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Thread: Unification of the Americas: A Bolivian AAR

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    Wow, South America is almost conquered, on to Mexico !
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    I had two exams last week, which is why I haven't updated since then, I was too busy preparing for them. Part 5 will be ready as soon as I have the pics uploaded.

    Lifeless- I realised that, but I was still surprised that it only took two extra units not attacking across a river (my Cavalry in Caracas) to make the victory overwhelming.
    Duke- They will be dealt with, as you will see
    M.C. Abrams- Thanks, though I don't think the event mods will be much use to you. I could give you the file, but these events are specifically written for this AAR and may not work in a random game.
    Morpheus506- Whatever the outcome against the US, it will defintely be fun!
    Pacer- Mexico, HA! My army is already larger than theirs, and I will have many more months to build up before I have to invade them.
    Leopold III- Easy victories maybe, but I will have plenty more to keep me occupied during this boring slog through their countries.
    AOK. 11- Mexico shouldn't be too hard, and as long as I keep partisans under control, I doubt I'll be overextended in terms of TC.

    Thanks you all for replying, see you in a few minutes

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    Unification of the Americas: A Bolivian AAR.

    Part Five

    Almost immediately upon loading my troops in Maracaibo come under attack and are forced out of the province. In retaliation, I attack and destroy the three Colombian divisions trapped in Barquisimeto.

    A changed situation, just 8 hours after the end of the last update.

    In addition, I cancel my runs of Infantry, and start on Garrisons plus Police brigades. I’ll need them.

    Nothing much happens until my Cavalry arrive back in Caracas. I immediately turn them around back where they came, this time with support from my other troops. On May 1st I attack two divisions in Angostura Falls to keep them moving and not interfering in operations. Once dawn breaks, the Colombians lose and retreat. On May 2nd Germany seizes control of Vichy France after West Africa defects. Poor stupid collaborators.

    On May 4th Ecuador offers a white peace. Now way! They declared war, so they should suffer the consequences. On May 8th my Cavalry arrive in Maracaibo and come under attack, but they can handle it.

    My, or rather the Peruvian, navy’s first battle, just off the coast of Ecuador.

    This encounter, on May 12th, ends in a defeat, with Peru losing its only submarine flotilla. I guess overwhelming numbers will do that. On the 16th, with reinforcements due to arrive in a matter of days, my Cavalry move out to Barranquilla, one of Colombia’s VP provinces, and completely unguarded. On the 18th, I finish Deep Operations Doctrine, and start Pocket Defence Doctrine.

    On the 20th my Cavalry arrive, but are attacked and pushed out, despite support against Cucuta. They’ll be back. In addition, I win in Cucata and begin marching there. On the 28th my Cavalry finish retreating and are immediately ordered back the way they came. Unfortunately, when they arrive on June 1st, they are pushed back once again. On the 3rd, I arrive in Cucuta. There is only one VP province left for Colombia.

    The situation, June 3rd.

    You can see that Colombia seems to have given most of its troops to Ecuador. A bit odd…

    Enemy troops arrive in Barranquilla, but are dealt with once more. Just then Peru gets the ‘War with Ecuador’ event chain. Ecuador gives up Iquitos and Peru makes peace with them. Stupid Peruvians! I’ll have to deal with them after this war is over.

    The final offensive against Colombia

    Here I am attacking they’re last VP and at the same time reducing a pocket at Angostura Falls. You’ll notice that most of the divisions are once again under Colombian control. Weird.

    Angostura Falls falls (heh), but I underestimated the bonus from the mountain terrain in Bogotá. I will have to wait for the other three divisions still moving into position. On the 18th, Peru hands over some more useless naval doctrine blueprints. On the 20th, my bombers get their first kill, a Colombian division retreating to Angostura Falls.

