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Thread: The Gathering Storm 3 - Multiplayer AAR

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    The Gathering Storm - Multiplayer AAR

    Okay all.

    I've had enough of reading about AAR's where you play versus the computer with little or none challenge at all.

    When you start playing against human players, the playing field is actually much more even. No more land-trade, no more diplomatic miracles, no more annexation of China. In multiplayer games, the playing field is rough and tough. There is no reload if you suddenly fail a battle. There is no neville for those peaces you think you deserve.

    The Gathering Storm is a MP Vicky Gaming group that have been going on for 2 sessions now with a pretty stable core of players. All games have so far been completed and to much delight and enjoyment for those involved. It is a group which plays on US time saturday evenings.

    We are playing with 1.03c vanilla Vicky, some MP mods decreasing the growth of Russia to the growth that Germany have and increasing the growth of France and Austria to normal 1.0 growth are implemented.

    I have gotten UK this game.

    I'll list the roster of human players here:

    Current Game Year:
    2nd April 1881 (last update in 1st June 1872, not updated after session of 1877)

    Wars since last session
    England vs Russia, Germany (England gets Denmark as satellite, Germany gets to claim Senegal and then returns English claims. England gets rest of German and Russian claims overseas)
    England vs Johore (Johore annexed)
    France vs Thailand (Thailand annexed)
    France vs Burma (Burma annexed)
    France vs Egypt (Egypt annexed)
    Spain vs Persia (Eastern part of Persia taken)
    USA vs Mexico (Mexico satellited, Yucatan peninsula taken)
    USA vs Texas (Texas sattelited)
    Russia vs Kokand (Kokand annexed)
    Russia vs Afghanistan (Afghanistan annexed)
    Italy (AI) vs Austria (AI) (still in progress)

    Rank, Prestige, Military, Industry
    (numbers in columns are standings for last update)

    (percentage for increase/decrease since last update)

    1, 2476, 293, 7625 (1, 2343, 271, 5086)(5.7%, 8.1%, 49.9%)

    2, 345, 360, 6380 (3, 429, 491, 3730)(-19.6%, -26.7%, 71%)

    3, 1880, 288, 3588 (2, 1785, 452, 4777)(5.3%, -36.3%, -24.9%)

    4, 1502, 281, 1000 (4, 806, 259, 647)(86.4%, 8.5%, 54.7%)

    5, 2031, 71, 487 (5, 1640, 67, 315)(23.8%, 6%, 54.5%)

    6, 212, 99, 1215 (6, 270, 124, 1003)(-21.5%, -20.2%, 21.3%)

    7, 687, 117, 493 (8, 551, 15, 367)(24.7%, 680%, 34.3%)

    Ottoman Empire
    8, 920, 99, 179 (7, 1004, 102, 79)(-8.4%, -2.9%, 126.6%)

    9, 166, 96, 387 (9, 222, 128, 470)(-25%, -25%, -17.7%)

    Roster current (and number of sessions played)
    UK - clampen (8)
    Russia - dunklerkaiser (8)
    Austria - AI (4 1/2), CCbasin(3), Beezneez (1/2)
    France - Raul (7), AI (1)
    Germany - Husayn (8)
    OE - wilcox (7), AI (1)
    Italy - fj44 (3), Gabe(1), AI(1), Revo (1), AI (2)
    USA - Revo (3), AI (5)
    Spain - Germax (3), AI(4), CCbasin (1)

    I am not sure if those are their nicks on the paradox forums however it is their nicks on the blood and iron forums from where these MP games are arranged.

    This AAR will be told with the UK perspective on things. I am going to follow a young English journalist, Alexander Whitman, in his very early 20's. Note that of course I have only the slightest idea of the customs and traditions nor the etiquette and mentality of the 1830's however I will try still try to write this with this young journalist's perspective. The audience of this journalist will be noone as this is a diary he will be writing.
    By writing this AAR, I will of course limit my strategical surprise to my fellow gamers. However playing with the UK I don't really feel that this is too that great a hindrance as UK initially starts with the best position in the game.

