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Thread: Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg - Global Alternate History Mod for HOI2

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    Hello, this seems like an excellent mod, but unfortunately the link to the download is Megaupload. Now, megaupload says that theres never enough downloads for my country (Argentina), and that I must wait, I've tried waiting, dosen't work.

    Is there any other place to download the mod?

    sorry if this has been answered before, I dont have the time to read through 200+ pages.

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    Check the downlaod link im my signature for a rapidshare link

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    Hey there, I've got a huge problem with my Kaisserreich-game... I started as Russia and played all the way until August '39 and it always worked fine, but since then I can't save any games anymore. Whenever I try to load a game after ~March '39 the screen turns black and the game crashes, no chance whatsoever. I can start a new game and I can load a game with a date before March and continue (including load/save), but once I passed that date it gives me the black screen, no internal error or anything.

    Anyone got an idea? I would hate not to be able to finish off what I started

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    What version of the Mod are you using? Are you using the latest hotfix?

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    Yes, I am using Beta III on Doomsday 1.3a with the new hotfix applied, still nothing... I get the error message that says there was something wrong with the scenario file and press ignore like it has worked the past days, but then the screen turns black and a Windows-message tells me that HoI2.exe has to be closed.

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    Strange, hotfix B was supposed to solve most crash to desktop issues.

    Can you maybe post the last events from the history.txt file? That might help me to find the problem.

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    Strange, hotfix B was supposed to solve most crash to desktop issues.
    I could re-apply everything from scratch, I guess the savegame would still work, but I'm not sure if the problem is with the game or the save...

    Can you maybe post the last events from the history.txt file? That might help me to find the problem.
    That one would be empty, as strange as this sounds.

    I am going to PM you a link to the savegame, maybe that'll help you to figure it out.

    Thanks for your time and help so far


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    After much blood and tears, and more tears!!! :P I have finally finished the Kaiserreich Model package. It will include over 3500 images for 64 countries of the Kaiserreich timeline!

    The Generic images are not done though, since I'm not sure which image should be used! And thats why your help is needed, maybe you could look into some images I made and decide which one to use! If you have your own suggestion please post it here!

    So anyway Ladies(?) and Gentleman my I present you with the Kaiserreich Model Pack version 1.0!!!!

    It includes many revised and new countries:

    Afghanistan, Albania, AlgOstAsien GmbH, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Australasian Confederation, Austria, Belgium (Flandern-Wallonien), Belarus (Weißruthenien), Bohemia, Bolivia, Bosnia, Barzil, Bulgeria, Canada, Nat. China, Chile, Colombia, Mittelafrika, Croatia, Combined Syndicat of America, Cuba, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Union of Britain, Finland, Commune of France, Germany, Haiti, Holland, Hungary, Princley Federation, Ireland, Italian Federation, Japan, Vereinigtes Baltisches Herzogtum, Lithuania, Mexico, Ottoman Epire, Dehli, Persia, Poland, Bengal, Iron Guard Romania, Russia, Nejd, Serbia, Siam, Soviet Union, Kingdom of Spain, Federation Anarqista Iberica, Sweden, Don-Kuban, France, Bavaria, Prussia, Rhenish Republic, North German Federation, Ukraine, United States of America, Venezuela, National France (yes 3 France(s) here )

    A new model template is also included for all of the countries above, so that for example: the Lithuanian tanks would be German ones and not English; or that to show the German dominated World Market in form of German tanks in Chile, Colombia and Venzuela; or the how the International solidarity works in the shape of French tanks in Bengal and Brazil

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    Really nice! Thx for doing this great stuff =D
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    Yay, great work!
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    Thak you very much, Zauberflöte. This will greatly increase the atmosphere of Kaiserreich!

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    I have a question about the mode. Germany has many party nations (If you understand, those nations when you get a political event, in which you can get better relations with one but bad with other). My question is what can happen if you relations with them really sux or if you have very good relations?

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    AFAIK,they don't have any real importance right now,but will be more important and significant in the later versions.
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    After much blood and tears, and more tears!!! :P I have finally finished the Kaiserreich Model package. It will include over 3500 images for 64 countries of the Kaiserreich timeline!
    Having a great backdrop is one of the most important things for these games. Thanks a lot!
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    Thumbs up

    Very cool mod. Bravo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great Duck
    AFAIK,they don't have any real importance right now,but will be more important and significant in the later versions.
    I thought that for 1.0 they wolud have been doing something
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    Well, officially it is not really 1.0 yet.
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    Don't know if somebody has already asked this question, but when I am loading Kaiserreich, error messages tell me that two event files are missing:

    I have the latest Beta III + Beta IIIb hotfix.

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    Just click on ignore, it should not cause any problems ingame.

    Quote Originally Posted by patroclus
    Very cool mod. Bravo!
    Thank you very much.

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    I'm currently playing a Kaiserreich game as Japan. Over in Europe, France and Germany descended into war over Alsace and Switzerland in 1939. Its now early 1943 and while the French quickly annexed Belgium and took Mulhouse (sp?), the rest of the war has been a repeat of WWI. They have just stayed stuck along the border bombing the shite out of each other. Is this normal for KR?

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