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Thread: EU2 1.09 for Mac released!

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    Wonderful news for all who use macs. Congrats!

    Edit: Oops...I think I shouldn't have posted here....
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    Product Code


    I'm trying to install EUII Mac 1.09 and have run into a little problem. Of course it asks for the product code for my copy of EUII for Mac unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere. This is compicated by the fact that I bought my copy second hand on Amazon! Does anyone know of a way round this so I can update my copy of EU II? I'd really appreciate your help.

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    For me it's worse : I can't even run the updter I don't understand why...

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    Guys, the Mac version is nothing to do with Paradox. You need to go to the game publisher's website for support. We really have no idea here, sorry.
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    can you convert PC CK saved games to the mac version of EU2 and/or Mac EU2 savegames to PC Vicky? Or are the save files the same for both versions?

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    I don't see any reason why they would fiddle around with the save game format, but I've never played it on a Mac. You should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chairman Noob
    can you convert PC CK saved games to the mac version of EU2 and/or Mac EU2 savegames to PC Vicky? Or are the save files the same for both versions?
    According to posts on Virtual Programming forum, you can use at least the PC converters for Mac games to go from Crusader Kings to Eu II then Doomsday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chairman Noob
    can you convert PC CK saved games to the mac version of EU2 and/or Mac EU2 savegames to PC Vicky? Or are the save files the same for both versions?
    You can convert from CK to EU2 using the "Export" option in CK.

    There is also an alternative converter that should work in Mac (it's written in java). I tried it some days ago, and it converted my saved game to Eu2, though it crashed when I tried to to use it in Eu2; but I think it's due to some weirdness in my saved game, because I got exactly the same result when I converted it in windows.

    For mac EU2-Vicky converting, I can't still tell you. I'm still in the 15th century in my Grand Campaign with Bizantium...

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    Link Doesn't Work

    Unfortunately I got page not found for that - has anyone had any luck locating this file?
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