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Thread: FORGOTTEN EMPIRE-Transural Republic GC -46

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    FORGOTTEN EMPIRE-Transural Republic GC -46

    Fore Words


    Edit: name should be -36 not -46, sorry.

    This time i do normal story, so i only warn about bad grammar(i try to keep it minimized).

    I didn't find any AAR's from this country from library so i decided to do one.




    Horses and Laws

    Plans to make




    More letters

    Haunting past

    Shadows grow longer

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    Interesting Choice, now go get Stalin! If you need any Events just PM me, and please stick with this!
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    At 03.00 July 18. year 1936

    Sun had almost beginning to show it’s face behind near hills. Solitaire cabin at lake side seemed to sleep as waves singed their lullaby. Inside the cabin there was single oil lamb ending its life time and showing single figure in chair. The man seemed like he also would be as sleep, but that was false perception.

    The man never heard the approaching car until the noise of horn that opened his eyes. He felt great pain of responsibility in his shoulder as he rise up before he left the cabin to see that sky was cleaning after the storm. That remained him about storm that had passed around the world and broke everything in pieces.

    The man opened the back door of white car and sat down as driver asked him. “Are you all right sir?”

    “Of course I am.” Man lied.

    Watching from cars window passing trees and near high mountains the man let his breath out in relief. After a moment he was thinking on him self. Why did I do it. I have hell awaiting in front of me.

    Miles passed, but scenery was always the same. Old mountains with trees that had never taken care. The man hoped to return into past where everything was as old times, but there was no return to past. This was his present and future.

    After hours of drive the car entered small city. Even the sealed door could not prevent the smell of coal and industry from invading the nose of the man. Slowly the car moved in city trying to evade from hitting people walking on streets. Place seemed overly for the man and his head started to ache again. He had not felled that pain after he had left for his cabin as rain started to it front window of the car.

    As the car stopped before big building in middle of city where was walls almost rumbled down from their blue paint and no one was standing outside the man left the car to enter the building and take the responsibility of his nation to grow weight in his shoulders.

    In building the hall was empty and there was no one around as the man started to climb the stairs to second floor. It seemed like silence was echoing in the halls of long lost temple of ruling that has just been occupied again. The man stopped before his office and read the text on it and almost started to laugh, but his old wound years ago remained him from his Cossack days and the laughter died with the pain. He read the text again and it said.

    Mikhail Lazurkin
    The president of
    Transural republic

    The man entered his office. One place that he usually didn’t want to remember. Those cursed citizens of Transural republic had chosen him as their president after great chaos of the world when secret services had start silent war that had brought world at the place where everything almost ended.

    Mikhail looked the map of his land and felt ears that were falling on his cheeks as he tried to pray for those patriots on eastern land who were cut out of supply and food. Then he looked at his note book on table. He had meeting with research minister within hour, but the his memories returned. His horse was bleeding. Before the woods there was loyal of Stalin shooting him and his men’s. The horse was almost dead of running, but he could not remember it’s name. He only remembered rising his scimitar and striking left and right. Scimitar was turning red, but still rising and lowering. He remembered the promise of independence as someone knocked the door.

    “Enter.” He said with voice that has lost it’s edge and there was almost bald man entering the room.

    “You asked for research report, mister president.” Nikolay the armaments minister of Transural asked carefully as he noticed the state of mind of his president.

    Mikhail shook his head to erase the memories, but memories of bloody scimitar didn’t give him any rest. He looked Nikolay little while with blank eyes before he get his brains back to work. “What is our current research targets.” Mikhail asked.

    Nikolay left paper on table of his president where was few pictures and writing.

    For short while Mikhail watched the paper and asked. “Anything else?”

    “Nothing my president.” Nikolay said as front door suddenly opened without knocking. Yurtsev Smirnov entered the room with satisfying smile on his face. “We have succeeded my president, we have infiltrated our first spy into communist centre of the world. We have one spy on USA.”

    “You have managed finally to do that” Mikhail said in astonishing voice.

    “Yes, maybe your researches get some boost in future” Smirnov added with big smiling face under his dark and neat hair.

    Mikhail slammed his hands together and yelled. “I need way to help our citizens and patriots in eastern part of Transural!”

    “There is nothing we can do about them as long that democracy rules our nation, but maybe after you have been crowned as a king.” Smirnov said with some kind of cleverness in his voice.

    Mikhail looked stunned for awhile before he asked his ministers to leave. As door closed he removed his last tear from memories in to his dresses black sleeve and wondered Me king?
    Have to do little work for awile, then starting to build first chapter.

