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Thread: Unification of the Americas: A Bolivian AAR

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    Unification of the Americas: A Bolivian AAR

    Welcome to this AAR, my first. Unfortunately I had no idea I would be doing this when I started the game so the first 5 years will be a bit sketchy. Currently I am in November 1940, but Iíll tell you all that you missed. This is played on N/N, as it is my first game as a minor. All the pics for this first part are from saves, which is why they don't quite line up with what I say, and arrows are drawn by me, in MS Paint. (blue arrows are my plans, red are expected enemy attacks)

    Unification of the Americas: A Bolivian AAR.

    Prologue: The story so farÖ

    I started out in 1936, with great plans for this little country. For those of you who donít know the situation, Bolivia starts out landlocked, with an army consisting of 2 Militia, one í18 Infantry and one í18 Cavalry. Starting IC is 7.

    Bolivia in January 1936

    I started by building an extra Militia division to help guard the border. I also started work on Early Infantry Division. After the Militia was finished I began building factories in the capital, La Paz.

    At the same time I was building up money by trading for it using the vast metal supplies Bolivia has. As soon as I had enough I demanded territory off Paraguay and Chile. After a few attempts on each I got the provinces I wanted, basically doubling my IC. Once Early Infantry was finished, I started on the Machine Tools techs. By the end of 1937, three new infantry divisions were finished, thanks to the extra IC.

    Bolivia in September 1937

    During this whole time I had been steadily moving the sliders towards interventionism, so that I could freely declare war on my neighbours. Luckily I was helped along by a couple of Great War Rally events. Meanwhile I researched Early Artillery and built enough to have 6 divisions equipped. After the factory builds were finished, I put all my IC into four Interceptor I squadrons, to keep enemy bombers away when the war began.

    I declared war on Paraguay sometime in early 1939, and easily crushed them as they had 1 IC and just three divisions. I also demanded territory off Brazil, and got it. Then, in June, I attacked Argentina. This was crunch time. If the war failed Iíd be screwed for the rest of the game, if I won, I would be in an excellent position to attack Chile and Uruguay.

    My plans for the first stage of the invasion, July 1939

    By letting the Argentinean army take Ciudad del Este, then cutting them off and destroying them, I would do enough damage to significantly even the odds. It worked, and two divisions were destroyed. I spent the rest of 1939 and the first couple of months of 1940 getting into position for the final strike towards Buenos Aires. During this time three new infantry and one cavalry were built, while my interceptors were launched only Argentinean bombers were sighted, to avoid the Int II that they had patrolling.

    Eventually I was able to mass attack with almost my entire army in the Buenos Aires region, and Argentina was annexed. Through all this, I kept the Americans on side by constantly influencing them to keep them at +200. They only one who can stop me are the USA and Brazil at this point, as everyone else is focused on Europe where events are playing out as normal. I have also researched Large Front Doctrine and Rear Area Dumps by this point.

    The strategy to quickly annex Chile, May 1940

    After reorganising my forces, I had nine Infantry in three corps, with the two Cavalry separate and the Militia running anti-partisan duty. The plan is to let them disperse their forces attacking worthless west Argentina, then I will sweep in and take their two VP locations.

    Needless to say, it worked and Chile was annexed in early August. Now that I am running low on manpower, I have started more factories as placeholders until it rises high enough to start building troops again. I redeployed my forces to the Uruguayan border, and quickly defeated and annexed them. I also finished Early Cavalry Division and Air Superiority Doctrine and attached engineers to my newly í36 Cavalry.

    Now my troops are setting up on the border of the last nation who can stand in my way in South AmericaÖBrazil.

    I will continue it as soon as I have finished up writing some custom events for Bolivia, then the AAR proper can begin!

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    I cant believe you managed to GET territory from other nations by using the "Demand Territory" diplomacy tab, I have actually never seen it work before in any of my games, anyone else ever successfuly demanded territory?
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    I had a 50% chance in each case. It suprised me too!

    It wouldn't of mattered anyway. All I got from Chile and Brazil was 1 IC plus a few resources. Paraguay's I would of conquered if I couldn't demand it.

