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Thread: Shaybanid - Central Asia's Finest

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    Jan Skrzetuski - I think one ally is a wise thing for now at least. But Kazakh may well get it later on.

    Chief Ragusa - Sounds quite plausible that the spelling of Kazakh may be changed but we shall see theres plenty of other candidates. persians? mughals? chagatai?

    billy bob - I think not for now.

    Vann the Red - Great to see you along Vann. Uzbek for now.

    merrick - Thanks and nice to see you here. Next installment will be along tonight.

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    Of course I will be following this. Good luck!

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    Grundius - Thanks, as always you're readership is most welcome and I look forward to your comments.

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    Shaybanid - Central Asia's Finest

    Time to get down to running the nation.

    Religion is of course a priority. However it seems there's some political correctness at play here. We cannot hate all non-Sunni religions. Where is the sense of fairness after all we want to hate each of them equally and as much as possible.

    It seems our land is rather poor. But at least we produce enough balls of wool to keep all the kittens of the world content.

    This ought to help us squash Khiva effectively using the patented enemy on each side tactic.

    Hmmm, Khiva may be on to us. They're using the same tactics against us.

    At least we have a mighty army, here's the Samarkand Saviours. It appears they're operating without and leader whatsoever. Is this an early Communist Utopia?

    Thankfully our other army, the Bukhara Bruisers are led by our High Chief. He may not be very good in battle but at least he knows all about sieges. That should be a great use against Khiva's entirely unfortified land.

    But those armies are hardly enough to be sure of victory.

    This army here ought to do it. Were the Khivans smarter they may see a clue as to the intentions of this new force.

    But they aren't smarter so why not tell them that to their face?

    As if to drive the point home Khiva promptly declared war. But upon Persia. Not smart. Quite stupid really. But we best take advantage of it so lets gather ourselves a few more forces.

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    All kittens will be please to note that Shaybanid is keeping them in wool. Now, say Khiva for me. Attacking someone in the rear whilst they are engaged against a foe seems a lowdown dirty trick- Uzbek for sure.

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    If it's one thing the Shaybanid.......errr no. Wrong aar.
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    Perhaps I missed that earlier, but what year do you start in?

    Also, why so little tolerance for Shiite? Is that roleplay? Since for you might end up owning some Shiite provinces once upon a time and then.. difficulties, I'd say.

    Oh.. I forgot.. you're the guy that scripts rebellion events for himself in EU2 right? Forget what I said earlier .

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    Awww, look at that cute little kitten.

    Thank you Shaybanid.

    Thanks for your kind words. I read the start of both "Little Principality" and "The Horde" but due to lack of time I somewhat started lacking in behind. My summer plan is to catch up with Horde atleast. Now I intend to keep up with your pace.
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    hahaha, good luck!
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    I thought I'd never do this, but by posting in this thread, I have officially become an EU3 AAR follower. A big day for me. Keep it up and show those Khivans!
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    The kittens of Khiva will certainly defect to our side.

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    Shaybanids seem to have interesting tribal federation there. Good luck in your battle against Khivans. May their wool become yours.
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    lol, great AAR so far
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    I love the wool joke.

    Uzbek sheep make the best wool in the world!Not like Kazakh sheep.
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    Enough of this woolly thinking, Duke. Stop pussy-footing around and show us how to unravel some Khivan innards instead...
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    Interesting AAR, I'm looking forward to reading more =)

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    Indeed. Partaking of the dismemberment of Khiva seems entirely reasonable.
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    Me thinks that Khiva Krushers would earn their name

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    Join the Khivans! War on Persia!!!

    In other news a new bomb was developed. It will ahnilate all cats on the planet. The Shaybanid economy is now no longer real.
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    "Bukhara Bruisers" sounds like a really brutal sports team.
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