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    Horses and laws

    Mikhail was sitting on his office. Everything around was as silent as usually so memories once again over took him. The American secret service had slain Stalin, Hitler and Mussolin. They had forced French and UK to liberate their nations, but they had paid the ultimate price. Their freedom. The communist party had seized the control of USA after citizens had get bored of Roosenvelts miss use of power and the communist where ruling with iron hand.

    Knocking of door once again get him back to reality and he looked clock on the wall. It was time to leave. “Wait a moment!” Mikhail yelled trough door to driver and started to dress his black cloak and took his leather gloves.

    Sitting on backseat of car he was watching quite empty streets. Most of the citizens had gone to work on factories or mines that bring much material for trade and increased Transural’s industrial capacity. Finally the car parked in front of great parliament building.

    Entering the building he headed to ruling room where everyone was gathered to fight for or against the new law. He looked other attorney’s that had gathered here and noticed that most of them where young men. They had not been in hard school of Stalin, but believed in peace. This was his moment and so he stand up and started to speak in loud voice.

    “Fellow citizens we have entered the turning point of our nation. Many of you believe that there finally shall be peace after fall of Soviet Union. To you who believe so I say. We can never be sure that there is peace. Siberia is just one of many nations that are currently at war. We can never forget the communist party of America. Who knows what they may do in future. I say we need better army.”

    Majority of attorney’s voted for new law after his speak.

    Later that year when usual cold winter had entered Transural Mikhail had meeting with his researchers. Almost every academy had send one representative, but Itshevsk Ordnance was still busy with Cencus Tabulating Machine.

    Every other institute agreed on his plan to increase industrial capacity except Transural Cadet Center which wanted air force so they could start to practice. So majority ruled again and research headed toward industry.

    Just before Christmas 1936 horrible news headed into ears of Mikhail. The patriots where dying and there was nothing he could do about it. As sadness filled his heart, he decided to head back to his cabin and be alone this Christmas.

    At Christmas Eve Mikhail spent most of his time on yard looking empty stable and grave next to it. He knew it was empty grave. There hadn’t been anyway for him to bring his gracious grey stallion back here after it had died on it’s wounds. He moves next to cross and touches it with his hand and read writing on it. “Valiant” it says and Mikhail feels that his eyes are starting to get wet. He shakes his head and heads back inside to feel the warmth of fire burning inside.

    Winter was once again hard, but spring came in time to bring hope after it. Mikhail had been thinking long time for his next move, but now he was sure about it. He knocked the door of Thomashevsky the foreign minister of Transural.

    “Enter!” Came behind the door and so he opened the door.

    Thomashevsky was grim looking man, but looking surprised.

    “Mister president. What a surprise. Is there something that I can do for you.” He asked carefully.

    “We have to make deal with Russian. We have no horses to breed. Make it happen, no matter what it costs.” Mikhail ordered firmly.

    “As you wish, but it’s going to be expensive.” Minister answered.

    “I don’t care, just do it” president said as he left the room.

    At hallway he met head of intelligence Smirnov.

    “Good news, mister president. We have successfully infiltrated our second spy on USA. Soon we are able to hear more about their plans.” Smirnov announced with loud voice that echoed in hallway.

    “That’s really good news.” President answered with smile on his face.

    He was still smiling when he left building and headed toward his car. Everything was going excellent way. Maybe it was time to have some holiday at cabin once again.

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    Forgotten Empire... Hmm, it's a really suitable name for a country that never existed as a independent state, and never was an empire neither...
    1938 is happening all over again, right before our eyes. Czechs and Poles would know something about it.
    Never give up, Ukraine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somua53
    Interesting Choice, now go get Stalin! If you need any Events just PM me, and please stick with this!
    Yes i will stick with it. Well my days as fultime internet user are soon over so i give my readers farewell gift.

    There are many countries which you can do alternative story. For excample
    Siberia fighting desperate battle against japanise, Khazastan conquering asia, South africa trying to conquer africa with massive tribal wars.

    This may be easier for those who know editing, but i just made myself own scenario which starts at summer 1936 where it lots of new countries. Couping few countries with USA then turning it comminist. Even that i don't use cheats in my games, i could do this scenario just with accept all, money and dissent.

    I read from AAR forums that almost everything is done so like with finnish paratroopers when i had told that there is no way to expand. Little bashing of head on table and finding the way.

    So please me and bring the era of new countries to these forums and suprise those heretics that thinks my writings are just mad.