    The situation in 1836
    The foreign policies of UK are to maintain status quo. The slowly emerging Pax Britannia must not be jeopardized. England have signed a joint alliance with Russia, Prussia and the Ottoman Empire. Together they pose a formidable force that can dictate the world order for good and for worse. So far status quo is maintained. England have promised the independency and territorial integrity of all Asian countries of noteworth (OOC: this is to prevent a land-grabbing policy of China/Korea/Japan mainly)
    France and Spain have also signed an alliance.
    Austria and USA have no alliances.

    The only trouble at the moment for England is the question of the Netherlands. Right now Belgium is a sovereign country. France have argued for a French annexation of the lower parts of Belgium. England have so far been keeping a hands-off policy on the potent gunpowder keg. Will the new state of Belgium be divided and left as a rump state by France? Will Netherlands get to re-annex some or perhaps whole of it? Or will Belgium remain free?

    It is in this situation that our dear Alexander finds himself in.
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    First reply *yay*

    I really enjoy MP aars. There's more thought goes into the strategy and deadlier rivalry too.
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    MP Games are da bomb

    Please include in-game swearing and intrigue...

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    this will sure be interesting
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    I am complete noob to Vicky, but still, this sounds interesting.

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    Only complaint is the huge alliance of world powers. Hopefully this will break down...quickly

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    Okay this is the big trouble with MP games. Some persons are unreliable to show up at times . Therefore this saturday we started with a slightly different crew than initial. Of course this impacted diplomacy quite a bit.
    -List removed due to me being able to update the original post-
    This basically meant that Prussia's leadership was changed. No USA but a Italy instead.

    This also meant that Prussia was no longer in the grand alliance.

    (I'm currently at work, which means this will be updated when I have time)
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    The Russian Empire

    (I will attempt to catch up, as I didn't know clamp was doing any aar on these forums. later entries will be more complete)

    The AAR is written from the perspective of the memoirs of Vlad Huereska, General of the Imperii Guard (2nd Army), and advisor on the Tsar's war council.

    The situation in 1836

    The Tsar has grand ambitions.....The onld ways of the nobility are proving ineffective for changing Europe. Already, our neighbors have surpassed our technical ability in the art of war. Commanders grumble that their troop levels are too low, along with morale and supplies. Immperatorsky Armeeyah headquarters demand that the Russian economy cannot support the requests of the Army brass. The Tsar has assurred me in confidence that things are about to change, and that he will usher the motherland in to a new golden age.

    But this will be no easy task.

    Our infrastructure is dismal. Our production laughable. The ministry of the interior must find ways to fund our military expansion, or the Empire will be surrounded by superior enemies. The masses are ready to work for the glory of the Tsar, but have neither the direction nor the equipment necessary.


    The Tsar's plans have now come into full swing. My contacts in the Interior Ministry relate that new factories producing lumber and steel have broken ground in Moskva and near the capitol. It isnt a moment too late, for cold hard steel is in short supply for our military expansion.

    I now have at my disposal 10 divisions, complete with eltite guards, regulars, and heavy guns. Other main and support regiments have also been formed and stationed throughout Poland, the Ukraine, and the heartland. The Russian strength now stands at 35 battle ready divisions, the largest in Europe.

    The Foreign Ministry has also shown their skill, forging alliances with Prussia, the Ottomans, as well as the British. Our borders are safe. We have time to grow without threat.


    Past years have been filled with Joy and turmoil. Italy went to war with France over claims in Piedmonte, and the conflict quickly turned bloody. Russia, wisely, chose to steer clear of the issue. It is not of the Tsars concern who rules far off populations.

    The war presented an opportunity for our Ottoman allies, who at the Tsar's advice, quickly took the nation of Tunis under their control.

    Following the war, a crisis struck Russia and her allies. The government in Prussia fell, and all ties were broken. We now have a unsafe border to the west. In addition, the Tsar was visited in a dream by an angel, urging him to proclaim himself the protector of all slavs. A crisis quickly flared with Turkey, who did not want to give up her Christian population.

