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Thread: Fan of the Week: KanyeWest

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    Exclamation new Fan of the week!

    I honored that I was given this award.

    I enjoyed my time as Fan of the week.

    He wrote his own AAR's, and spotted him in lots of diffrent game AAR's. He has been here a long time and even won the award though that was a long time ago.

    So, without no more delay, The new fan of the week is


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    An excellent choice, Bismarck1, and extremely worthy of being honored as a three time fan! May the breeze continue to keep us cool.
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    About time that stnylan received this award once again. Well done on all the great effort you put in to following so many AARs.

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    Always plenty of good insightful comments from stynlan. Congratulations, sir!

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    Congrats Stynlan, enjoy the breeze as they say
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    I would name stnylan Fan of the Year! Congratulations, stnylan!
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    A MOST excellent choice, Bismarck1!!!

    Stnylan has just become only the second readAAR in the history of the Fan of the Week to recieve the award three times! (the previous "triple crown" winner is GhostWriter)

    But don't doubt that he's earned it, too! Not only does Stnylan, as someone else has noted, constantly leave cogent and insightful comments that prove he's not only reading the AAR carefully, but also thinking about how it's developing! Stnylan's breadth reaches across at least 3 forums, and I think probably 4. And I can't tell you how many times I've run across an almost-unnoticed AAR in one forum or another, and the only cross-forum poster who's taken the time to comment and encourage the beginning writer is Stnylan!

    And he still finds time to write 2 AARs of his own! Truly amazing.

    So, hear hear! Congratulations, Stnylan!

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    I agree with Rensslaer - across the boards, stnylan is a terrific commenter in any AAR.

    Congratulations - well deserved!
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    A very good choice and a well deserving winner. Congratulations stnylan
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    Here here! *gets out bottle of bubbly - pops cork - and toasts Stnylan's health*

    Congrats Mate!

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    An inspired choice, Bismark1! Congratulations, stnylan! Pour yourself a nice single malt and put your feet up for a bit.


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    Congratulations, stnylan!

    I agree w/Vann, kick your feet up and sit back with a glass of a fine single malt, and soak in the congrats of your fellow readAARs!
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    This is a choice I can get behind. One of the most consistent readAARs out there.

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    Congratulations on your deserved Triple Crown, stynlan!
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    Thumbs up

    Congratulations stnylan, this is definetly one of the most deserved Fan of the Week titles ever

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    Congratulations, stnylan!
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    Congratulations, stnylan
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    Many thanks to you all, and especially for Bismarck1!

    What to say? I really am not at all sure. Though I must point out Renss that Joe Storey has himself also won this coveted honour on three separate occasions, not just GhostWriter and now I. How could you miss him? However, so stumped was I for something to say I've gone back to when I last won this award. Back then I said:

    Quote Originally Posted by stnylan
    I must confess to a certain embarassment since I feel that I have been neglecting HoI1/2 of late - but not that embarassed! Hopefully I will manage to get more of a presence over there in the near future, and get to know some new folks. That of course is the real reward of all this commentating, getting to know people.
    The bit about HoI1/2 is still true, alas! But then, so is the last bit. The process of commentating and supporting others' work has many rewards, and the best is that by that process you get to know these other folk. It has its own reward.

    To view is human, to comment is divine.
    To view is human, to comment is divine.
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    Congrats Stnylan. We love you.

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    great speech, Stnylan. thanks for mentioning me in it as well.

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