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    I have successfully demanded territory several times. Great AAR too. I once played as Bolivia and didnt do as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron-Chef
    I cant believe you managed to GET territory from other nations by using the "Demand Territory" diplomacy tab, I have actually never seen it work before in any of my games, anyone else ever successfuly demanded territory?
    I belive that he didn't use the cheat. It will never work in a normally looking europe exept for the baltic states but in other places there acctually is a possibility. (maybe not china) It also depends on who you are demanding from, Soviet will never agree but the chance is big if it is conquered area by USA. If the other nation is much smaller the chance rises.
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    Wow, fantastic progress!

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    Yeah nice job against Argentina. And yeah ive demanded territory and got it before it usually works, but it depends on your relations with country, and how much territory you want from them.
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    I got Trento in almost all of my games with austria. It's possible, but only seldomly!

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    very nice work! after conquest of the south american continent, will you turn your eyes north?
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    Unification of the Americas: A Bolivian AAR.

    Part One:

    So, now I can actually record events as they happen. Let us begin.

    Disposition of forces, Nov 10th 1940

    It looks like everything is in place for my invasion of Brazil; I just need to wait for my troops to be reinforced back to full strength. But wait, whatís this? It looks like the President has an announcement to make.

    The plan commencesÖ

    To clarify, the third option will give me moves towards isolationism, a small increase in dissent and a massive reduction in belligerence

    The second option releases Argentina and Chile as puppets, and puts them (and Paraguay and Uruguay if they were still alive) into an alliance. Also there is a reduction in dissent and a small reduction in belligerence.

    Option 1, the one I choose, gives a large dissent hit and sours relations immensely with the other nations nearby. However it gives cores in all of Argentina and Chile. While this may seem like a cop-out way to get more IC and manpower, it triggers an event that will have repercussions far down the line.

    Foreshadowing anyone?

    The production situation after the event

    The research situation after the event

    Interwar Bombers will give me a way of damaging the enemies suffering the long movement times in South America. Mechanized Agriculture is for more manpower, obviously. Basic Infantry will bring me up to par with Brazil, who I believe has that tech by now, although the war will probably be over by the time its finished. The Garrisons will be needed for the swathes of hostile territory Iím likely to acquire soon.

    At 8.00 GMT, November 17th, war is declared, and the conqÖliberation of Brazil can commence!

    Force comparison

    Overall, they have more units than me. However, they are also spread out across the entire territory. I should be able to defeat them in detail, as demonstrated here.

    The plan

    It should be obvious enough. My Cavalry will rush around the back towards Sao Paulo and cut off the divisions in Curitiba, where my numerically superior forces should be able to crush them. I will get at least two divisions in this, maybe more if reinforcements charge past through Sao Paulo to the front.

    The first battle of the war is over so quickly I canít even take a screenshot.

    Meanwhile, Free France annexes Lebanon and the Brazilians try to bomb my Cavalry.

    Needless to say their rudeness does not go unpunished

    They leave this battle with no org and ĺ strength. My planes spot Brazilian troops moving from Sao Paulo to Curitiba. The more the merrier!

    Mato Grosso is taken on the 23rd and Porto Alegre the following day. Annoyingly the AI was smart enough to transfer its planes away to safety before any could be destroyed.

    I sign a non-aggression pact with the US, seeing as my belligerence is now above their threshold for declaring war AND I have been attacking their guaranteed countries. They break it the following day. Iím not too worried, they did this before when I attacked Paraguay and nothing happened. But still...

    A partisan revolt in a former Argentine territory.

    Annoyingly my anti-partisan Militia isnít able to handle it. However, it is only one unimportant territory, so it can wait until the Brazil war is done unless they try to attack elsewhere. Meanwhile, the UK annexes Syria.

    On Dec 3rd one Brazilian Cavalry attempts to attack my two in Mato Grosso, but they easily repel it. They then come under attack from the Cavalry again plus two infantry in Curitiba. Iím forced to attack Curitiba, but only fight long enough for my Cavalry to defend themselves successfully. A few days later, the same thing happens.