    The issue threatened to break the Grand Alliance through the center.

    Luckily, the Tsar was able to hash a deal with Konstantiyyne, and our alliance is now stronger than ever. It was agreed that Moldavia and Wallachia would come under the direct control of the Tsar, while Turkey would take Serbia and Montenegro. Greece would become a Russian Client.

    Russian economic activity in previously uncolonized areas has added to the personal holdings of the Tsar. The Army is now directly responsible for the protection of the isalnd of Midway, New Guinea, as well as Alaska.

    The army has again expanded, adding more than 10 divisions, and fueled by new factories in the large states. Workers now flock to Moskva as a haven for those seeking work. Our troop mobility has also been greatly aided by the discovery of early railroad technology, and their implementation from the capitol to the Urals.

    Russian military might has drawn others to our fold. The nations of Sweden and Denmark requested alliances with the Tsar, and he agreed. Soon the nation of Denmark would draw Russia in to peril...

    December 17, 1842

    Suddenly and without warning, Denmark declared war on the Kingdom of Prussia, and called Russia to her aid. Russia now found herself at war with Prussia, Austria, and France along with a handful of German minor nations.


    I have been sent marching orders, an attack on Austrian Hugary is imminent! The Russian armies are scattered, and it will take time to converge them on the Austrians.

    The 2nd was among the first to reach the border, sweeping all opposition away. Austrians fell like dogs beneath our boot. Soon Russia occupied towns all along the border, and pressed inland toward Budapest. The Prussians, however, are amassing in Congress Poland, and 2 Russian armies have been recalled to protect the border.

    Our armies have been successful on all fronts in Austria, but the line is starting to strain. All Russian forces have not yet reached the front, and Austrian conscripts are beginning to join the fray. There are rumors that the Tsar will make peace with Austria to secure the border and allocate more troops to the real threat, Prussia. Until then, we fight on!!

    November 12, 1843

    Peace with Austria!! Although many officers complain that we were on the verge of a breakthrough, reinforcements having arrived, we trust in the infinite wisdom of the Tsar, to allocate his troops as he sees fit. Our orders are to march immediately to Poland, and prepare for possible action againt the Prussians. THere are reoprts that a small contingent of Russian infantry has already crossed into Prussia, and has subjugated the town of Torun. With luck, I will be in Berlin in a few months.

    (continued later)
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    nice to see others fill in as well I hope to have my update soon :S, been missing two sessions now :_(
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    Yes, I feel it is time for Prussia to contribute.

    My memoirs, or recounts, or whatever you want to call them, will be based on the views of an ultra-nationalist Prussian journalist named Frederick van Hoewen. For obvious reasons, the entries of Van Hoewen will not be a day-by-day type diary entry, rather a summary of events based on a timeline of his discretion.


    1st Entry - 1838

    The First Unification War has undoubtedly gone very well for our great and noble nation. Our dependance on foreign raw materials has been slightly decreased, due to the acquisition of more iron mines, at the expense of our southern neighbours.

    Belligerent voices are heard from the despotic regime in London. The House of Hannover somehow believes it is entitled to set our agendas for us. The Kaiser has clearly proclaimed that the current alliance between the state of Hannover and the lesser Kindom of Britain is un-acceptable.

    2nd Entry - 1843

    The German nation is almost complete!

    The British, attacking France over its rightful attempt to acquire the French majority provinces in Belgium, have utterly destroyed the French fleet, and the French standing army.

    Clearly, Britain had to be punished. The Kaiser immediately ordered his generals to begin preparations for an invasion of Hannover, and act that, he said, would kick Britain off the mainland. The Capital of Hannover, Hannover, was quickly occupied, and the Government of Hannover was quickly forced to sign a peace, declaring that it would break off all ties with the British and become a satellite to our great nation. The British response was timid, weak, more proof that Britain is a dying Empire.

    Shortly there-after, the Danes decided to declare war upon our great nation, for reasons unknown (though many believe it was done with a Russian rifle to their heads). Copenhagen was quickly occupied, and a White Peace concluded.

