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Thread: Doomsday: Republic & Reich

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    Doomsday: Republic & Reich

    Prologue – Jan 1st, 1936
    In later years, when care-worn he ruled an Empire spanning three continents locked in mortal struggle against a relentless and powerful foe, Adolf Hitler would fondly remember 1936. In the previous three years, he had lifted a people of 80 million out of abject poverty and despair, given it back its sense of pride and the belief in its fate-preordained place as Herrenvolk – a Master Race. That had been a great achievement, but it was only in 1936 that the restoration of German glory and German power had began in earnest. He had openly renounced the shameful treaties of Versailles and Locarno, reinstated conscription and reasserted German sovereignty over the whole national territory by means of the march into the Rheinland. Although dwarfed by later victories, that march had actually been his greatest gamble; Never again would he have as little to back up his bluff as that time. Never was the probable reaction of his opponents so hard to fathom, since their mettle hadn’t yet been tested.

    The forty-eight hours after the re-occupation had been the most nervous in his life. Had the French reacted militarily, he would have had to pull back with his tail between his legs. He went to Berghof to await news of the outcome of his gamble. In the dawn of the third day, after a sleepless night, he had greeted the rising sun on the large terrace of his mountain retreat. The sun had failed to show up, covered as often in that time of the year by leaden clouds, but some feeble light filtered through the overcast. And basking in that grey light, he had known at last that the Thousand Year Reich would become a reality and not just a flight of fancy. He had finally known that he was a genius ordained by fate to save the German race, and not just some politico with delusions of grandeur. And after the Rheinland, his people knew this too.

    1936 had also been the year of the Berlin Olympics, and the civil war in Spain… But the Rheinland… that was when he knew that the western powers were too weak in spirit to oppose his will. England – admirable as it’s Empire was – was complacent and insular. France, cowardly and cringing. And America? At the time, the mere idea that America could one day become a serious threat to his Reich was laughable. America was more insular even than Britain, rich but spoilt and indulgent, and preoccupied with her internal troubles. Their entire army by 1936 would hardly have been adequate for a good German parade. No, in 1936 the Führer feared Soviet Russia, and respected Britain but doubted America would have much impact on the future of Germany except perhaps as trading partner.

    Later came the great political coups, the Blitzkriegs, the great conquests… the ever more destructive weapons and more powerful foes… And somehow, no other year had ever made him as happy as 1936. It had been a good year; and yet, 1936 was the year that set the German Reich irrevocably on the road towards DOOMSDAY!
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    December 31, 1935

    The wooden door opened with a slight whine, a sign of its age. The men at the table turned to appraise the newcomer, though none seemed eager to put down their drinks and cigars. It was an occasion, after all, in which all the players were known.

    ”Ah, Edward, glad you could join us,” said the man at the head of the table. ”I believe you know everyone here…Rex, Harry, the rest of the gang?”

    The guest nodded and casually assumed his place in the one remaining empty seat. ”Yes, Mr. President.”

    Roosevelt laughed, leaning back with ease, his cigar dangling prominently from his hand. ”Franklin behind doors, Edward. Out there, it’s Mr. President and Mayor Crump. In here, it’s a bunch of Democrats eyeing November.”

    Now the murmur of conversation which hadn’t quite died out, did so. A few cigars were politely put out and some of the assembled squeaked their chairs closer to the table. A little business was mixing with the pleasure.

    ”Now, now, don’t get too nervous, gentlemen, I shan’t keep you long. Eleanor is allowing one hour only, and then it’s off to another ball or some such. The perils of holidays at the White House,” he said easily to appreciative chuckles.

    ”With Louis laid up for a time, I leave it to you gentlemen to keep me appraised of things. I look forward to an evening of polite conversation, which means that of the dull sort,” he said to another round of laughter. ”But I wanted a chance for a brief face to face beforehand.” He leaned back, impulsively gesturing with his hand for them to proceed.

    ”Hoover’s not running. He’s too smart to risk certain embarrassment.”

    There were some quick nods. This was no surprise.

    ”Senator Borah’s likely. His people have been quite mum lately.”

    ”A sure sign,” Roosevelt gibed, tapping the table with his fingers for emphasis. He turned to another of his advisors. ”Sam, you’ve been awful quiet.”

    Rosenman leaned back, his head cocked in thought, a typical ‘Brain’. ”I’m not one for political strategy, but Knox is in. Landon, too, if he plays it right.”

    There were some murmurs of agreement.

    Roosevelt looked calm as he surveyed the room and then set down his half-finished cigar with a regretful sigh. ”A shame to cut this short. Well, no surprises then. I think we’re sound domestically, and all’s quiet overseas, yes?”

    As if to confirm his opinion of foreign affairs, a few chairs groaned as men began to rise, in obvious conclusion to the brief meeting. ”Not unless Knox has a hankering for Ethiopia,” one murmured to a spate of guffawing.

    ”Or Germans…”

    ”That, gentlemen,” Roosevelt said with gusto as he decided on another puff, ”is why I am going to win this election. I will never have to worry about Italians or certainly Germans, not while I’m in office,” he concluded.

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    Cool! Two of my favorite writers in the same AAR. Needlessly to say, I'll be following this!
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    I too look forward to this. While I rarely post I do read all of Mettermrck's AAR's

    Now he has teamed up with another great writer. No doubt a great AAR is in the making.

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    Doomsday, The Yogi and Mettermrck; sounds almost like The Holy Trinity

    Excellent start, I will be following closely!
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    ooo...very interesting! i drool at the thought of The Yogi and Mettermrck working together on an aar
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    Wahey! What a double team, the writers of the three most read AAR's for the HoI series together as one.

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    Oh dear... just when I'd started a new AAR....

    Holy Trinity hey.... sounds like it should be fun anyway

    *grabs popcorn, checks for no-smoking sign and lights up*
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    Sure, the writers are famous, celebrities, etc...but what a good read so far! I love the music going alogn with such a high quality of writing as what you boys have here.

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    Can it get any better than Yogi and Mettermrck producing an AAR together?
    A wonderful idea.
    And great start.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrimReaper
    Doomsday, The Yogi and Mettermrck; sounds almost like The Holy Trinity

    Excellent start, I will be following closely!

    I Totally agree, can't wait to get more updates two authors should mean updates twice as fast.
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    Who are these upstarts?!

    (Just kidding, looking forward with more than twice the usual anticipation for the next update.)

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    Man this should be good. Clash of the titans.

    I don't see how Mettermrck can lose though, the US simply has to big a manpower advantage and Yogi no matter how well he fights will bleed a lot in the conquest of Europe.
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    This is going to be one jolly great AAR. The opening set the stage perfectly and now I can’t wait to read more. I am looking forward to this
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    Wow, two great writaars. And Doomsday. NIce.....Is this the first one of the Doomsday landrush?

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    As the theme music echoes in my ears - I wait for more pearls to be cast before this swine!

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    A great opportunity to read an AAR of The faumous Yogi AND the faumous Mettermrck. Wonderfull
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