    I continue that Fairytale gone bad after making this, because its more text based and can copy/paste easier without use of imageshank.

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    Cthulhu Neaderthal realpolitik
    good luck!
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    Linque, dear, it wouldn't be a scimitar, it would be a sabre. Shashka or Sablya.

    And why are you split down the middle at Yakutia? Who does that belong to?
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    This will be good
    Love the choice of country and starting time!
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    island in sea of Russia hmm interesting

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    I have to give you "props" for your originality.
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    Plans to make

    Mikhail was on his office and reading report from his country’s industrial capacity.

    There was knocking on his door and Thomashevsky the foreing minister of transural republic entered. “You asked for my, mister president?” He asked.

    “Yes, I have mission for. You have to travel to Siberia and meet tsar Nikolay Avksentyev. There you demand that he returns territory that is rightfully ours back. Tazov must be returned.” Mikhail ordered.

    “Are you sure? Nikolay is known dictator for his military campaign against Russians. I don’t think he gives anything to us.” Thomashevsky answered with careful voice.

    “Yes, make it happen. That is an order.” President raised his voice.

    Thomashevsky nodded slightly and left the room.


    Few days later Thomashevsky was on train heading toward Siberia and thinking. Tension is too high in Sverdlovsk. President seem to have lot of pressure in his shoulder and mostly because eastern Transural. Hopefully all goes well and Nikolay is on good mood.

    Then he just watched scenes out of window until sleep came.

    At morning he woke up as Siberian soldier tapped his shoulder and demanded “Your papers and ticket sir.”

    Thomashevsky handed them to soldier who inspected them carefully before returned and said. “All is in order. Thank you sire, but you can never be too careful because Russian spies.”

    That wasn’t new to him and he expected to meet same kind of treatment when he returns trough Russian provinces that are between Transural nation’s two parts. Well, this means he can still rest for few hours before the capital.


    Same time in presidents cabin Mikhail had a meeting with Vladimir Orlov. War hardened Cossack with nasty scar on his face was sitting on chair and drinking vodka with president.

    “It has been long time that we last time seen Vladimir, how’s your life?”

    Vladimir filled his glass again and drank it empty before answered. “Empty as it had been long time. Last times when I felt joy of life was when we worked for Stalin and felt even more alive when we challenged him.”

    “Maybe we can chance that in future. I need able men and more that that I need man that have fight on my side. Man who I know that I can trust.”

    “Tell me more.” Vladimir asked and moved his glass to corner of table, so it would not intercept his concentration.

    And president started to reveal his plan and face of Vladimir was starting to smile. He felt once again that he was alive.


    Tsar Nikolay was returning to his quarters from meeting with foreign minister of Transural Republic and he was laughing. This had been best he had heard in long time. Transural demanded land. And he laughed even louder. That wimpy nation it two places had courage he had admit that, but were they thinking that he was stupid. Maybe he had to teach them lesson after Russians were taken care.


    Thomashevsky felt that his face was turning red from anger and shame. He watched raving president that was pacing all around him. He gathered his wits and tried to speak.

    “You can’t sa…”

    “Shut up! You moron. I send you simple mission and you failed. You are FIRED!” Mikhail yelled in raze. “Vladimir shall take your place. No vanish from my eyes.”

    Thomashervsky tried to concentrate. He watched Vladimir sitting on corner of room with cruel smile on his face for shot time before headed to door. He opened the door, but before he slammed it shut he said with hatred in voice “You shall pay for this.”

    President watched closed door and said to Vladimir “Ask someone to follow that incompetent fool and are you ready to do what we need?” Mikhail asked.

    “Yes I am. I will leave with next train to Novosibrirsk at morning to meet Nikolay.” Vladimir answered.

    “Make him understand.” President added.

    “I will.” Vladimir also added with grim look.

    “And after that you go to Moscow and try to do better and harder bargain with them. Ask Igor Kovlon to come before you leave. I have much to discus.”

    “Yes I will, may I say sir. It’s good to be back to work with you. This brings back the time when we were Cossacks, my captain.”

    Smiling Mikhail Replied “Yes it brings. It’s nice to feel alive once again. See you later sergeant.” With wide smile.

    Vladimir left the room and there was once again joy in his heart.


    Hour later Igor with his long white beard entered into room of president carrying map.

    “Thanks for coming. Now could you explain you plan.” President asked.