    A Russian invasion into Austria was quickly repelled by our brave Allies, and Russia was forced to conclude a White Peace. Preparations are now under way for a WP between our nation and Russia.

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    Diaries of Alexander Whitman

    July 1st 1836, Brussels
    The war between the Netherlands and Belgium have finally ended. The peace was put into place and the new state of Belgium have got its sovereignity guaranteed by both France and England. The war was quite uneventful with no major battles or whatsoever to speak of.

    It was in Brussels that I met this lovely young woman Ameliť Fontaine. I think I am in love. She is lovely with her flowing brown hair and deep blue eyes. Her warm smile is so precious to me.
    We met in Brussels during the war. Her parents are both Flemish so she was very agitated about the attempt to break down the rebellion. I hope that she is as enamoured in me as I am in her. We spent weeks in Brussels enjoying each others company. It was really quite thrilling to think that one could find love in this new country.

    For now though I am sent to Napoli. Events there are shaping forth as I write this. The goverment of the Two Sicilies are on a campaign to unite the Italian peninsula.
    Ameliť is worried about me going down there. I am worried by her being worried. It is troublesome to get these strong attachments when I have do the work that I do.

    24th July 1836, 100 miles outside of Rome
    I am here outside of Rome, where the Sicillian artillery have set up place. The war is going strongly in the Sicillian favor. They have taken control of large parts of the Papal State. However rumours of French reinforcements and volunteers to the Papal States are coming in.
    I received a letter from Ameliť today. She sends all her love.
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    I am definitely watching this.

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    I love Vicky mp AARs. Can't wait to see how your game goes.
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    A couple of notes on our game rules for those of you that are tagging along and not familiar with the TGS series games.

    2. No manpower exploits ie unsupported divisions
    3. Native division limit: total native divisions cannot exceed 1/2 of total regular divisions (natives less than 1/3 total)
    4. No attack of uncivs before 1845, except for through event. Mediterranean uncivs are exempt (egypt, tunis, algeria, tripoli, morocco)


    Russia growth is reduced to equal Prussia
    France and Austria growth are raised to 1.000
    Shore bombardment values are changed as follows:
    DN .01
    BB .005
    CA . 000

    also, a new rule we are testing out:

    army stacks (under 1 leader) cannot exceed 10 divs. A province may hold as many stacks as desired, but they must be split up into groups of 10 or less.

    When attacking, no more than 20 divisions may move from 1 single province into another single province. In other words, you can attack with large numbers, but it must come from different directions.

    -the purpose of this is to attempt to get away from boring MP wars where massive armies of 100-200 divisions just march around dodging each other, and swallowing other forces. Hopefully this will force us to use a little more strategy and tactics than that, as it becomes boring and unrealistic.

    have fun tagging!
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    Austria 1836-1850

    Naturally, this is the AAR about Austria. If you have been following this thread, you might have noticed that I was listed as playing Spain. SInce BeezNeez had comp problems and couldnt join us, I have moved over to Austria since it is more important than Spain.

    I am a terrible writer. Therefore, my AAR will be told from my perspective as player, in contrast to some of the works of art that grace these pages.

    Part One (1836-1843)
    My AAR here will be pretty vague. I was concerned about Spain more. I do know that Austria avoided trouble through this period except for an unfortunate war with Russia.

    Part Two (1843-1850)
    This is where I come into the picture. When I got into the game and saw some of the potential problems that Austria was facing, I knew I might be in a little trouble. MIlitarily, Austria was weak with only 16 divisions and NO mob pool. Thats right, no mob pool. My mil score was 16. Compare that to Russia's 112. Prussia's 84, Ottoman 72 and even Italy's 32 and you can see I had to walk soft at the present time.
    Industrially, I was at 74. The only factory that was really useless was the Artillery factory the AI built. There were not many factories but that was only to be expected because this crew plays with a certain economic ruthlessness as well as militarily. That means UK and France were hoarding MP' s at this time.
    Prestige was only 6. Dont ask me how i dont know Of course this needed to be worked on.