    On the 25th, I am ready and I renew the attack into Bogotá. With eleven divisions attacking, and air support, the attack is a success. If all goes to plan, my forces will arrive to annex on July 4th. I have also cancelled my runs of Bombers. I have 12 squadrons, but a severe shortage of leaders. The IC will be better spent on ’41 Infantry, once the research is finished. This years slider move is one towards Democratic, so I can start moving towards full Free Market.

    Nothing does interfere, and late on July 4th, they are annexed. Just a couple of hours later…

    Costly, but worth it (Actually the event doesn’t work properly, so I have to go into the save file to switch Colon over to my control)

    To celebrate the annexation, the President unveils two new tech teams. Antofangasta University (Skill 3, Mechanics, Electronics, Mathematics) and the Bolivian School of Aeronautics (Skill 4, Aeronautics, Technical Efficiency, Training)

    I plan to push on Ecuador’s capital as soon as my whole army has arrived in Bogotá. On the 10th, I finish Improved Infantry Division and start on Early Tactical Bomber. The Battle for Quito begins on July 14th. It takes longer than it should, thanks to the stupid Peruvians making peace, but ultimately my three to one numbers advantage carries the day and I start marching to annexation. This war is effectively over (though I can’t annex until my Cavalry arrive on August 18th).

    On July 23rd, three divisions arrives in Colon. Hopefully this will be more than enough to deal with Panama’s one division when the time comes (Panama is still at war with the Axis yet not a member of the Allies). Also most of my army is upgraded to ’41 Infantry. Then, on the 28th…

    Remember when I mentioned foreshadowing in Part 1?

    Naturally I refuse their demands, what’s the worst they could do…

    I see…*gulp*

    (Admittedly, I rather being fighting against a resurgent Argentina than a bunch of useless partisan Militia, but I couldn’t get the civilwar command to work properly)

    To be continued…

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    that sure is alot of partisans...excellent you bought the panama canal back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeless
    that sure is alot of partisans...excellent you bought the panama canal back!

    BTW nice new avatar lifeless

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    is bolivia the only country with those unification events, or could you do that from any nation? (aka brazil or argentina)?

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    I wrote the events myself, so no, these events are not for any other nation than Bolivia.

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    Wowser, an update already! There are very few pics this time around as very little happened. It was basically a slow slog against the partisans and Central American nations, so what exactly could I show?

    Unification of the Americas: A Bolivian AAR.

    Part Six:

    It time to panic!

    Immediately I redeploy 9 divisions to Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay to stop the partisans from spreading. However, they won’t arrive until mid-August, so I’m concerned. Also I move sliders to allow for the massive drop in IC I’ll be getting when the next day rolls around. I lost 1 tech slot, and therefore 80% of progress on Agrichemistry. I also take the opportunity to load up as Peru and remove the useless peace-making traitors from my alliance. However this has the stupid side effect of the AI cancelling my attack on Quito and rearranging my corps. Arrrgggh! Ecuador will now not be annexed until late September.

    The situation

    My militia stationed in Argentina did their best, but annoyingly there were frozen conditions, meaning that they got huge penalty and so they were all forced to retreat. On the 30th I finish Force Substitution Doctrine and start Operational Destruction Doctrine. I want to get Strafing Doctrine for the boost to Interdiction.

    On August 4th, I declare war on Panama. As predicted, three ’41 divisions against one ’36 is a walkover, even in mountain terrain. It is annexed eleven days later.

    Another one bites the dust

    On the 12th, a Militia arrives in Santiago and fends off the partisan unit moving there. Similar things happen on the 16th in Puerto Aisen. Then an odd thing happens. Three divisions arrive in Asuncion and merge with the Garrison division there, forming a immobile four division corps. Does anybody know what that was all about? I un-merge them and immediately go on the offensive. Two corps attack two divisions in two provinces. The result…two dead Militia units. This pitiful rebellion will be crushed!

