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Thread: Times of Trotsky

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    Times of Trotsky

    After successful installation of socialism in Germany Trotsky was invited as a mentor for third government
    He immediately told that Holland Austria Switzerland Luxembourg and Denmark are germans and he told
    "You are Germans and the countries around you are also You have embraced the socialism but now the pen of history will be yours for taking along with us Russians Chinese and other socialists for now you concentrate on modernization so you will soon prove the might of European Socialism... if only not Stalin..."
    Indeed Germany made independence assurance with Lithuania now invaded by Poland and soon Soviet Socialist Republics of United Russia will intervene
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    And soon it proven right...
    German and Soviet forces made intervention
    Since Polish forces were concentrated on east Soviet forces decided to take Pols time to regroup and send something west
    Some days later German forces entered unprotected Varsav... Poland was doomed...
    German HQ consolidated with Soviets that territories of Russia will be returned but European part of Poland will be one year under German occupation then freed and brought into union with Germans as European Socialist Union

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    ohh... thx...

    the war was over strange thing happened Soviets declared that Pinsk and Slonim are not part of Russia so a part of Europe probably it was a present for good workone way or another we had now land connection to our Soviet ally and obtained first border of our new Socialist Union
    Stalin- Hallo? camarat how ar you??
    Dieckman- Ya wol! good!
    S- Grat chob here today!
    D- Tank yu
    S- Denada ay hav to prezents for you
    D- OW camrad!
    S- Pinsk and Slonim!
    D- Rely no neeed!
    S- Take it
    D- ya wol, by the way why did you kiked ot camrad Tratskiy?
    S- ways of Russkia are not ways of camarat Trotskiy
    D- but he mate such nise army for us...
    S- hehehe god for you!"

    Germany started the five year plan having already 203 IC the most powerful economy in Europe

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    First two countries declared unity with Germany
    monarchs of Europe now tremble since it was decision of peoples not monarchy...
    Greenland regime overthrown Denmark monarchy but it started anarchy and made this island int pirate land so Germany was obligated to intervene before British
    Holland monarchy run to their possessions in Pacific where were royal forces

    Communist China is at the time disrupting Manchuria

    at new years eve Austria declared sovet and rejoined Germany !

    with such successes GHQ decided to rebuild navy and started changing Greenland into fortress for pissible invasion to Canada or Island

    five month later Switzerland joined... but Luxembourg had to small nation to overthrow monarchy so we entered them and people were joyful and monarchists captured

    some say Trotsky met there queen Charlotte and fell in love with her
    after rebuilding German might he asked for retirement and gone somewhere probably central Denmark
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    Revolt in Danzig ensured us that Time to revive Poland had come

    Diekceman chosen Vanda Vasilevska as prime ruler in Poland soon she made new goverment

    for that time EHQ started planing on invading Balkans but first Checoslovakia

    Then three news arrived

    S- hallo?
    D- how ar yu?
    S- god spasiva vam, did yu her news?
    D- hmm?
    S- Japan declared war on Brits and Amiricans!
    D- God?
    S- DA! we hav fri tame to com under their noses!
    D- YA das is los! but i herd Frnchise are neutral
    S- Invad tem at wyl!
    D- YA VOL!

    And so EHQ had other plan...
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    Then Trotsky called

    T- camarat do not attack frenchises!
    D- wy?
    T- yu ar niet redy!
    D- yu tink?
    T- DA
    D- bat camrad st...
    T- his dumas! he dnt now how to comyand!
    D- so wat do i do?

    Dieckeman had also something naughty in mind

    two days later suddenly from nowhere tanks and infantry appeared on shores of Ireland and Island it was so sudden no one could define who it was and it was so fast no one called for help
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    by time fulfilling blizkrieg on Checs plans of invading Balkans where ready

    when it was went on it was easy Hungarians immediately foreseen their error and joined our cause

    Japan monarchy driven crazy started defending 'cause Soviets decided to put an end to them

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    Balkan nations are free now well Turkey was not invaded and Bulgarians are occupying northern Macedonia which was promised to Greece since the beggining

    D- wy du yu ensist?
    T- it givs mor balans to dat dystant region and de disput wyl deklin every conter union movements otherwords dey wyl by more consumed in arguing dan konspyracyng
    D- yu tink dey ar treat?
    T- no a tool ov treat
    D- aaaahh

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    So, who's the next target?

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    Todays news
    "Socialist Republic of Germany invited today all communist rulers and the most powerful countries in the world. Since last Balkan war Germany the leader of Socialist Union of Europe is neutral which gives it very wide chose."

    On the first meeting were everyone. On this meeting they were disputing about law, disputes, and economy
    On second meeting only major powers. They talked about future and war, strange thing Japan delegation agreed and emphasized about their admire to get dead before "unhonorable destruction of World" ... ???
    On third only Allies and Comintern. This time it was only about futures balance in the World...

    After those 5 days everyone gone home
    Dieckeman met with Trotsky which was listening to every meeting from secret room
    D- vel camrat?
    T- Only rel polytisians ar Soviets and Amirikans. Alies ar stuburn and ar not sying fiuture. Fasists ar psycho. aor friends ar stupyd totfuly dey lysyn to as.
    D- So?
    T- wy must maik progres on setlyng aor union before wy end like Chyina or wors wy will be seseded betwen Amirikans and Soviets
    D- dat ys baaaad. Ya vol camrat!
    T- i wysh

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    Quote Originally Posted by laminustacitus
    So, who's the next target?
    Scandinavia Italy Turkey then France and Allies
    but first i must get rid of dissent 'cause i'm not "Stalinist" though
    i have discovered that forcing someone to become a puppet is more flexible that releasing such 'cause you can take also some provinces
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    dat ys al for today tumorov ys skol
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    plan of invading Scandinavia was in motion

    since Norway and Sweden were weak and accepted us fast Fins were well trained and my multinational divisions were insufficient so i send my elite forces on ships to conquer fin shores soon they realized they made mistake... Fins were to assimilate 'cause their army was to large to be handled by small expeditionary force even when it was elite of SEU (my typical forces )

    week later i revived them as puppet
    week later i invaded Turkey

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    Just before planing invasion on Italy and Africa Dieckeman received report about IC in Socialist European Union:
    III Reich of Socialist Germany = 386
    Socialist Republic of Greece = 52
    Socialist Republic of Poland = 49
    Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia = 46
    Socialist Republic of Romania = 41
    Socialist Republic of Hungary = 39
    Socialist Republic of Sweden = 35
    Socialist Republic of Serbia = 25
    Socialist Republic of Bulgaria = 17
    Socialist Republic of Finland = 16
    Socialist Republic of Ireland = 13
    Socialist Republic of Norway = 11
    summary = 746

    D- WEEEEE!!!! wy ar stronger dan sovyec! dey hav 485!!!
    T- Da! bad du not anderestymate stalyn

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    thx hes is called Dieckeman
    about ea games i will XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -> infinity

    War with Italy break out grand fleet of Germany defeated many times Italian navy but those destroyed transport ships ;\
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