    On Dec 11th they finally arrive in Campinas and come under immediate attack from a oving infantry. Luckily they are strong enough to hold their own. However they are unable to take Sao Paulo without some org regain after the last few battles.

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    Continued from previous post...

    The situation so far

    Iím worried. Multiple enemies surround my Cavalry. They could easily be pushed back. I didnít expect Brazil to have this many divisions down here so fast. Sure enough, on Dec 12th my Cavalry are attacked and forced to retreat to Mato Grosso. I guess I was a bit too bold with my plan.

    The new plan, lets hope it works.

    I attack Curitiba and mysteriously, one Brazilian infantry disappears into thin air. Oh well. Those bombers show up again, but are quickly pasted by my Ints.

    On Dec 20th a militarist coup díťtat happens to me, making me Paternal Autocrat and forcing a couple of minister switches, but overall things didnít really change.

    Erm Iím not quite sure how that happened.

    Those two Brazilian units leapt into Mato Grosso from Curitiba for no apparent reason (they should of been retreating to Sao Paulo). They suffer the same fate as their companion and disappear forever. Shortly afterwards my Mato Grosso forces come under further attack and retreat to Asuncion.

    So, as 1941 begins, Iíve achieved my goal of destroying part of the Brazilian army, even though it wasnít as Iíd originally envisioned it. The loss of three of their Infantry divisions puts me in an excellent position for the coming months.

    The main offensive will begin in March, when my troops finally arrive in Curitaba (stupid mountains!). Then we will see the end of Brazil and the rise of a new order!

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    Interesting AAR. Good progress and good luck with Brazil they look like your first real challenge.

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    very nice work! why all the ic in CG?
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    CCA- I actually don't have Doomsday yet. Those events were made by going through the files myself

    Duke of Wellington- Thanks, although as you'll see, it does get disappointingly easy shortly.

    lifeless- two reasons: to reduce dissent (around 13% at that point) and the fact I have very little to build at that point, as I am waiting for my Basic Infantry and Interwar Tac Bomber research to be finished.

    Update coming shortly

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    Unification of the Americas: A Bolivian AAR.

    Part Two:

    January starts off boring. I spend the first half of the month watching the days roll by, working only on influencing the USA and getting a non-aggression pact with them. Meanwhile another Garrison and my first naval unit, a Transport, are completed. Then suddenly, on the 21st, I get my independence guaranteed by the US. I think that this, plus the pact I just signed, will keep me safe from them for the duration of the Brazil campaign.

    Then things get ugly when the Brazilians arrive in Mato Grosso on the 27th, immediately attacking and annihilating one of my Garrison with 5 divisions, leaving a gaping hole in the line. My Cavalry counterattack Mato Grosso but fail to push them back. Meanwhile the Partisans from earlier take Viedma. Another useless province, and if they try to push for Buenos Aires my Militia will stop them.

    A gaping hole

    Notice there are 5 divisions here. Almost half the Brazilian army. This means I should have no trouble at the coast, with my overwhelming numbers.

    My first troops arrive in Curitiba on the 28th. They are immediately attacked and immediately defeat the attackers. It wonít be until early March that my other divisions arrive, and then I will begin my push towards Rio de Janeiro.

    On the 12th my first Infantry corps finally re-orgs and I send them forward to the undefended Sao Paulo. Those annoying Bomber immediately reappear and are instantly whomped by my planes. Moments later I see them transfer out of Sao Paulo, probably to Rio, to avoid my approaching forces. I guess the AI is smart enough to not let planes get overrun.

    On the 20th my forces arrive in Sao Paulo and discover somethingÖ

    Brazilís heartland undefended!

    This is excellent. With most of the enemy army up in the west (you can see two new divisons have arrived in Ciuaba), it shouldnít be too difficult to isolate Rio and cut the Brazilians off from their supply source. On the 25th I move to take Vitoria.

    On March 2nd the Axis begin their invasion of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria enters the Axis.

    Two days later my primary army arrives in Curitiba. As soon as they re-org Iíll send one corps to deal with the forces in Mato Grosso and the other to secure Sao Paulo.

    Thatís for the poor Garrison you killed!

