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Thread: AAR Question - Play ahead or not?

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    AAR Question - Play ahead or not?

    Right now, I have gotten a IMO pretty good idea about an actual story for an AAR. Typically, I am all out for playing and writing at the same time, so you don't get ahead in the savefile, but what if one would do an AAR where it's sometimes 'This and this happened' type of update and sometimes a 'storypart'? Would the best be to end the game before writing, write and play along or play ahead a bit?

    Gratefull for answers.
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    Not sure what you're talking about.

    If I understand the question correctly...it depends how much of the story's written in stone. If a sequence of events (A beats B in a war, etc.) MUST happen....then you should probably play forward a bit. If the gameplay is a backdrop, or if you're not plotting the story too closely, then you don't have to play ahead. Why spoil the surprise?
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    It depends on the type of AAR you are writing, will it be a narrative one with all kinds of plots and twists then you should play some decades ahead before writing.

    If it is more a historybook or gameplay AAR then there is no need for that, since then you are just writing what you have done

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    It really does depend. I play sometimes a while ahead, sometimes even just enough to get an update done.
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    No rules, just personal preference and what works best for you and for the story. Playing ahead makes foreshadowing future events obviosuly easier, but runs the risk of making memory dull as several montsh might pass between playing the game and writing about that particular section.
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    I agree with the others, its personal preference though I prefer to play just ahead to keep events fresh in my mind- I tried to play far ahead for some hindsight for my present British AAR and a Vicky side project I'm planning but it's more of a hinderence for me, mostly because I can't be bothered combing through histroy logs. Of course you might not, its totally personal

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    My personal preference is to play ahead - the entire game if possible. Then the plot and characters can be shaped to the story events. The times I have let the writing catch up to where I am in the game are the times the writing is most difficult.
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    Thanks everyone for the answers... I think I'd prefer playing as I write, but some things in a story might be weird... Will maybe do a try-AAR to try if playing ahead is good or not...

    Once again, thank you.
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    I would generally stick to writing as you play and not getting too far ahead bcause otherwise you can forget parts you want to include or ideas you have for the story even when you are taking notes.

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    Well I had this same dilemma in my Argentina AAR. I had a very good idea of how I wanted the game to go, but I also played at the same time as I wrote. This added some spice to the game and I was forced to improvise at certain points. Eventually, my ending did change from what I anticipated because certain events didn't occur. If I had to give advice, if you are focusing on a game where the story matters most, play through it first. If you are combining story and game play, like I did, I would play and write at the same time. It ands to the fun of it. Attempting to pull off your goals is extremly fun, even if you fall a little short.
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