    Igor opened the map into table before president and started to speak. “Our main attack line is heading toward the capital of Kazakhstan. That should be enough and we will be sure that even if failed we capture province that gives us ability to bring supply to Eastern Transural territory.”

    “That sounds excellent. Let’s hope that Vladimir brings more fast troops from Russia. I have gave him rights to use our full budget.”

    “Let’s hope then and what about your personal plans? We are those happening?” Igor asked.

    “I think at Autumn 1938. That should be enough. We do our next move then to restore ways of Cossacks. We do it just after yearly military parade.”

    “That sounds good. I will be ready then. It’s good to work with you again sir.”

    “It’s good to have you back my lieutenant.” Mikhail said with face burning in pleasure.

    After Igor had left, Mikhail returned to his past life and thought that it had been good and hard diplomacy to have his adjutants back to work as ministers.


    Tsar Nikolay was watching the grim look of Vladimir and trying to hold his anger. He had been warned about this would happen so he tried to listen with interesting look on his face as that cursed man asked Transural demands that he had rejected before again. He tried to suppress thoughts that ordered him to send that man to executioner. After the man ended his speak he only said.

    “I give you my answer tomorrow.”

    Vladimir bowed and left the room as secret door on wall opened and Thomashevsky entered.

    “Why did you ask me to delay the answer time? Why should I wary?”

    “While I was minister of foreign politic of Transural Republic, I bought from Russian division of old cavalry for them. Mikhail immediately upgraded it to semi-modern one. That would beat your militia to hell. They did have same time as much regular infantry as you had. I suggest that you approve for now and start to build your army for future to avenge.”

    “That sounds like a good plan. Send the order and I will give them what they want for now. We strike them later, after our army is ready.” Nikolay ordered.

    Later next morning Vladimir was heading to airport of Siberia and smiling. He had accomplished the mission. It was time to head to Moscow.

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    Deals of death

    Mikhail entered the building near the border of Sverdlovsk. As he anticipated there was only two military clothed men’s with commando masks on their face. One of them was holding old submachine gun. Watching commando masks made him remember executioner and his hooded wife with rope on her neck She was dressed all in black She seemed so calm even when Mikhail yelled her name. She never answered. Than the chair fell and his fly in air like angel. She looked so beautiful even hanged.

    “Sir. You came to meet us. Do we have a deal?” One of Nationalists broke his memories. It took little time to recover before answer.

    “Of course we have. I’m willing to strike pact with devil if that is only way to help our eastern cousins.” President the answered.

    “Then you have our parties support.” Them man without gun replied and both men left the building leaving president wonder the future of his country.


    Sun was just rising above the capital of Russian empire that had left after death of Stalin. In big palace called Kreml. Alexander Kerensky was feeling like someone would squeeze his soul. Watching man with dark dress in from of him and doing bargains that he was not prepared.

    “That is what we will give you.” Vladimir said.

    “You are hard bargain, but we really need those resources. I just hope that my people never find this out.” Alexander replied.

    “They don’t have to know anything. Just keep your part of deal and we can more in future.”

    “Just keep silent about this.”

    “Of course I will.” And Vladimir handed pouch filled with diamonds to Kerensky.

    Alexander Kerensky signed the papers and watched the smile on Vladimir’s face as he left.

    I hope that my people understand if they never find out. Selling former Soviet union armaments to smaller countries that are going to start wars was bad enough, but they wanted more and more. I just have to keep my people happy.


    Good people of transural were cathered on streets to witness military parade that regularly was held after the independence. Citizen where cheering as patriot military was marching before them after Cossack cavalry that they had seen in long time. They were amazed as panzer’s rolled on street. That was not end of as air planes of Transural started to play on skies.

    Behind them in shadows soldiers moved toward their targets. Parliament house was also sleeping as Transural commandos entered the building. There was sing of submachine gun into air giving the message of coup. Screams echoed in big room same time as Mikhail walked in former presidents building toward his office. He stopped for little while to watch text on door.

    Mikhail Lazurkin
    Military Governor
    Transural Republic

    Then he opened the door and entered his office. It was quite small room with only one big table and few paintings of horses and scimitars on wall as decorations. He went to his chair and sat down.

    Hours later Mikhail was still alone in his office as he noticed that there was letter coming under the door. He quickly stand up and ran to door. There was no one in hallway. He took the letter to his table and takes his letter opener from drawer. Letter says.

    “Beware the corners of light because that
    Is were the most diabolic plans are made. Beware
    The rifle that points at you”

    Strangely it seemed like it was written by female. There was no signature to reveal the writer. Shadows in the corners grow longer as Mikhail looked around the room. Pain was still there, but destiny of his people was marked on the skies. There was no returning back anymore.

