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Thread: Fan of the Week: stnylan

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    AARland mostly...
    Congrats comagoosie!

    Amazingly I do most of my reading of AARs at school. We aren't allowed to 'chat' at school so then I type my responses in a notepad and then e-mail myself it to home, so all I have to do is copy and paste. I guess I have a knack at exploiting cracks in the wall

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    Congrats Comagoosie! Well deserved indeed.
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    I was indeed in Greece... and forgot to nominate a successor

    So, congratulations, comagoosie! And now I have to go to Vespers... oh wait, I'm not stuck in a monastery anymore.
    Habsburga la vista, baby! - A 1914 Austro-Hungarian AAR - ongoing

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    Congratulations, comagoosie!
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    Congratulations comagoosie!
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    Quickly now, time is short, seemingly as always, but nevertheless I have come to deliver to you the next fan of the week.

    Before you skip this paragraph to see who is the fan of week, let me introduce his personality and such. This bright and handsome man, I am assuming, jazzes up AARland with his comments. No joke about it, he sure does have many comments, and as consequence, AARland is near blinding!

    Ok, so maybe there are never enough comments, but this forum member does have his fair share of them. And not only does he have plenty of responses but the content inside of them is priceless! He is witty, and smart, which if I do say so myself, reminds me of myself! Oftentimes his posts may seem left field, but if you reread them carefully it is almost like an addition to the AAR! He finds stuff inside picture or text that no one can even dream about! With his uncanny eye for noticing detail it is a wonder how he can do that for all of his AAR subscriptions.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, Enewald!

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    I want you to contribute to great tools developed for Paradox. See this thread. Help with the parsing or with creating an EU4 Savegame editor

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    Congratulations my fine finnish friend!

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    Hmm, no need for pm, I am allready here.


    The second time I'm a fan of the week, and I have not yet been a member for one year.

    Ah well, 17th october is approaching...

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    Congratulations Enewald
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    You might very well think that ; I couldn't possibly comment
    Congratulations !
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    Truthfully, I don't know where my AAR would be without Enewald. He has been following from the start and stuck with me through highs and lows. His remarks, as mentioned by Comagoosie, truly add to the Aarland experience. Thank you Enewald and congratulations on a very well deserved award!

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    Enewald is great. He commented frequently on my little AAR and was very nice.

    This is an award well deserved!
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    Congrats, Enewald!

    Has anybody ever deserved this award more?

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    Excellent choice for a very dedicated fan. Congratulations Enewald!

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    Congrats Enewald!

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    Enewald, the man who would be king of this forum
    I'm really sick of the megathreads

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    Fan of the week August 24, 2008.
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    Well deserved.
    Fan of the Week 16-03-2007
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