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Thread: Fan of the Week: DKM

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    Congrats, volksmarschall!
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    For a moment I thought it was me, who was awarded this award

    Congratulations Volksmarschall !

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    *Takes off hat in suprise!*

    Thanks all and thank you coz1 for this rather unexpected honor! True it is, I've browsing all around AARland in hopes of finding some good reads or games, as I have. I have had a little extra time on my hands lately so I wanted to get to another of my favorite things to do, read. With many great AARs out there, I have only managed to find a selected few ammount, of those all are very good. I honestly don't know how some of you guys out there can keep up with more than 20, I struggle to keep up with let alone 10. As our teachers used and always will say, "The only way to become a better reader and writer, is to read and write yourself." This I must agree with 100%. These forums have many good reads that I enjoy and older ones that I'm reading out of pleasure (like Into the West and "Sorry, but your not the only one..."). Anyways, thanks everyone! I'm sure I'll discover more gems out there in the future.

    Always out there,

    - volks.
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    Congrats, sir!
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    Congrats volksmarschall!

    When I use this color I am speaking as a Moderator.

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    Well earned. Congratulations!
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    Congratulations, volksmarschall!

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    Many congratulations.
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    Most supreme conbobulations!
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    Congratulations, volksmarschall!
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    Congratulations Volksmarschall!
    I'm really sick of the megathreads

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    Many congratulations, volksmarschall! I have not yet made your acquaintance, but look forward to at some point.
    The Alternate History of the Third Reich

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    Congratulations, Volksmarschall!
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    Congratulations, Volksmarschall!

    Thanks for keeping the flames fanned!

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