    On the 17th I continue my push in north and south, declaring war on Costa Rica and using my newly redeployed infantry to take Concordia back. Both operations are complete successes, resulting in one less Militia to worry about, and the elimination of the Costa Rican army. On the 19th the partisans make their first move out of Argentina, taking the Chilean territory of Wellington. This is a worry, as it means one of my Militia is now encircled. An attempt to retake the territory fails.

    On the 24th I somehow complete research into Agrichemistry…I have now idea how that happened as that tech slot was removed when the uprising happened. On the 26th Costa Rica is annexed. The next day my bombers destroy another Militia division.

    On September 6th, after over a week of fighting, my forces manage to break through the partisan defences in Wellington. I just hope that they’ll arrive in time to relieve the trapped division.

    The situation, one and half months after the uprising

    On the 12th, my troops march triumphantly into Buenos Aires. With my planes bombing them to pieces and my troops closing in from all sides, the partisans don’t stand much chance. On the 16th, Japan annexes the Philippines. Took them long enough…

    On the 19th, Medellin is taken by Ecuador, but it doesn’t matter because, one hour later:

    The end of this war, one year and three months after it started.

    On September 24th things take a turn for the worse for the Axis as Finland switches sides and joins the Comintern. To makes matters worse, Germany has barely pushed one province beyond its positions at the start of spring. This does not bode well. Next, with my fourth tech slot back, I start Advanced Infantry Division. I know it’s a bit early, but I want to have units that aren’t obsolete for once.

    On October 6th, the last partisan division bar one in the far south is eliminated. Oh the joys of bombers. I wasn’t keeping track, but I do believe the bombers got more kills than my ground forces. With the uprising pretty much defeated, I can now concentrate on my planned conquest of Peru. It is currently planned to begin in November.

    On the 17th, Nicaragua becomes my latest victim as I declare war and move on their territory. I occupy them on the 24th, but I don’t annex. At the moment I need to stay at war in order to keep consumer goods demand down and hence make dissent reduction faster.

    On November 1st, my last Garrison for now is finished. I start on Cavalry and Engineer brigades to go with them, for use against the USA. I also cancel the last set of airfields, as there are more than enough for me to capture in Mexico and the US. On the 6th the last of the Argentinean partisans is eliminated, leaving the campaign little more than a mopping up exercise. To celebrate, I annex Nicaragua and declare war on Peru.

    Pic 54

    Nothing different about this, just use sheer weight of numbers to push through to their capital. (Ack! It seems I messed up and forgot to save this pic. It just showed my troops movement orders from La Paz through Arequipa to Lima)

    Shortly afterwards, I notice I have finally gained my 5th tech team slot. Hooray! I start Semi-Motorized Cavalry Division. Also, my Interceptors have fun against the Peruvian Airforce, easily winning thanks to numerical superiority. And, its official, I now have a higher belligerence than Germany! I arrive in Arequipa on the 25th, and fend off the advancing Peruvians. However I cannot push forward to Lima, even with air support. This will have to wait a bit longer. On the 29th, I attack a mountain division in Cuzco with the audacity to attempt to take La Paz. With my bombers attacking as they retreat, they should be gone in a few days.

    On December 4th I attack Lima again, and this time it is a success! Peru will be annexed on January 7th; the last independent South American nation will join the unified continent under the banner of Bolivia! The following day I declare war on Honduras, continuing my push towards the Mexican border. As usual five versus one is a cakewalk and I start marching towards annexation. Another enemy division arrives in Cuzco and attempts to take La Paz. I break off one corps from the attack on Lima to deal with it, causing them to be thrown back and then destroyed by my bombers.

    Peru offers me peace for all but two of their provinces on the 12th, of course I refuse, they got themselves into this mess by making peace in the last war. On the 16th, Honduras is annexed, and I realize that Guatemala is going to be a problem. They have six divisions stacked in their mountainous province, which is much more than my troops in that theatre can handle at this point. I will have to wait until the war with Peru is done before moving against them.

