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Thread: Morgue - Term XV

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    Morgue - Term XV

    To keep or obtain Eutopian citizenship for Term 15 (which will allow you to post, vote, and run for public office), post the following information about your character:
    • name
    • place of residence;
    • memberships in organizations (if any);
    • political leanings;
    • financial status; and
    • a short biography consisting of any other information you care to provide (a thread for longer biographies is available).

    Once that is done, a Gamemaster will review your post. If acceptable, they will add “APPROVED” after your post, and you’re good to go. If there are concerns, they’ll consult with you by private message. Players who are merely posting to retain citizenship need not be re-approved.

    Note that the citizen registry will be restarted periodically; you will need to renew your registration at that time.

    You can review the Rules and FAQ here.


    Name: General Marcus Levarge
    Place of Residence: Eutopia City
    Memberships: Member of CUE, Eutopia Defense Forces
    Politics: Conservative Monarchist
    Finances: Middle Class
    Short Biography: Levarge was the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Eutopian military when he overthrew civilian government. He is now the de facto leader of Eutopia.
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    Name: Charles Bacon
    Residence: Farpoint, WET
    Memberships: Centre (not an official party just yet)
    Political Leanings: Centrist
    Financial Status: Middle Class
    Biography: Born to Canadian-Eutopians in New Lancaster, Bacon hated the City, and loved going to the WET in the Summer. As soon as he was 18, he moved to Farpoint and began a small Radio Station named "Radio Free Radio Free Eutopia", which soon became a local hit. The rapid success of RFRFE, even outside West Eutopia helped Bacon to save his financial situation, and the Station has gone national. Bacon is now Deputy MSS.
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    Name: Kenneth Haug
    Residence: New Lancaster
    Memberships: Eutopian Nationalist Party
    Political Learnings: Conservative
    Fincancial Status: Upper Middle Class
    Bio: Born in New Lancaster. Served 7 years in the navy obtaining the rank of Captain. Married. Formerly host of EPNR, now politician for the ENP.

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    Name: Francisco Cojuanco y O’Rourke
    Residence: Tara, St.Brendanstown, St. Brendan’s
    Memberships: Labor Party, Eutopian Historical Society, Eutopian Cricket Federation, Oakleaf MediaComm
    Political leanings: socially moderate, economically slightly left of center
    Finances/social position: Upper Class
    Short bio: born in Tilapia to a scion of a political machine and CEO of Oakleaf MediaComm. He graduated from Sandhurst around Term VI fourth in his class, afterwards living off his father's sinecure for a time, and as a solicitor. Served in the Navy from terms 7-12. Was head of Military Police for Eutopia City during the Levarge Years, and some say he personally ordered a few 'disappearances' among anti-levarge dissidents. Before his entry into politics, Cojuanco retred from the military, going back into criminal law as a legal-aid attorney. Being elected to the General Assembly, he was known as a leading moderate voice, often urging compromise. After Maj.Braxton's removal, he is currently serving as MoSS, but perhaps his ambitions are higher...
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    Name: John O'Floinn
    Residence: Eutopia City
    Memberships: Party of Liberty
    Politics: Moderate
    Finances: Wealthy
    Short Biography: Former President, popular talk show host, Long-time leader of the centrist movement.

