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Thread: The Rise of the Muslims - An Ottoman Campaign (1419 - 1920)

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    The Rise of the Muslims - An Ottoman Campaign (1419 - 1920)

    The Rise of the Muslims - An Ottoman Campaign (1419 - 1920)

    Part I - The Roots of the Glory


    It has been a long time since the Muslim warriors, commanded by the caliph Abu Bakhr, left Arabia for the glorious task of conquering lands for the new faith: Islam. During these days it was still very young, and not even scriptures it had for spreading its message to the newer generations. Soon it would acquire preeminence among the desert peoples, as in the conquered lands. As far as the steppes of Russia, it would have devout followers; Islam in those times meant glory, and in the golden palaces of Baghdad the mighty Abbasids ruled the known world. Al-Mamun, Al-Motassim and Harun-al-Raschid, among many others, patronized the sciences and the arts of the long forgotten pagan times of Rome and Greece, and continued to improve it as brilliant minds would show in their palaces looking for a room to study and a great figure to look for their finances. Every caliph was well educated since childhood, as were the thinkers he welcomed and financed. Every science was known to them to the smallest details, as in these times, being a proud Arab meant to have a brilliant knowledge of the world.

    The lands of the Arabs were naturally not only rich in knowledge, but also in gold, as Arab merchants monopolized the spice trade from the end of the world. In the distant and forgotten lands of India Muslim and non-Muslim alike cultivated the prized pepper, spices and cotton. Of their overall fertile production, only a few tons would be traded in cities like Gujarat and even fewer quantities of such precious goods would be taken to the lands of the Abbasid caliph and beyond, to the frozen lands of the Christians in the North. The merchants who were brave enough to venture themselves in the distant lands were often the wealthiest in the world. Thanks to them, not only was the Caliphate rich, but also the most glorious empire in the face of the earth, dominating lands since the distant China to Africa. But as I presently speak, these times are now past…

    Once a wise politician said that every empire carried the seeds of its own destruction, and it is true that every great kingdom, dynasty or empire, even the mighty Caliphate, would meet an inglorious end. Such was with the Abbasids, as the hordes from the East came and destroyed the remains of an already weakened Empire. Glory is like happiness: beautiful, but hopelessly short. And it was nothing but Glory that corrupted the souls of the powerful and wealthy. Soon the Caliph would be distracted in his harem, while his nobles would be in the battlefield thanks to petty quarrels and the vacuum of power that was expanding. The Christians in Europe organized series of Crusades against the deeply divided Muslim kingdoms that spawned as the Caliphs gradually forgot how to rule. Yet there was still one capable man that stopped them: Saladin. He left a great legacy for the Middle East, so capable he was, and many of the common people would stand to see his body when he died, shortly after the Third Crusade. The Ayyubids in Egypt were his direct descendants, after he replaced the earlier weak rulers of Egypt.

    And yet, after him, nobody would be strong enough to hold his legacy. The Ayyubids were capable rulers, but the internal strife and their reliance on mercenaries caused them to be replaced by the Mamluks, who spent their time and the resources of their kingdom fighting against each other for a gradually smaller power. Disorder was a rule, and when the hordes came from the East, nothing would be able to stop them. Baghdad was sacked, and completely ruined by the invasion; the weak armies that stood against the Mongols were wiped out easily. Then they destroyed everything on their way, killing humans and animals, sacking houses, palaces, mosques and libraries. The whole valuable collection of the library of Baghdad was thrown into a small local river to serve as a bridge for Mongol riders. Nothing remained after that, not even the Caliphate, as the last caliph, Al-Motassim, was brutally murdered during the invasion, some of his sons following the same destiny or being sent to the distant Mongol lands to serve as slaves. After the own Mongols were repulsed by the Mamluks, everything was ruined.

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    Each new chapter will be posted here. I am planning an Ottoman campaign in vanilla, using the latest patch. Here goes more technical information:

    Grand Campaign, Normal/Furious, Ottoman Empire, Fog of War ON.

    My present goals for EU2 are:

    1. Convert every european province, from Lithuania to France, to sunni. This also means complete ownership of all these provinces.

    2. Have at least five muslim provinces in North America, including New York and Delaware .

    3. Conquer all the CoT's in India, Africa, Europe and America until 1819.

    4. Unite at least 70% of the muslim provinces in the world under Ottoman rule.

    I will add more goals if I find convenient . My playing skills aren't the best, but I will work hard to make this AAR and the game enjoyable both for me and all the readers in the forum.

    More is to come until tomorrow

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    Looks good. Interesting start. I really like your goals especially the conversion of Europe. Good luck.