    On the 23rd, the last partisan province is captured. So ends the Argentinean Uprising. I take this opportunity to disband my three Militia divisions. They turned out to be next to useless during the uprising, and I could use the manpower for other things. On Christmas Day I finish Operational Destruction Doctrine and start Strafing Doctrine.

    So ends 1942

    On January 1st I complete my first new Cavalry division in about 5 years. It means I can make my first ever 3-unit corps of Cavalry. Despite some Peruvians arriving in Lima on the 4th, I was able to take the province and annex on the 7th as planned. Now the unification of South America is almost complete. Once we have thrown off the shackles of the Imperialists (by shackles I means four undefended and almost worthless territories), we will be united as one glorious whole!

    The Bolivian Empire

    Next time: Preparations for the war with the Allies, and the end of an independent Central America. Make sure to tune in!

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    Your TC doesn't seem that bad, does it? 154/148 ...

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    very entertainin

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    very nice! can we see the map in partisan mode so we can see how much red there is?
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    Excellent, even more nations added to your empire

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    Just started reading this AAR- I see you're intent on even greater unification than Simon Bolivar himself was!
    This is a good read

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    Steevo, Duke, lifeless, Citanafvic- Thanks!
    lifeless- I can't get a pic right now (my laptop where HOI2 is installed doesn't have Internet access atm), but I promise to include one in the next update.
    Michaeru- In fact its usually better, but I have several divisions redeploying, so its over the limit for now. I put it down to very extensive anti-partisan duty (about 1/3 of my army is Garrisons).

    The next update will be sometime over the next few days. I want to get it done before HL2: Ep 1 comes out and takes up all my time.

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    Wow, what an empire, nice work, keep it up !
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    Enjoying your stroll through the Americas muchly!

    But watch out for those pesky allies with their annoying spot landings up and down the west coast of both continents

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    Awesome progress,I was never able to defeat Argentina in my Peru game.This encourages me to try it again,maybe with Bolivia?
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    EvilSanta- What makes Bolivia good for this is that they can demand territories off of Paraguay and Chile to basically double their IC in the first year. This gives much more options in building a military, so a '39 invasion of Argentina is entirely feasible.

    Unification of the Americas: A Bolivian AAR.

    Part Seven:

    As requested, a pic of the partisan activity, Jan 1943

    Upon loading, I immediately continue the campaign in Central America, declaring war on El Salvador.

    And another one gone

    They are annexed on January 12th. I also start a massive redeployment program out of Peru, sending my TC through the roof. It is now 344/140. On the 22nd I cancel the run of factories I had going in Antofangasta after one is finished. I need the 5 IC for other things. I’ll also cancel the run I had in La Paz, once the next one finishes in early March.

    On February 12th I get the Election Times event. I’m not sure how, as I’m still Paternal Autocrat, but I keep the current government anyways. I specifically chose these ministers for a reason; so changing them is not in my best interest. Good news shortly afterwards: I look over my air forces and discover that I have 3 new air leaders who have appeared out of nowhere! No more leaderless air wings for me.

    On the 16th, my forces are ready, and I begin the invasion of Guatemala.

    When in doubt, use overwhelming force to wipe them out!

    With air support from 8 bomber squadrons, this battle is over within hours.

    Of course, the map doesn’t change much, seeing as we were the same colour.

    With Guatemala annexed, I move all my army to the Mexican border, except three Cavalry divisions who are assigned to sweep up the European possessions in South America once that war begins. However, now I will wait for a couple of months while my dissent lowers before the invasion of Mexico begins. That doesn’t stop me showing the plan however.

    The plans

    It seems that the entire Mexican Airforce of 27 Interceptors is crammed into one small airfield in Acapulco (their only airbase!), which is why my Cavalry are ordered to take it as soon as possible, to guarantee air superiority. The encircle manoeuvre should speak for itself, and considering Mexico’s army only has 18 divisions, the loss of 4 should cause huge problems. After that, I should be able to simply push up to their VP provinces with superior numbers. The invasion is currently set for May 1st.