    This session opened with Russia(DunklerKaiser) and Prussia(Husayn) signing peace. Things moved quickly diplomatically with Austria and Prussia signing an alliance and Italy joining the Alliance of Doom with UK, Russia, and OE.
    After securing an alliance with me, Prussia declares war on the remaining small German Minors. At this point, the UK(Clampen) issues his standard warning to Prussia about her attacks on the minors. As usual, Husayn ignores him.
    In April 1845, UK declares war on Prussia bringing in Russia and OE as well. Prussia asks me to join but considering my weakness, I refuse. However, a group of Austrian "volunteers" 96,000 strong do join Prussia as an expeditionary force. Luckily, all the german minors that Prussia has satellited do send all their forces to help. I know my forces fight both the Russians in SIlesia as well as the British in the former Hannover territories before they are destroyed. In July 1847 Prussia agreed to peace, giving up three Polish majority Provinces to Russia and all Hannovarian provs in Prussian possision to A Hannover that is a UK satellite.

    On the home front during this session a few good things happened. I got Interchangable parts and I got 13 working pops in my sulfer prov.

    Final session stats:
    Prestige : -10
    Industrial: 124
    Military: 44

    Sorry this is vague, I plan on having screen shots next time and a little better writing.

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    I will be posting the AAR for the OE sometime in the next day or so. I, like CC, am a terrible writer so my AARs will be from my perspective and/or in a history book style. My installment tomorrow will unfortunately only cover up until 1843 with a gap between 1843 and 1850 as I was gone and had to get a sub. But don't worry, not much happened them that was of concern to me. Anyway, tomorrow I shall post my AAR.
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    ill make sure to be watching this, any way after a few years we could get some pics of europe, to see how everything has changed...?

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    Europe - 1843

    Europe - 1850

    AAR to follow.

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    lol I love mp games when people all call each other despots or "lesser" countries, lol.

    And can't you guys have peace ? And spare the suffering of your population ?

    And LMAO at the British "jornalist" messing up with a Belgian girl. Leave her alone, lol

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    Diaries of Alexander Whitman

    20th March 1837
    I am writing this in a newly restored house in Rome. The war between the Papal states and the goverment of Italy is over. It seems inevitable now that Italy will unite under the leadership of the Two Sicillies. Even the French sent help could not prevent that from happening. However France now have plans of its own against the state of Sardinia-Piedmont. It seems that France wants to take that state just like during the Napoleonic wars.
    It seems that France and Italy is bound to get involved into a fight over that area of the former state of Piedmont.

    I've sent my reports to my editor. I must admit that I am sick of this work. Sometimes I just want to settle down with Ameliť some place where there is no war. Some place where my children can grow up and experience the world without fear of the war coming to their street. Someplace in England perhaps. But then there is all this industrialization taking place back home. I hear that my brother Graham is moving into London because that is where the work is to be found.
    Thinking of Ameliť again. I write to her when I have the time, however as the days and week goes by I cannot prevent even the slightest possibility that it just wasn't meant to be us two. I am far away in Italy and she is in Belgium. She is going to move away from all she holds dear to come where? England? I do not even know myself. Am I then going to move to Belgium?

    November 19th 1837
    The new state of Italy is proclaimed in Torino. The last place to fall to the Italian goverment (I can say that without blinking now as it truly IS the Italian goverment now).

    December 20th 1837
    The first state action that the goverment in Napoli (that is the capital of new Italy) decided on was to declare war on France.
    France had been able to secure 4 provinces from the former state of Sardinia-Piedmnt. The Italian goverment demanded that soil back. And when two opposite poles continue to express their disagreement, a conflict is bound to happen.

    My editor have stated that he wants me to stay in Italy to cover the war between France and Italy. I have agreed knowing that this means I will be apart from Ameliť for yet another extended period of time. However things are looking up. I went to Belgium in May and had 3 good months alone with Ameliť. The money that I get for my work isn't a small amount neither so I can afford to rent a place in Brussels for the money when I am there. I've decided to live there when I can, so me and my love can get some more time together.
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