    The Partisans move into Cordoba, annoyingly out of reach of my nearby Militia. Luckily I have two en route to finally remove this irritation.

    Moving to attack the partisans. I actually lose the battle that follows. Gah!

    On the 13th the US breaks its non-aggression pact with me, but immediately I sign a new one. Wouldnít want them doing anything rash now, would I?

    My forces arrive in Vitoria on the 16th and start getting bombed by Brazil. Frustratingly, I canít fly Air Superiority over the Rio de Janeiro region despite having an airbase in Sao Paulo. RIGHT NEXT TO IT!!! My main force arrives in Sao Paulo and fends off the divisions that had been moving there.

    To destroy two more divisons

    I would move my men in Vitoria to Goias to complete the encirclement faster, but then those planes that I canít deal with would bomb them. Suddenly Pavon Ochoa dies in battle. I guess he must have been the commander of my Ints as that was the only combat happening at the time. Annoyingly he was my best Air Doctrine researcher, so I may resurrect him. After all its not realistic that an Air General would go flying off into battle with his squadrons.

    On the 25th the Brazilians finally arrive in Perseverancia, after two months moving. Some immediately start moving east, probably to prevent the imminent collapse of their nation. Suddenly I notice I have a new tech slot. I assign Bolivian Oil to research Basic Field Artillery.
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    Continued from previous post...

    Great April Fools joke guys!

    No thanks. Complete unification or nothing!

    On April 3rd my forces arrive in Mato Grosso once more and my Cavalry immediately push on to Goias, easily overwhelming the lone Cavalry there.

    On April 14th I finally finish Basic Infantry. Most of my IC goes into upgrades and I start a run of 6 í39 Infantry. I also start Deep Operations Doctrine.

    Overkill anyone?

    On the 20th my Cavalry arrive in Goias and the divisions in Campinas die a swift and brutal death. Now it should simply be a case of mopping up VP locations.

    How the war will end

    If all goes to plan, Iíll annex them on June 15.

    The last fight Brazil is likely to put up is two divisions standing between two VP locations and my forces, but they should be easily pushed aside. Meanwhile the Partisans fend off another attempt by me to deal with them. *Sigh*

    On May 1st my army is fully upgraded to 1939 standard (a couple of years too late). In Europe Yugoslavia is annexed by Germany on the 3rd. On the 4th I finish Mechanized Agriculture and start Basic Cavalry Division. More events happen in Europe on May 9th as Italy annexes Greece and Germany decides to create an independent Croatia.

    On May 18th my troops march triumphantly into Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian capital moves to Salvador, which will be taken shortly anyway. On top of this the Brazilian Airforce is finally exterminated as I take their last airbase. What a great day! Then, my transport fleet is finally complete on the 21st. Combined with dissent finally hitting 0 %, this means I can devote enormous amounts of IC to supplies, and start a second run of Infantry.

    On the 27th I arrive in Belem and deal with the counterattack that comes in. However I notice that the Brazilians are moving to cut off my forces in Belem by taking unguarded Goias. Hopefully Iíll be able to annex before then. My troops arrive in Salvador on the 30th, but fail to take Recife. Iíll move my Cavalry along the coast to support them, but it will take a while for them to arrive.

    The last VP location under siege.

    At last!

    After spending months chasing the Partisans around Argentina and being completely unable to defeat them, they are finally dealt with on June 1st. Brazil offers me another peace deal on the 11th. With only 1 VP left there isnít much they can offer me that would make me quit now. Later that day I attempt another attack on Recife with my Infantry, now that theyíre back to full org. It succeeds, and Iím on my way to the annex!

    Just now I realise I completely forgot the slider for this year. I move 1 towards Standing Army.

    On June 24th my troops arrive, and Brazil is annexed.

    One step closer to a united South America!

    The President calls for a grand party to celebrate the victory. But before he can start the festivities, an urgent message comes in from several embassiesÖ

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    Wow. I've never seen a very successful South American AAR, much less one where Bolivia dominates the continent. Great job.

    And don't worry about the slider thing, I don't think I've ever once remembered it.
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    very nice work! you have enough garrisons for partsians? whats your ic now?
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