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Thread: Best Character Writer of the Week: Yenzen

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    Well, it's past time to pass the torch.

    I'd like to recognize Mettermrck for his wonderful, delightful, and vibrant characters from The Eagles of Avalon. Good job, sir, even considering your recent hiatus.
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    Another magnificent choice!

    Congratulations, Mettermrck! I truly enjoyed the contest between you and The Yogi for best of the best -- it caused me to read chapter upon chapter of your work (even though there are plenty more chapters I still must read!).

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    Excellent choice and very well deserving as well. I think it says a lot about the great characters in Mett’s AAR that he is the first person to receive this award twice and it is certainly deserved.

    Congratulations Mett
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    Congratulations, Mettermck! Your AAR is one of those legends I need to read when I have time.
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    Congratulations Mettermrck !

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    Congrats, Mett!
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    Congratulations Mett.
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    Congratulations indeed Mettrmrck!
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    Indeed, a great character writer! I'd like to single out both Remus especially as a terribly unique character! Most deserved and congrats!
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    Remus is indeed a fantastic character and much like an onion he has layers to him that have yet to be reached...congrats, Mett!
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    Really deserved: a tremendous story with the great characters notably Remus and Selenus - Eagles of Avalon.

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    I can think of preciously few writers that would so richly deserve this accolade for a second time - but the characters in "Eagles of Avalon" are just that well realised; from intelligent but naive young Selenus, to Remus, that tough old boot, to the devious lady Barbaria and weak Romulus Augustus...

    Great work and well done Met!
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    I must echo the chorus, many congrats to a well deserved recognition, Mett!
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    Congratulations, Mett! Well deserved...as always.
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    Congrats Mettermrck!
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    Thanks all, and sorry I didn't answer right away! I was enjoying a nice trip down to Florida to see my mother and sister. I had a great time, and I was delightfully surprised to return and find this award. I've regretted my recent lapse in writing and hopefully VJ is right in that I'll be back in the saddle real soon to keep this tale going. It's still very dear to me, a world I'm getting increasingly wrapped up in.

    Something interesting about characters struck me after reading the comments following my last, painfully short update. Stuyvesant had commented that I should switch the Gallic Campaign picture since so much of the story was focused in Sicily and didn't quite fit that theme. And I found it interesting since it reflects just how the story's evolved. When I conceived the second part, it was supposed to be this long, protracted gritty conflict in Gaul, with Remus at its center, in true Dark Ages fashion, nothing pretty about it. I had pictured twenty to thirty years of incessant warfare to take the region before moving into Britain for the climax.

    I had never pictured Selenus as a main character in his own right. He was to be a sidekick, yet I seemed to have poured a lot in to him, and cthulhu picked up on it right away, since I identified with him a lot. Selenus is a lot like how I would picture myself in that world, studious, timid, torn between manipulated and true loyalties. In doing so, I've become as drawn to him as Remus himself, though Remus will always be the centerpiece for welding the Western Empire back together in its crude form.

    So I appreciate all the compliments on how much Remus and Selenus are enjoyed. And now I can catch up on some AAR reading and see how other authors are fleshing out their works. Thanks again!

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    congrats Mettermrck
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    Congratulations sir. I have only just started to read your AAR and I have only one word...impressive.
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    Congratulations Mettermrck!
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