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Thread: A Pictorial Lesson in the Art of Warfare II: Feldzuge

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    Amazing... So Germany is rearming itself, and the fear starts knocking on german citizens' doors...
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    and so it begins...
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    shopping for new AAR
    and im quite curious
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    Ah, great to see a new Pictorial Lesson. Can't wait to see the other 12 campaigns!

    P.S. I think Stalin knows something about multiyear industrialization planes, maybe Hitler would like to speak to him about it?
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    It doesn't matter that Germany will conquer the world once again. The important thing is: how will it be described . C'mon man, update it soon!
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    Wouldn't consider myself a veteran, but anyways, hoping to see some gameplay soon!

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    Sehr gut! Now update!

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    Great, so it really starts now

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    in exile

    If this will be like your previous HoI-1 AAR, this should become homework reading for any HoI-2 beginner (such as myself...), or anyone else for that matter
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    Impressive start

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    I'm a veteran?

    Anyhoo, fantastic start!
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    Oh, you mean steam wagons. I have heard about those.
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    Great start!

    Count me in as well..

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    here we go again....

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    If he can nearly WC with Italia...imagine with Germania

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Coats
    ...as Germany led by the megalomaniac in power set about regaining what was hers, and more.....
    fascinating! ! !
    B an 0:-), make someone happy, :-) GhostWriter :-)

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    It used to work back in the days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SykoNurse
    It used to work back in the days...

    Maybe if we all do it

    My spambot broke, now I have to write everything myself.

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    Just a few comments.....

    Anibal Im pretty sure that I meant to say that the fear would come from BEHIND the doors....

    Virgiltchicken I believe that those meetings will be taking place over the course of the next three years!

    angryclown well it wont be the same, but the premise will be. Hopefully it will be much better.

    The Gonzo and kenneththegreat anyone who posted in my other AAR is a veteran!

    jose1357 Well WC is the goal, WC with allies is the lesser goal, but who knows... maybe the AI will rally to defeat me!

    SykoNurse and GrimReaper please dont make me fetch my tinfoil hat!

    Welcome to some more veterans, Virgiltchicken, SykoNurse and welcome to new recruits, Akaki, angryclown and PB-DK.

    Everyone else thanks for your encouragement and praise.


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