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    Chapter I - Les enemies du Peuple et du Empire (The enemies of the people and the Empire)

    Wasn't Mehmed under the constant pressure of his sons, he wouldn't be going to tell them that his occasional jobs as a diplomat of the Sultan were, at least, dishonorable as working in the landfills. He, above all, hated all the diplomatic (and dirty) "contacts" the Sultan had in the obscure corners of the city, after all he was of noble birth. Maybe he was not noble enough to have the privilege of touching the sultan, but he nevertheless was a royal diplomat admired for his skill. Every time a foreign embassy visited the palace at Bursa, he would be there, side by side with the sultan (altough not so close as to touch him) and would sometimes instruct him in the most important affairs. The high council of the Ottoman Emperor is, afterall, the highest of the councils in the Earth.

    But then, everything in the palace smelled as bad as it could during an orgy. After all the emperor was a decadent fool, struck by decades of vicious habits and contact with lazy aristocrats. Everybody could watch how perverse he could be; Mehmed could perfectly remember the honorable occasion when he, drunk after a wild party with some courtiers, called the bey of Teke "my darling" and a "sexy example of a handsome and perfect ruler". After a brave (and unfortunate) cleric shouted that this was immoral and he was truly a perverted (clearly he was already exhausted of this kind of comments by the Sultan), the cleric himself was hanged as a warning. The bey of Teke later died of "natural causes", officially, but maybe also because the Sultan had an extensive network of agents under his service. Nobody in Teke ever knew what happened to their dear ruler, nor what was said in that fateful evening.

    And yet Mehmed himself was decadent. He never liked to tell this aloud, but he would himself, along with a few petty aristocrats, bribe the palace eunuchs in exchange for an hour or two in the harem. The eunuchs themselves had organized a well known (except maybe for the sultan) service network where many of the aristocrats, nominally forbidden by the ruler to enter the most sacred place in the palace, would pay a few turkish lira in exchange for an hour of fun with "the most beatiful girls in the Paradise".


    One night, when Mehmed was sleeping, his son Al Fayum woke up in histeria. Al Fayum was afterall a broken boy, being born sick and despised by Mehmed. As a result, he became deeply religious and would frequenly spend whole days reading the Quran or the Hadiths. He, a lonely boy, was surprisingly intelligent for his age, dominating many verses of the Quran as easily as the children often dominate little sleep songs. This time Mehmed promptly shouted him to go to sleep and not to disturb the whole house anymore; but then Al Fayum did not return to bed. He had a dream, where he saw Al-Motasim being tortured by a mongol chief. Clearly it was Al-Motasim, and Al Fayum did perfectly know him by the history books he often bought from those expensive and old manuscript stores. But as he tought about his dream, he remembered that Al-Motasim had shouted, this time apparently not for his torturer, something like:

    The one in the future will restore the glory and the Caliphate!
    He will be my only sucessor!

    And then, suddenly he saw after opening his Quran, there were no words, except the following: "Al Fayum, chosen by Allah to bring His word to the infidels and pagans in the East and the West. The greatest of the Rulers under the Sun, will bring glory to his empire on Earth and Souls to my Muslim paradise. I want YOU for the Ottoman Army!... Eh, wait, for the Ottoman Throne!"

    Estimulated by these words, he woke up and saw his Quran, normal as ever, and shouted: "the wise words of the Caliph and Allah are all that I need to accomplish my divine mission: to take the ottoman throne for himself, and to rule with glory and bring the word of Allah to the Heathens in the known and unknown Worlds in the Universe!" Clearly, nothing indicated that everything in the night really happened but truly everything needed had happened.

    And so, feeling a burst of activity, Al Fayum immediately began thinking about how to accomplish the first, and toughest, of all his goals: to take the ottoman throne. The sultan had agents everywhere... That would be impossible!

    And so it was until he suddenly had a heart attack, and died. At least in his dreams he died, but now he was dead. He saw a cup of tea, and heard a little music saying: "Just around the corner, there is a rainbow in the sky! So let's have another cup of coffee, and let's have another piece of pie!" This melody drove him crazy as he heard it repeatedly; then he died again and saw himself in front of a strange box with letters inside. These letters were in the Latin alphabet, known by him to be used by the Christians in the West. They formed a strange word, which nobody could read:


    This story begins with the Ottoman Empire, in January 1419:

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    I hope he fulfills his dream. Good writing.

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    I like these goals - nothing simple or easy! Good luck, and I hope Al Fayum can get the Empire off to a rip-roaring start! I'll be following.
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    Pretty high goals you set yourself, good luck
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    Good luck.
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    Ah, the evil Mongols! Will you be storming the East in the start?

    Ankara is pretty fresh in Ottoman memory, i take it, and Bayezid has to be avenged.

    But unleashing the fury on the Christians sound good as well...

    Ps. You had me hooked from the title. Ottomans? i am soooo in!
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