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    “Sir! Al is set. We have to this now or never.” Vladimir told to Mikhail who was sitting on chair in his office. There was slight tear coming out of corner of his left eye.

    “I know, but I just don’t like to kill our brothers. Send the orders to General Igor Korlov. The are free to advance and send the declaration of war.”

    “As you wish. May I ask what are you going to do after this begins?”

    “I shall leave to my cabin. I need rest.” Mikhail said and picked his coat as news headed before him.

    Trees were all around him as Igor watched road before him. He was amazed that there had not been resistance before. He quickly ordered Cossacks, infantry with trucks and tanks to advance toward main target. Toward the capital.

    “General! Our panzers are trying to attack uphill to urban are, but resistance is too strong. Enemy troops in capital are holding on.” One of Igors captains yelled.

    “Order tanks to wait for little while. I think Cossacks should be right after them. Order them to attack combined.” Igor ordered back to captain.

    “Yes sir!”

    Defenders of Zhanbyl were prepared for tanks, but not against fierce cavalry that run over them as armours gave support fire.


    Later Governor was still on his cabin. He had read the news from paper. He felt joy in his heart as he watched unified Transural.

    This had been hard on him, but maybe everything was worth of it. He was thinking as some one knocked the door. Who the hell is there now?

    He opens the door and watch his driver. Hell, he had forgotten that it was time to return back. So once again he climbs to back seat of car. Scenery never changed only time year make little difference on surrounding terrain as car drive toward Sverdlovsk.

    Finally at city he looked around from cars window and see that there was still small riots because of war. Even when people understood why it had to be done, they didn’t have to like it. As he rises from his car in front of his office, there if noise of single gun shot. Mikhail feels pain on his chest and fells down of ground. Last thing he sees is Driver drawing his pistol and guarding his body before darkness comes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGB
    Linque, dear, it wouldn't be a scimitar, it would be a sabre. Shashka or Sablya.

    And why are you split down the middle at Yakutia? Who does that belong to?
    Later question first: Russia and Khazastan had one province that i have now conquered to unify my people.

    About scimitar. My mistake, but who care in game where Siberia has trasvestite minister.

    And never forgot that there is no terror bombing in hoi2

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    Great Stuff!
    The Revolt of the Guard: A U.K. Mod-34 AAR
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    Dammit.. I had the same idea of making AAR of a former-russia-country-nobody-knows-about..

    Good job Linq!
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    There is news in every news paper that governor has been shot. His situation is critical and he has been taken to general hospital.

    At parliament building ultrarightists are having meeting.

    “This is grave, I think some democratic terrorist has shot our leader, but it also has advantages.” Leader of party spoke.

    “What you mean?” One of members asked.

    “As Mikhail is still unconscious and incapable to do his job we shall take the control of government in his absence.”

    “And what you suggest that we do then?” One other member yelled.

    “We start to grow our nation. Igor is still in good position waiting for new orders.”

    “we send orders to him to advance to Kyrgystan. We have to take advantage of this.”

    And so Ultrarightists started to control Transural republic.

    And fast moving troops supported by Igor Koslov’s armies smashed resistance into pieces.

    And the good state of Transural was growing again.


    Vladmir was sitting on hospital and watching unconscious Mikhail and thinking. I don’t think that you are going to like the news when you woke up old friend. If you woke up. We have a mess to solve later. I hope you well. And then Vladimir kisses his forehead and leaves the room.

    On hallway there is too grim looking soldiers. His personal troops that had always been loyal.

    “Guard him day and night. No one shall enter except doctors or me.” He ordered his men.

    Both of them saluted and nodded.

    As he left hospital he never see woman on shadows watching and waiting. As woman notices him she moves deeper into shadows and spits.


    “I have failed” Read on note that was arrived today to Tsar Nikolay. He read it again and cursed little before started to think for future. I have to send my support to ultrarightists. They shall start war that will cause havoc to Transural military plans. That may give me time to build army enough to stop or even conquer them.

    Thomashevsky enters the room without knocking. “You asked me my lord?”

    “Yes, but I already forgot what for. Anyway I have new job for you. Take as much money as you need and go to Transural to support Ultrarightists efforts in conquer. I want more wars to mess Mikhail’s plans as long he in incapable to do his work and try to find way to assassinate him.” Tsar ordered.

    “I will do my best.”

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