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Thread: HoI2 Grand Flag/Graphic Request

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    assuming this thread isn't dead, can I get flags, counters and EU3 style shields of these, please?

    United Democratic Multinational States

    Ponyist Scandinavia

    Stalestian Animal Farm

    New Canterlot Republic

    Fascist Equestria

    Hutt River

    Conch Republic

    New Lunar Republic

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    Hi, can any one make this into a shield and flag for HOI2 and Victoria I please?

    The symbol is to be in the middle of a red flag.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Khwarezmian_Empire.PNG
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    Many thanks in advance.
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    Would anyone like to restart the flag request?
    I will make the flags for you.

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    Cool chinese flags?

    Quote Originally Posted by LincentHarborer View Post
    Would anyone like to restart the flag request?
    I will make the flags for you.
    Aye, I'd like to...

    Shield & flag & icons & counter or whatever is needed to get the new country working - they don't need country-specific graphics - DH/HoI 2 style (if it is not same, I plan to buy DH asap, so I'd like it more in that version)

    I guess some of them already were here, but it's hard to look through all the pages...

    and couple of special ones:
    - but I need couple of versions, with the chinese names of provinces written accross each version... I don't know about color, maybe black with white frame? I would leave that on you...
    Anhui: 安徽
    Zhili: 直隸
    Sichuan: 四川
    Xinjiang: 新疆
    Chahar: 察哈爾
    Heilongjiang: 黑龍江
    Xinjiang: 新疆
    Mongolia: 蒙古
    Suiyuan: 綏遠
    Rehe (Jehol) 熱河
    Jilin 吉林
    Gansu 甘肅
    Ningxia 寧夏
    Shaanxi 陜西
    Shanxi 山西
    Hebei 河北
    Shuntian 順天
    Jingzhao 京兆
    Fengtian 奉天
    Liaoning 遼寧
    Qinghai 青海
    Hubei 湖北
    Henan 河南
    Shandong 山東
    Chuanbian 川邊
    Xikang 西康
    Sichuan 四川
    Hunan 湖南
    Anhui 安徽
    Jiangsu 江蘇
    Xizang 西藏
    Guizhou 貴州
    Jiangxi 江西
    Zhejiang 浙江
    Yunnan 雲南
    Guangxi 廣西
    Guangdong 廣東
    Fujian 福建
    Taiwan 台灣

    Eh, I guess it's little too much so I will be comfortable if you do this just for Anhui and Zhili for now... The chinese text should be big like from middle of second row to middle of fourth row (it is most important to differentiate two flags from each other once in the game)...
    You would have my grattitude for life, if you'd help
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