    On March 4th I cancel the factories in La Paz and put the IC into CG. On the 25th I finish Pocket Defence Doctrine and start Defence in Depth. On April 5th I finish Early Bomber and start Basic Tactical Bomber. On April 13th I pass the 100 IC mark for the first time.

    Then, on May 1st as planned:

    It begins once more

    I quickly beat the lone division in Villahermosa and move out to encircle 5 divisions in Meridia. As if by plan, half of my Bomber force completes upgrades the following day. However, I count at least 16 Mexican interceptor squadrons flying overhead, so I can’t launch them at the moment.

    A few hours before my troops arrive, 3 more Mexican units enter Villahermosa, but they are easily dealt with. My Cavalry arrive and deal with the counterattack. Once my Infantry arrive in 4 days I will deal with the pocket and airfield. On the 14th I finish Semi-Motorized Cavalry and start Agricultural Production.

    The first phase of my plan begins

    Encircled, out of supply and outnumbered 4 to 1, the Mexicans in Meridia didn’t stand a chance, and were wiped out. I don’t bother moving to take the province, as it isn’t a VP province and would just waste time. On May 18th I send my Infantry against the Mexican forces in Puebla. They win before I have a chance to take a screenshot.

    On May 23rd another division arrives in Meridia. It must have been redeployed. Luckily I kept one corps back in Guatemala for such an eventuality, and the Mexicans pay for their foolishness. On the 24th I finish Strafing Doctrine and start Logistical Strike Doctrine. On the 25th I finish Advanced Infantry Division and start Deep Logistics Organization.

    On the 30th I arrive in Acapulco, and the Mexican Airforce drops from 30 squadrons (yes, they built 3 more in just 2 months), down to zero. I can now bomb with impunity.

    Look at those lovely clear skies. Clear but for my Bombers, anyway.

    You can also see yet another division in Meridia. I didn’t even notice it until I was editing the screenshot. It is promptly dealt with. Mexico offers peace on June 1st, but we all know what I do with peace offers by now, don’t we? On June 8th my forces arrive in Puebla, and defeat the divisions retreating there, destroying them. They immediately push on to Monterrey and once again overwhelm them. On June 26th my force arrive in Monterrey. I use the opportunity to eliminate one division trapped by the east coast.

    The Battle of Mexico City, about to be won.

    Once the defenders are defeated, my troops begin moving. If all goes to plan, Mexico will be done and dusted on July 10th. Meanwhile, it seems as though my Bombers received a pasting from somewhere, but seeing as Mexico has no Airforce, it must have been AA defences. Annoyingly its going to cost me quite a bit of manpower, which would be better spent of Infantry, to replenish them.

    Nothing stops me from marching into the capital of Mexico. I annex them on the 10th, revealing this pretty picture.

    Finally, I am at the US border!

    Notice that the only provinces actually being defended are San Diego and Corpus Christi, the others only have moving units. It’s all good, all good.

    To be continued…

    Now, I want to ask you, the loyal readers, a question. What do you think is the best plan of action?

    1) Attack as soon as troops are in position (probably August).

    Pros: Element of surprise, the US won’t have time to prepare.
    Cons: Winter will roll around soon and limit my expansion. Will I have enough troops to hold a front as broad as the US?

    2)Attack in spring ’44

    Pros: A whole campaigning season to sweep up the enemy. Can greatly increase my army (25 extra Infantry by April ’44, provided I don’t run out of manpower)
    Cons: US could prepare if it see build up on the border (does the AI notice that?). US will build even more forces. They currently only have 5x my numbers, most of that overseas. By April ’44 they could have much more than that.

    My current forces are 22 Infantry, 7 Cavalry. Also bear in mind, the later I join the Axis, the more research time will be wasted due to lack of blueprints. Any ideas?

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    i dont think they notice..maybe you should wait til late winter and then attack so then you can build more divs...
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    Good moves taking out Central America. Now the real war begins. How tough will the US be?

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