarian and Slovakian Allies have been tasked with protecting Greece and Yugoslavia."

    "I will be commanding my paratroop Regiment in Rimini which can be left to Field Marshall Keitel should I be needed elsewhere. I will now hand you over to Karl for the Naval briefing."
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    Very nice start Remble, it seems like you know what you are doing. One question, how much manpower do you still have left?

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    Ok lets hope this AAR isn't over in a few days
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    Oooooh another 44 AAR
    I hope you will not end like some others

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