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    Name: Emil Lucescu
    Place of Residence: Eutopia City
    Memberships in Organizations: None, (formally PoL)
    Political Leanings: Center leaning Liberal
    Financial: Can afford to buy his weekly supply of Ranem Noodles. (Middle Class)
    Biography: Pending...
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    Name: Major Edward Braxton
    Place of Residence: Braxton Hall Gloriana or Eutopia City
    Memberships in Organizations: ELP,Member of Eutopia cricket federation
    Political Leanings: Slightly: Moderate
    Financial: Upper Class
    Biography: Shipping Magnate. Ran away to swizterland to marry his secretary who tragically died in a skiing accident during their honeymoon, has decided to return to Eutopia to pick up form where he left off
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    Name: Alastar Cain
    Political Affiliation: Moderate-Liberal
    Membership: Chairman of the ELP
    Finances: Upper-Middle Class
    Bio: Chairman and co-founder of the Labor Party in Eutopia, former minister (Pre-coup)
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    Name: The Reverend Dr. Woodrow "Woody" Park, JD, MBA
    Place of residence: Korean-Eutopian Presbyterian Church manse, NeuWestbaden, New Schleswig
    Memberships in organizations (if any): Korean-Presbyterian Church, Eutopian Writers Guild, Amnesty Worldwide, ELP
    Political leanings: What would Jesus do? (Care for others, importance of service, pacifist, etc.)
    Financial status: Has paid off college loans but doesn't own a home
    Brief Bio: Woody Park was born in Eutopia of Korean parents, his father was working here for a Korean company on a 5 year posting. They were both Presbyterian, and he was raised in that faith. He moved back to Seoul, Korea when he was 4, eventually attended Seoul National University, double majoring Econ & PoliSci. He then served two years of mandatory military service as a Lieutenant in the infantry in the Korean Army. He went to the US for grad school, where he got his JD MBA at the City University of New York on a part-time basis over six years while working for a living, mostly as an analyst for the structured securities desk of an investment bank. When he graduated, he expected to step into a highly paid position, but some then recent bad headlines and corporate losses in derivatives made it hard to land a job at a company that would sponsor him for a visa, now that he was no longer a student. He went looking for work in Eutopia, as he had dual Korean-Eutopian citizenship, and found a job as a financial writer for Peer's Quarterly Economic Review. He decided he had a calling, a vocation for ministry, so started attending a seminary with some sponsorship from the Korean-Eutopian Presbyterian Church, who knew they would need to replace a retiring minister in five years. He has been ordained as a Presybterian Minister and is the Pastor the church that sponsored him. He still writes part time for Peer's which also publishes one sermon a quarter in their religion section. He is 41 years old. but has only active in politics to two terms, serving variously in the GA, as Finance Minister, and as interim leader of the ELP, when he wasn't acting for Amnesty Worldwide.
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    Name: Jim Sykes
    Place of Residence: Eutopia City
    Memberships in Organizations: Eutopian Nationalist Party
    Political Leanings: moderate rightist
    Financial: middle class
    Biography: Former journalism student. Joined politics after the Levarge era in the hope of restoring the great Levargist government. Has since moderated his politics a bit, as the cheese is still good.
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    Name: James R. Zhokhyen
    Place of Residence: Eutopia City
    Memberships: Party of Liberty
    Politics: Libertarian
    Financial status: Moderately wealthy
    Biography: 48 years old. Native to the suburbs of Eutopia City, James grew up in a lower middle-class family. His good grades eventually landed him in law school. After graduation, he decided not to practice, instead opting for journalism. From there, he eventually became a moderately-successful political analyst. Finally decided instead of commentating and criticizing to try and get involved himself. Achieved instant success and was elected to president, but has steadily declined since. Can he continue in politics successfully, or will he completely be fed up and quit in a hissy fit? Stay tuned.
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    Name : Rev. John A. Pollos
    Residence : Kirby , Jacobia
    Memberships : ENP
    Political Leaning : "Compasionate" Conservative
    Financial Status : Upper Middle Class
    Bio : Joined the ENP and caused quite a rucuss with his Christian day of prayer. John now is quite active in the GA and has aspirations for higher office and the building of a stronger "compasionate" conservative party with the ENP.
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    Name: Richard Berenguerr
    Residence: Spalding, Gloriana
    Memberships: ELP
    Political leanings: Left wing of the ELP
    Financial status: Relatively poor
    Short bio: The scion of a family of wealthy Anglo reactionaries, Berenguerr rebelled against the family tradition. A student dissident during the Levarge area, he later became involved with trade unions and the left-wing press before joining the ELP. Following Gonzov's suicide he's the foremost representative of the party's left wing and is the party's senior legislator in the GA.

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    Name: P.G. Talbott
    Age: 64
    Residence: Farpoint, WET
    Memberships: None
    Political leanings: Conservative
    Financial Status: Enough to retire comfortably on.
    Bio: Former President and Conservative politician, now disaffected from politics.
    Prof. P.G. Talbott, the...something-or-other...of the Eutopian Republic.
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